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A wise decision take you to a progressive nation...

what if today, we start criticizing and observing the the politicians who may run this 2010 election...if we make a wise vote ...maybe our beliefs may come true...

Posted by: Michael Leo T. Manjares
Date posted: Aug 03,2009
Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Sep 18,2009

We should not just criticize but to start knowing the candidate. We should not just look to the wealth of the candidate but what the candidate can do after assumption of office. do not just look to the religion but look to the availability and the ability.

I am Jochebed Dela Cruz, also known as Obed Dela Cruz.

If you want to ask questions, email me at and try see if you get some ideas from my poems at

Replied by: Ben Kritz | Date replied: Aug 23,2009

Many people are trying to do just that. Please allow me to direct your attention to some links you may find enlightening:

There's more linked in those as well.
Remember, a candidate for election is a candidate for a job, and you're the one doing the hiring.

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