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Youth: the start of the new era for change

Did you know that about half of the voting population belongs to us[youth], I think we have a great and valuable part in this coming 2010 election...If we act as one, I think our country will be in its stable condition...

Posted by: Michael Leo T. Manjares
Date posted: Aug 03,2009
Replied by: allan | Date replied: Dec 29,2009

Election has a minor effect on changing a country for good because your chance in voting the right candidate in most of the time is zero. O.K., you got the right candidate but you cannot be sure about his men. We can start a new era through standardization of parenting to be taught in college. This government must create a commission that will make a way to standardized parenting or the youth has to start it on their own because the birth of all this problem like dishonesty of government officials can be traced at home while they are young. Our people we say are mostly educated but look what is happening. They can build great buildings but they are not resistant to corruption and they do not do well with their kids and their kids just become a burden to society like them. They are educated by curriculum lacking in parenting knowledge like there parents. This is a generation of money hunting people. We must not work primarily to make money. Primarily we must work together to build our children soul. It is possible to make a generation of incorruptible Filipino. Let us act...Now. Mabuhay ang kabataang Pinoy!

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Sep 18,2009

I am not yet a voter but I am a youth. Even though the non-voting youth can be factors of the waking of the Philippines from the nightmare to the truth and reality.

We, the youth of the Philippines must implore the aid of God and let's make a difference. Let us use our diversity to be as one and to do better.

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