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Legalization Of Divorce in the Philippines

To start, here in the philippines, a newlywed couple quarrelled. It continued for months. They began to 'unlove' each other. What could be the solution?

Posted by: Lois Abigail
Date posted: Feb 18,2008
Replied by: KiD1996 | Date replied: Oct 20,2011

Why can't we just stick to our RELIGION, FAITH and Beliefs? People are so (I can't Explain my anger in one word)!! when they hear the word divorce they have different ideas. Why can't we just go back to the same old Philippines, where there is peace, love, freedom and nationalism. Ever since we had contact with the other countries, we suddenly change..

Replied by: jeschejanna | Date replied: Oct 17,2011

I unfortunately disagree on this divorce bill in the nation.Implementing this bill is just one of many ways to reduce women's & children's abuse.There are millions of solutions to this problem.In Christian way especially.Let us preserve and improve instead what our nation possess.

Replied by: rehns santillan reyes | Date replied: Oct 16,2011

we respect that marriage is the sacred union of love but we can never avoid such marriage that do not fit to each other...and the only remedy is to divorce. It's not the end of the family,it's only the end of the unhealthy marriage. you know what i mean so be it..;lets make a move don't wait till something worse happen...the five grounds are derived from the irreparable breakdown of marriage. lets give them another chance to live life with their desired happiness..

Replied by: Niceguy | Date replied: Oct 14,2011

I'm in favor with divorce law. It's better than married to a partner that commits adultery. Children cannot understand this situation, that is why you should explain it to them the reason. People are not perfect we are only human not gods, we sometimes make wrong decisions, because we were deceived, fooled, tricked, people will only show their real color or dark side during the married life. May I ask you during courting or in a relationship do yo want to show your flaws? That's why theres a saying: "Put your best foot forward." people are prone in making mistakes because of fake faces. Divorce is no joke, it's an opportunity for people to have a second chance to learn from our mistakes and a second chance in life to be happy.

Replied by: ....MIXXHA | Date replied: Oct 12,2011

... divorce ...A BIG YES TO DAT... y shud i engage to a marraige that d rest of my life i will never be happy... life is too short...make ur life satisfy...

Replied by: eujay allan | Date replied: Oct 10,2011

no to DEVORCE:madaling sabihin na ang deborsyo ay gawing legal dahil nga ang mag asawa ay wla ng pag asa pang magka unawaan sa kanilng pag ibig.. ngunit ang hindi nila alam sila ay sumumpa sa panginoon. ayun sa biblya ang pag labag sa utos ng panginoon ay malaking kasalanan..

Replied by: ana fe | Date replied: Oct 09,2011

. .no to divorce bcuz it deprives the law of marriage . .

Replied by: canary gal | Date replied: Oct 09,2011

before you get married make sure you have known the entire personality of your partner....think not just twice but many times so that in the end you will not regret that you marry the person. ....divorce will never be a solution...

Replied by: apiong | Date replied: Oct 03,2011

bakit hindi dapat gawing legal ang devorce eh yung annulment nga eh na aprobhan,at legal separation..kahit anu pa ang tawag jan wla nman yan piag kaiba sa divorce eh,iba iba nga lang ang method at the end it targets--separate..
dba sabi nga in gods will,ang taong pinag isa ng diyos na mag sama ay wlang pwedeng makapaghihiwlay,eh anu yang legal separation,annulment dba wla nman yan pinag kaiba.masyado keo nag mamalinis..hahaha!
mag isip keo..

Replied by: lza fernando | Date replied: Oct 02,2011

For me its better to have Divorce in the Philippines for the reason that many women are sacrificing for their husband, they are battered women until they remain to be a martyred to their husbands, everyone has its own rights as humans (we only live once in this world, so we need to have choice if our husband or wife make mistakes. why we need to sacrifice for a long period of time? even children affected on their own doing??? why not go for Divorce so people has a freedom?

Replied by: Briana | Date replied: Sep 28,2011

kayo anti divorce,kaonggusto nyo magpatali habang buhay sa mga asawa nyo kasi ibinigay sainyo ang happines lahat na supported.huwag nyo naman e compared ang life nyo sa ibang mga kababaihan na nawasak ang familia at kahit kasalanan man sa Dios yon hinde na ninyo kasalanan yon siya na yon ang manangot sa kaluluwa nya.biro ninyo ipilit nyo talaga ang babae kahit sinaktan na siya at pinabayaan gusto nyo ba na ipapatay siya sa asawa nya?????bigyan nyo naman ng kalayaan ang iba na makahanp pa ng mabuting asawa at 2nd life.kong hayop ang una baka ta-o na ang pangalawa.

