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Rizal or Ninoy

What "IF" our dearest Jose Rizal is not yet our National Hero, and still on the process of the making of it... Can Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino be our national Hero?

Posted by: Michael Leo T. Manjares
Date posted: Aug 03,2009
Replied by: Jarred Martin Clarianes | Date replied: Feb 12,2010

I have a suggestion:

Jose Rizal - Philippines' independence hero

Benigno Aquino - Philippines' democratic hero

It is just like you are talking about George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Replied by: Makko Villanueva | Date replied: Jan 13,2010

excuse me its OF COURSE NOT! sorry for the mistake. . .

Replied by: Makko Villanueva | Date replied: Jan 13,2010

I vote both of them! They were a great people that fought for our country, We can be a hero as well. . . We dont have to be famous to be a hero, right? As long as were protecting, fighting, sharing are knowledge, helping people and showing to the world that FILIPINOS will not give up even Calamity destroy our homes, plants for foods and others. . . Look at the Filipinos did they say "I give up"? Of course! We will never say "I give up" till death

Makko Villanueva 13 year-old boy

Replied by: Deep | Date replied: Nov 17,2009

Hero? No need to be who's on TOP, NUMBER ONE, THE GREAT or whatever. I respect and admire them of being great people. How about Lapu-Lapu?
In the future the next generation may have their own national hero. Perhaps the generation before Jose Rizal already have a national hero.
PEACE for mankind.

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Sep 18,2009

Let us not make this an issue or debating discussion because neither of them fought for our country to have a title as a national hero.

Both of them gave up their comfort zones for the sake of the people. In every era and time, a hero shows himself/herself. Rizal was a great non-violence speaker and a freedom fighter but he did it in his time when the Spaniards are abusing so much of the Filipinos. Ninoy Aquino was true senator who cannot bear the suffering of the Filipinos in the Martial Law. Ninoy was a factor that wiped away dictatorship and the position as president was privileged to his wife, our late president, Corazon Aquino.

Heroes show in times of peril and almost none of them fought for their own fame. All of them gave up something for a cause worth living and dying for.

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Replied by: Jay Castillo | Date replied: Aug 08,2009

Yes, he can be our National Hero. Both of them are great icon of democracy and revolution of peace! We should not abuse that democracy they fight for..Now it becomes Democrazy..PINOY UMASENSO KA!

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