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Is this fair: 50- 80% of TelCos income comes from confiscated loads

Telecommunication companies (TelCos), lead by Smart & Globe, were asked by Senate President Enrile to explain and shed light regarding an information he received that 50- 80% of their profits comes from confiscated loads. These are the loads of cp subscribers (prepaid)which they can no longer use after a designated expiration date. According to him, these loads are pre-paid and should not be confiscated by service providers in order to force the subscribes to reload. The The Senate Committees on Trade and Commerce and on Public Services conducts an ongoing investigation on the alleged nefarious activities committed by telecommunication companies against their subscribers, in violation of their respective franchises. Reportedly, Telcos earn 2 billion daily for text messeges alone.

Posted by: Patrick I.F. Procianos
Date posted: Jun 24,2009
Replied by: Jarred Martin Clarianes | Date replied: Feb 12,2010

It is not fair.

This large industry should be regulated by the government more.

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 27,2009

I think it's not fair. Because customers already paid for it and these loads must be used by the customers. It violates human rights number 28 that it should be a fair and free world!

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