Replied by: LadyDyosa | Date replied: Sep 28,2011

Hi,I'm agree to legalize the divorce although the bishop in the Philippines supported the divorce,two nations lefted,Philippines and Malat.all over the world has a divorce why??is for the catholic Religion to follow if we mistake to choose of your husbands he is abandon with you and come only for a sexs and leave for you a pregnant.and run away again.what do you think of that??is that come from God??let you to sufferd??divorce is open gate of freedom of choose for a womans has been abusived by their husband.some in Philippines has alrear a divorced but only if you are muslim but some place already dont have to be forces a person if they don't want too.that's violation.

Replied by: josie | Date replied: Sep 24,2011

Yes im agree to devorced.. para di na ako mahirapan pa...

Replied by: rommelbivas | Date replied: Sep 24,2011 to divorce, y? it is a big sin...think of this before kayo magpakasal, kailangan alam nyo kung ano ang "marriage" okay..
TAo pa po tau...ikw?

Replied by: rommel | Date replied: Sep 24,2011 to divorce, y? it is a big sin...think of this before kayo magpakasal, kailangan alam nyo kung ano ang "marriage" okay..
TAo pa po tau...ikw?

Replied by: edelyn orillo | Date replied: Sep 23,2011

for me, should not enforce the divorce bill, because it shows no respect for each other and of course a gross disrespect to God.
it is a big sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by: juvenile tumbokon | Date replied: Sep 18,2011

yes i agree
that Phil. have legalization of divorce ..
4 the saked of wife baterd

Replied by: komomothegreat | Date replied: Sep 15,2011

Ang buhay, hindi lang lang naman yan puro saya eh. Meron din sa buhay yung panahon na kailangan natin na magseryoso, tumanggap at umintindi sa mga nangyayari. Tsaka yung sinasabi mong "reality", sa tingin ko maling reality ang tinitignan mo! Kahit na parang corny para sa iyo ito, pero ang pagiging sagrado ng pagpapakasal pa rin ang "reality". Sorry pero para sa akin, mga walang paninindigan sa sarili lang ang sumasabay sa kabaluktutan ng mundo. Kasi kahit na anong baluktot ng isang tao, magkakaroon ng paraan ang Diyos para magparamdam sa iyo

Replied by: anon | Date replied: Sep 13,2011

pro-divorce ako. bakit natin pipilitin ang dalawang tao na magsama kung hindi na sila masaya sa isa't isa? iisa lang ang buhay natin sa mundo, hindi ba natin deserve na mabuhay ng masaya? people change. people fall out of love. it happens. why would you force people stagnate in an unhappy marriage that they no longer want?

ang dami sa inyo na iniisip ang mga bata. guess what. minsan, mas magiging matino ang bata kung maghihiwalay ang magulang niya. gusto niyo ba talagang lumaki ang isang bata sa isang household kung saan puro sigaw at, malamang, violence? hindi ba mas dangerous iyon sa growth ng isang bata? wouldn't it be better for him to see his parents living happy, for him to be living in a happy and safe environment?

also fuck the sanctity of marriage! nakatira tayo sa isang society na may reality shows tulad ng the bachelorette. kung saan ang mga taong hindi talaga magkakilala ay pwedeng magpakasal (as long as straight sila--but that's another bill for another time). hindi rin naman natutupad ang mga vows na sinasabi ng mag-asawa. it's a useless institution, valuable only because of the legal rights that come with it.

annulment isn't enough. there is no alimony, no nothing. it's also expensive and so so hard to go through, which is something the poor--the people this bill would help--wouldn't/couldn't go through.

we need this bill. we're living in the 21st century, not the 18th. (a time where, incidentally, divorce was legal)

Replied by: daisy | Date replied: Sep 12,2011

4 me d me pa2yg na my divorce ang phil.dhil kawa2 nman ang mga bata,,,,,,,,,,,

Replied by: garfel | Date replied: Sep 11,2011

if you have fear to the lord ang His commands thres is no reason why you will agree on divorce......kaya anti divorce ako....

