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How to improve/develop quality leadership for Sanggunian Kabataan Officials?

Most of the youth officials of today needs reference on how to develop their leadership skills for them to effectively perform their duties and resposibilities. Post your views and comments here and maybe it might be a good reference for them...

To start with:

"Implementation/ Adaptation of Lean Government Procedures & Process"

Posted by: ErickP
Date posted: Aug 28,2009
Replied by: Melvin L. Badian | Date replied: Jan 10,2011

In pursuant to the Sanggunian Kabataan or SK (Youth Council) Local Government Code of 1991. That the SK itself would perform as the epitome of youths in the Local Government Units. In my opinion, the government should set a Memorandum proposing that age bracket in the Youth Council should be at the Level of 18-21 years of age, where in at this age ,particular individual could potentially presents his insights and views.

Replied by: Juan Paulo Rodriguez | Date replied: Dec 17,2010

To improve the leadership of Sangguniang Kabataan should start to the adjustment of present age bracket from 15-17 years old to 18-30 years old. The issue lies whether the incumbent officials are mature enough to serve this sacred public office. Those latter age bracket have more life experience than the earlier age bracket. The availability of the latter age since they are either in college or finished their collegiate course or might be bystanders. Unlike the present age bracket where they are still studying in high school or will enter the college level. Please be reminded the time-motion study where the preoccupation of man will focus only in one endeavor. In the philosophy of economics, opportunity cost of choosing study while serving as incumbent SK officials will suffer the latter to due hectic schedules and related works.

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Sep 18,2009

The youth of today must find their strength. Many are hindered and was forbidden to excel because of the strict implementation of boundaries.

If only the youth do not just hear the encouragement to excel and to be leaders but can see that they are really encouraged.

The youth must know their role not just using the ROTC or the NSTP but also using obvious media that encourages the youth.

Many adults say to the youth that there is no hope. Well, there is hope, you just need to find it. There are so many reasons to die but the youth must know that there is a reason to live and the reason must be searched and found!

Never hinder progress and development and look at all positive measures and these measures and good possibilities must be taught to the youth.

Never discourage the youth if you want quality leaders be made from them. Do not look to what they are but look to what they can do.

I am Jochebed Dela Cruz, also known as Obed Dela Cruz. I am also a youth and the things I wrote above are tested because that is what many told me and that is from my observation out of my personal experience.

If you want to ask questions, email me at

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