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We should have a nation-building like team building

This is Jochebed Dela Cruz or obed dela cruz again.

I know, my topic is quite vague but to explain it, here is how it goes.

According to my class discussion in my NSTP class, teambuilding is a process of improving or developing the performance of a group. Its method involves:

1. ownership of common goals
2. removing barriers
3. introducing innovation
4. organizing the group
5. Strengthening the members

Then I came to think about it that what if these methods will be used accurately and without corruption, have funds for these to come to pass. Because we are one nation and we must improve the way we look at each other.

Some Filipinos say bad things about our nation because they react according to what they heard from the media or from the internet but sometimes not all good infos are given. So, we must be giving more priority to good news than we give priority to bad news.

I know, that the nation building done like teambuilding is quite complicated but it can be done if we will use the media to encourage the people to use their skills, resources, and abilities for the better of this nation. I know, there are bad news but we must be cautious but have a positive mentality that we are winners and victors because positive possiblities are everlasting.


Posted by: Obed Dela Cruz
Date posted: Jul 17,2009
Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jul 20,2009

Hey, I'm Jochebed Dela Cruz or Obed Dela Cruz, the poster of the discussion here. If you want to ask questions to me, please feel free to email me.

Replied by: Czien Kaye Gamboa | Date replied: Jul 17,2009

yap, the filipino should be close to each other to maintain a better relationship. let's speak of good things to our nation.

-Czien kaye Gamboa

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