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Political Communication in the Philippines

Though negative campaigning still prevails in the past national elections, there is a new development when it comes to political communication. Increasing number of potential candidates and current members of Congress, both at the House and at the Senate, are now investing on website development. This new trend allow them to reach to their constituents in a matter of minutes. More importantly, this form of communication confines user to focus on positive messaging, such as publishing thru their websites their accomplishments, profiles, advocacy and stand on prevailing national issues. Negative form of political communication is not appropriate in this communicatin tool. It would be one good criteria to judge a national candidate with his proficiency in the information technology and thru the substance and content of his/her website.

Posted by: Patrick I.F. Procianos
Date posted: Sep 30,2008
Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

but this I say that the negative campaigning will stop if some will make them realize and know what's right and do what's right

Replied by: Jochebed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

yeah, you're right in a way.

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