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Conflict in Mindanao

Love is the key towrds a lasting solution in the escalating conflict now in MIndano.

I studied in Mindanao State University, Marawi City from 1982- 1985. In my three- year stay inside the campus, I came to appreciate the real essence of Muslim culture and belief. I befriended some Maranao classmates and learned more about muslim's way of life. They are supposed to be a peace- loving people embracing the teachings of Islam.

The Christians, on the other hand, are supposed to uphold the Twelve Commandements, summarized by Jesus himself as: "Love your neighbor as yourself".

With that in premise I believe there is hope for peace in Mindanao, if only love be allowed to flourish.

Who will do that for us? I don't know. But maybe we'll just start from within ourselves. Within our families. Wihtin our communities. Let us persude through love and nonviolence

Posted by: patrick Procianos
Date posted: Aug 19,2008
Replied by: Juan Paulo O. Rodriguez, BSJ | Date replied: Mar 27,2010

Hindi titigil ang gulo sa ilang parte sa Mindanao hangga't hindi nararamdaman ng ordinaryong sibilyan na gumiginhawa ang buhay nila. Kaya dapat magsagawa ng mga mabisang at kumprehensibong programa ang pamahalaan at hindi pagpapalaki ng bahay o paglalaro sa golf course ang atupagin. Well, kapag mamamana ng anak ang kahirapan nila sa buhay, hindi malabong magpatuloy pa rin ang gulo sa ilang parte diyan sa Mindanao. Hindi ako naniniwala na warflict o warmongering ang mga Muslim. Peace-loving citizens din sila, tulad nating mga Kristiyano. Ang laban sa Mindanao ay hindi tungkol sa religion kundi sa kalang ng sikmura at tindi ng kurakutan diyan.

Replied by: Nars | Date replied: Feb 25,2010

Ang hirap sa bansa natin ay yong namamahala at naka upo sa malaking pwesto. mula ng bata pa ako ang gulo sa mindanao ay hindi pa na titigil, hanggang ngayon. para wakasan ang gulo sa mindanao tapusin na ang mga bandidong grupo at wag na papayag sa peacetalk ang pamahalaan, walang katapusang gyera at bombahan, walang katapusang gulo. isa lang ang solusyon para mag karoon ng kapayapaan sa mindanao. magkaroon ng edukasyon.

Replied by: jun pandan | Date replied: Oct 08,2009

ang problema sa mindanao ay hindi plot ng mindanaoans. I am a pure mindanaoan since birth until now. I have been working with civil society and engaged with different cultures and religions/faith. For how many institution and number of years in community works, I never heard of somebody that they love war and dis-order but everybody expresses to love peace.
For me, mindanao is the playground, testing ground, deciding factor of votes for next president and business center of armaments in the disguise of war between our brother muslims. Without war in mindanao, our defense force/department could not get enough share of our national budget. without war in mindanao, election return is fair. But where's the bulk of budget goes? Where's the millions of votes more than the voter's come from? Is there someone question on it?
For mindanaoans, nobody outside mindanao can solve our problem. If we can't read their plot and realized that they are only toying with us, then we will remain as it is even with the intervention of any superpower nation.
If you can notice, every president has their own strategy to continue waging war in mindanao to get more power. Reflect and heighten our analysis on every happenings in our beloved mindanao for us to achieve our vision of PEACE.

Replied by: John arhtur S. Batica III | Date replied: May 23,2009

I believe the conflict in Mindanao is not all about RELIGION. I was raised in Zamboanga by my parents for more then ten years since we left from Ilo-ilo when I was 2-3 y/o. I grew up in a community where there is a diversity in culture. Unlike any other cities in the Philippines, Zamboanga has the most diverse culture. I met different people with different Ideologies in life and none of them said that it's the difference in religion that made the conflict in Mindanao. It's POVERTY and the cancer in our society - CORRUPTION. There is a wrong leadership lurking in the hearts of our leaders.. They abused the use of the term leadership...What the people really need is the TRUTH..nothing more, nothing less..

I am a christian but I agree that the terrorism that caused the conflict here in Mindanao is not an act of a Muslim...Only those who practice Islam are true Muslims and these terrorists are just using their religion to take on a ride of uncertain destination...

On the other hand, us, FILIPINOS, are responsible for what is happening in our country....According to one of Cristian Religious leader,Pope BENEDICT XVI: "Every human is born a PEACE-BUILDER...


-John Arthur Sampil Batica III

Replied by: jErrY aNthOny pAraS | Date replied: Jan 06,2009

Para sakin hind nman ang relihiyon ang malaking usapan jan eh..Matagal ng issue yon na unti -unti ng naaayos...

Ang malaking problema jan ay ang mga "malalaking tao" na gumagamit ng mga kapwa mamamayan pra magsimula ng gulo at maghasik ng karahasan...
Ginagamit pa nila ang isyu ng relihiyon pra lalo lang paguluhin ang sitwasyon...

At para nman sa pamahalaan,,..
Dapat nilang tapusin ang giyera laban sa mga nangugulo jan...
hindi yung patigil-tigil..

Bakit di kaya pulbusin na nila ang mga bandido sa mindanao.. hinda yung kapag matatalo na ang mga kalaban..pumapayag sila sa peacetalks...
pagkalipas ng ilang panahon.. malakas na naman ang pwersa nila..

Tapusin na nila ang laban

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