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exacerbated poverty in the philippines

Posted by: lhancy
Date posted: Aug 08,2008
Replied by: Rico Baltazar | Date replied: Dec 27,2008

Food , Rice output or productivity is very low.Why, Because most of our farmers are Tennants of Landlords who owns huge track of unproductive agri lands.We should impliment genuine land reform so tennants who migrated to Manila can go back to thrie provinces.Support from govt. is highly needed.Price of farm inputs,irrigation, technology,price of harvest must not be dictated by cartels, Domestic & int'l marketing assistance.Modern Farming or Corporate farming must be intriduced now.Compulsary education should be up to grade six or high school.Only the exceptionaly bright or above ave. students should go to College.The rest vocational or farming.Productivity is high, cost of food is low.Poverty is solved.Lahat ng tao magtatrabaho purchasing power goes up!Ikot ang economy.

Replied by: JerPao Rodriguez-Platengca | Date replied: Dec 22,2008

exacerbated poverty in our country is "a man-made tragedy", which paraphrased Nelson Mandela's statement. Holistic aid for the impoverished household will cure the poverty right in the grassroot level. Holistic aid defines a comprehensive and integrated "socioeconomic" delivery of services that will empower the poor family like me. It is quite painful to accept a piecemeal aid, which deteriorates our dignity. Give us a one-time aid package that will uplift our lives without stigmatizing ourselves and our future. quality education, livelihood financing, market linkages and product development assistance, technology transfer, decent housing, and voice to our government development councils responsible to trade and industry are those aid packages that a poor family needed.

Replied by: rhea mae | Date replied: Aug 08,2008

,,our country doesn't seem to run out of crises many filipino are suffering, because our government is keep on ignoring about many issues regarding poverty...

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