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Corruption & Poverty

How will you solve the problem of corruption from Barangay to all Departments,[BIR,Customs,DPWH , Dep. ED]Congress, Senate , Justice to Malacanang.
How will you solve 75% of Filipinos living below poverty line. Thank You

Posted by: Rico Baltazar
Date posted: Dec 28,2008
Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 04,2009

My dictionary says that corruption is change from good to bad. According to my philosophy notes, it is from human's frailty or weakness that forces him to be corrupted and corrupt. So, sometimes while running for a government position, the person means every word (except if he/she is a habbitual liar) and he/she has a great passion and desire to change things in order that the Philippines may rise again. To solve this, the implementation of submitting receipts and reports must be strictly done. This, is for the surety that money is used correctly.

There must be an agency which guards every move even the most humble and good Filipino. Yes, it may be expensive but I believe that the Philippines is a very rich country that has natural resources.

In solving poverty, it's not just giving away money neither just giving away goods nor just employing the unemployed but it must have trainings and teachings that talks about values, morals, and ethics. The people must be taught to know what's right and to do what's right. They shouldn't be just clever but wise. When you help the people, you must establish these foundations. So that they will not just fill their belly and houses will goods but fill their hearts of virtue.

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