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Filipino Positive values that should be kept and done by every Filipino people

This is Jochebed Dela Cruz or commonly known as Obed Dela Cruz

I have posted before I have posted this discussion the bad traits of the Filipino people and now, here am I again but posting the Filipino positive values.

Some positive Filipino values are:

Respect for the elders
close family ties

These traits/values are from my school notes and books. These traits are the ones that should be applied always in our daily living.

We should encourage our self and others to not forget these traits because making them remember is a way of "helping them."

It is "helping them" because this will keep them from doing bad things and be honored of being a Filipino citizen. We must look for the highest prize.

Let's be one of the minor and major factors that made this nation, the Philippines to be restored and be one of the richest nation in the world again!

Posted by: Jochebed D. Dela Cruz
Date posted: Jul 17,2009
Replied by: dianna rose gacita | Date replied: Nov 29,2011

thanks for posting this one. this is a big help in my lesson for my third year students

Replied by: Winston Mark Coquilla | Date replied: Sep 13,2011

A saying states: "ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS"..WE as filipino people must be attentive and aware of our own identity that shows the true paragon of values..Let us see and reflect that it is better to be a man of values than a man of knowledge..So let the values of being a filipino speaks in actions not only in show that filipinos are virtous in words and in deeds...GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES!


Replied by: christine oy canubas | Date replied: Sep 08,2011

i am very proud of bring a pinoy

Replied by: racyl manero | Date replied: Sep 07,2011

proud 2 b!!!! and tnx kc nkkuha aq ng answer pra s homewrk q!!!! :)

Replied by: virginia | Date replied: Jul 29,2011

thanks ;) my project na ako , nakakuha ako ng idea dito ,


Replied by: renfol devera | Date replied: Jul 25,2011

thanx nakagawa na kami ng report

Replied by: harvey baliuag | Date replied: Jul 18,2011

thx.... may sagot n ME sa assignment hehehehehe...

Replied by: grace agpad | Date replied: Jun 22,2011

nice,,,because we learn a sana gawin na natin sa actual hindi lng sa puro salita...GOD BLESS

Replied by: langs-bats | Date replied: Jun 22,2011

dapat naibigay ang meanoing ng mga 2 like helpful...ect.....kc mahihirapan dn ang mga tao na maghanap ng meaing....

Replied by: michelle faith manese | Date replied: Jun 16,2011

ou dapat nga naman nating sundin ang ating values, no need nah ang meaning,.. common sense nalng poh ang kailangan,,..

Replied by: secrety | Date replied: Jun 16,2011

dapat makalimutan

Replied by: karenmae | Date replied: Jun 14,2011

wala namang meaning an ba naman yan

Replied by: kim | Date replied: Mar 20,2011

no meaning.?

Replied by: POGI ME | Date replied: Oct 18,2010

bigyan nyo naman ng meaning

Replied by: cecilia montanez | Date replied: Oct 02,2010

....mas dapat natin gawin ang mga positive values nating mga filipino dahil unti-unti na itong nawawala sa ating kultura we should maintain our positive and good values dahil dito tayo nakilala at ito ang ating nakagisnang kultura!!!!!!!!!!! BE PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE FILIPINOS......................

Replied by: Ellaine Layco | Date replied: Oct 02,2010

.,dapat mas magawa natin ang positive values kaysa sa negative. para hind lang tayong mga filipino ang maging proud sa sarili natin kundi maging ang taga ibang lugar..=) peace be with all..!!

Replied by: ellaine | Date replied: Oct 02,2010

ala lang..

Replied by: dheejhay21 | Date replied: Sep 05,2010

dapat talaga nten i-encourage ang mga pilipino at mga bata para maging isang magandang modelo sa ibang pang mga bata...tnx you

Replied by: joan | Date replied: Sep 04,2010

we are a filipino so all of us need to apply this values if we have this values we are consider a good citizen..
plz.... apply this to oue self ...

Replied by: Perlapapz | Date replied: Aug 17,2010

yes,as a good citizen of this country
we should pursue this positive Filipino values for us to preserved it.And we should used all this positive values in good and not for our own sake.We should not be nitwit in all we have done in the passed few years that we did not become proud of all this traits that we had rigth now!!

Replied by: celine mer | Date replied: Aug 08,2010

have the right values in you

Replied by: jhassie | Date replied: Jul 19,2010

let us be proud of our positiv values and @ the same time, preserv it!

Replied by: martzaim | Date replied: Jun 17,2010

i like 2 study values...

email me

Replied by: marivic | Date replied: Jun 08,2010

sa panhon ngaun konti nlang ang mga pilipinong may gnyan na ugali....

Replied by: Julzmae | Date replied: May 20,2010

let us regain the values we have lost.

Replied by: Melanie Dawagan | Date replied: Feb 09,2010

hi mga frend
!Dapat natin ipagmalaki ang ating positive values.

Replied by: wendy | Date replied: Jan 27,2010

it is verry important topic..nowadays peoples forgot the important value that we should maintain.being a filipino citizen we should know how to respect,love , make our life comfortable @ far from any its enough from now.hope you enjoy...byeeh.....

Replied by: jimuel | Date replied: Jan 14,2010

AMEN dapat talagang i-encourage ang mga pinoy na gawin ang positive filipino values para maging maganda ang tingin ng mga ibang bansa sa ating bansa

Replied by: Gretchen Mae Wahing | Date replied: Oct 07,2009

sa tingin ko kalimitan sa atin mga pinoy ay may katangian sa lahat ng nabanggit kaya dapat natin ipagmalaki sa buong mundo na lahat tayo may ginintoang puso...!!Mabuhay tayong lahat!!Feel proud to be Pinoy!

Replied by: ciNdErElA | Date replied: Sep 15,2009

hi! eVerY one, jUzt cAll me cindY,
as a citizen of ouR cOuntRy,dApt natng gAmitiN,at igaLang ng mabUti, dAhil tayOng mga fiLipino ay ginAntipAlaan tAyo ng gAnito..KAya dO it, dOnt sNub,,

Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jul 20,2009

Hey, I'm Jochebed Dela Cruz or Obed Dela Cruz, the poster of the discussion here. If you want to ask questions to me, please feel free to email me.

Replied by: ellaine joy dungo | Date replied: Jul 17,2009

dapat talagang i-encourage ang mga pinoy at pinay na gawin ang positive filipino values para maging maganda ang tingin ng mga ibang bansa sa ating bansa.

-ellaine joy dungo

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