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Need to fix democratic system of the Philippines

The main problem is that we have a very illegitimate democratic system. Our voters elect only those people who are popular and not if they are capable. The big dilemma if GMA is ousted, the VP will take over who was elected PURELY because he?s popular with the masses, and not because he?s capable to lead the nation. Our economy has never grown this much, I don?t want to take the chance by entrusting it to someone solely popular with the masses.
To prevent this transfer, no matter how believable Lozada initially is, his credibility is now being questioned. He admitted that a certain level of corruption is acceptable to him. Questions have arisen whether he was kidnapped, because his celphone was not confiscated, he dined in Outback restaurant, and he was able to go to the place he wanted to go all along, that is, La Salle Greenhills. I even read he committed a sin of omission regarding his consultation with the wife of Sen. Joker Arroyo. He didn?t correct the impression in which it appeared the wife invited him to her house to urge him not to testify, when the fact of the matter is (based on what I read) Lozada was the one who contacted the wife around September before Joey de Venecia testified, and he was crying and that he doesn?t want to testify. So the wife invited him to her house, and told him she couldn?t lawyer for him due to conflict of interest since her husband is a Senator, while he was then president of Philforest. She advised him then, since he was so distressed, that he doesn?t have to testify if he didn?t want to. Since this was one of those ordinary free consultations, she didn?t bother to tell Joker about it. So Joker was surprised when his wife was mentioned.
Jun Lozada is no Clarissa Ocampo at all.

Posted by: pian
Date posted: Mar 01,2008
Replied by: Jochebed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

Democracy is a better form of government but we see some flaws and errors. So, I agree for it to be fixed. There must be groups of people both in the government and outside the government to monitor that democracy won't be abused. DEMOCRACY THEREFORE SHOULD BE FIXED AND BE WHAT IS SHOULD REALLY BE.

There is a possiblity that the disadvantages of it me abolished

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