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Bad Traits that should be removed from every Filipino in order to have a better society

This is Jochebed Dela Cruz or commonly known as "OBED DELA CRUZ" but you can call me "OBED D.C."

I admit that we, Filipinos are people with good values. We still have morality and goodness but there are bad traits that other Filipinos have.

The bad traits are:

Maņana Habit
Crab mentality
False witness
Negative minded
Angered easily

These bad traits I have found from history books, internet, and my opinion. These bad traits should not exist but should be eliminated.

I know it's a hard job to erase these traits from us today but if we will see the cause and the prize that if we will eliminate these bad traits, there will be a better Philipine society.

We are a rich nation. We have lots of natural resources. Our skills are known to the world but there is a negative international image about us and that should be erased.

I still see hope for our nation because positive possibilities are everlasting and we should be what winners are.

We should improve our character, attitude, personality, and concept of life.

There's a purpose. There's a reason.


Posted by: Obed Dela Cruz
Date posted: Jul 17,2009
Replied by: JD | Date replied: Dec 03,2011

I always believe in the positivity of every Filipino...despite such negativity we,Filipinos execute distinct and extraordinary things that makes us more significantly better than any nationality. There's no way we should say that Filipinos are like this or like that 'coz mind u guys, all those you've enumerated are also commonly possessed by other nationalities...

Replied by: Oishi | Date replied: Aug 03,2011

yet, not all Filipinos are like that. 98% are. And I need to add more:

Gold diggers
Useless, prefer drinking than finding a job

Replied by: libra | Date replied: Jul 24,2011

PASSIVE - paying no attention to details unless threatened. And very defensive too.

Replied by: pogiko | Date replied: Jul 09,2011

not all flipino are like that

Replied by: Sam | Date replied: Jul 09,2011

you forgot: always lacks attention....

Replied by: snitch | Date replied: Nov 22,2010

you forgot;

lack of ethics
"too personal"

Replied by: Cutie | Date replied: Sep 11,2009

Yup thats true u got d ryt answer. Tnx u rily d big help 4 us students

Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jul 20,2009

Hey, I'm Jochebed Dela Cruz or Obed Dela Cruz, the poster of the discussion here. If you want to ask questions to me, please feel free to email me.

Replied by: Maribe E. Tamayo | Date replied: Jul 17,2009

Hey Obed, thanks for the infos! Nakatulong sa assignmentz ko!

Replied by: Isaac M. Dungo | Date replied: Jul 17,2009

Yeah man, you rock bro!

Replied by: Joel Dungo | Date replied: Jul 17,2009

Hey, why is it that you've posted 3 times of this discussion? But hey, I agree to your statements

Replied by: Jochebed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jul 17,2009

This is jochebed dela cruz or obed dela cruz again.

I also want to add that we should stop cursing our nation because our words are powerful and we must think thoughts that can enhance the comfort of Philippine living. We must use our skills plus praying for our nation to be awaken from this nightmare and be cleansed from the mud.

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