Replied by: phia16 | Date replied: Sep 11,2011

hi everyone i'm only 12 year old :)
for me it's a big NO! why?
because when you legalized the divorce bill.ehh papaano na poh kaming bata.:)

Replied by: komomothegreat | Date replied: Sep 08,2011

I also believe that divorce is not the only solution to broken marriages. If we have battering husbands then, what is prison for? Prison is a place for a person to change. If you think that you don't love your partner anymore then maybe, you only recognize love as a sudden infatuation. If you think like that, then I think we should mature more. And if you have other reasons then, you should reconsider reading your VOWS or find a marriage counselor.

Replied by: jn | Date replied: Sep 08,2011

dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ang POVERTY!

Replied by: monica ried | Date replied: Sep 07,2011

yes i agree to divors dahil kung hindi na nila mahal ang isa't-isa

Replied by: JENNY | Date replied: Sep 06,2011

no to devors dhil masasaktan lang ang mga bata sa nakikita nilang hindi pagkakaunawaan ng kanilang mga magulang at baka mawasak ang kanilang pamilya.

Replied by: pia cortez | Date replied: Aug 26,2011

bago tayo gumawa ng desisyon isipin muna natin ang advantages at disadvantages nito.

para sa mga magasawang may anak naman,
isipin muna sana nila ang magiging epekto ng mga anak nila kung maghihiwalay din sila,

Replied by: aries | Date replied: Aug 24,2011

For me Divorce is a BIG Yes!agree po ako jan, kasi mas masarap talagang mabuhay ng pareho kayong masaya.for me its a SOLUTION, ang gusto yata nung mga anti-divorce..kabit-kabit nalang sila...mas ok sa kanila yun.hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Replied by: yan | Date replied: Aug 22,2011

for me, YES to divorce bill. Wala na tayo sa lumang panahon, mas maraming tapat magmahal noon, kaysa ngayon, maraming taong salawahan sa ngayon. Kaya ang mga lalaki ang umaabuso sa kanilang asawa dahil ang katwiran nila ay; kahit anong gawin ko, hindi ako iwan ng asawa ko, dahil kasal kami at walang divorce dito sa Pilipinas. Bakit pa natin hayaan na 'abusuhin',.tayo! kung sa tingin nyo, kasalanan ang humiwalay, pero ang tunay ay mas malaking kasalan ang gumawa ng kasalan sa likod ng asawa mo!.. na hindi nya alam. Hindi lang ang simbahang catholico ang CHRistiyano, marami pa.. Bakit tayong mga pilipino takot sa simbahan, bagkus doon tayo matakot sa Dios na Lumikha sa ating lahat. Bakit pa tigasin natin ang ating mga ulo?! Hindi gasto ng Dios na magdusa tayo sa sakit, kundi gusto ng DIos maging masaya tayo, dahil sandali lang tayo sa mundong ito. Maraming nagdusa sa buhay mag'asawa.

“Kapag ang isang lalaki ay kumuha ng isang babae at pinakasalan, at kung ang babae ay hindi kalugdan ng kanyang paningin, sapagkat natagpuan niya itong may isang kahiya-hiyang bagay, lalagda ang lalaki ng isang kasulatan ng paghihiwalay at ibibigay niya sa kanyang kamay. Kanyang palalabasin siya sa kanyang bahay, at pagkaalis niya sa bahay ng lalaki ay makakahayo siya at makakapag-asawa sa ibang lalaki.” (Deuteronomio 24:1-2)

Replied by: Student | Date replied: Aug 21,2011

Ay wait. Nakaligtaan kong sagutin yung tanong. What could be the possible solution?

Huh. Makipagbati. Pride lang yan e. Again, hindi pa tayo animal. Sana. Nakakausap pa. Kung handa nga lang magpakumbaba ang bawat isa.

Replied by: Student | Date replied: Aug 21,2011

The sacrament of marriage is holy. Sabi nga sa Bibliya, "..kung anong pinagsama ng Panginoon, di maaaring ipaghiwalay ng tao."

Gawin niyo mang rason ang
...inaabuso ang asawa.
...walang kwentang asawa.
..."pagkawala ng love"
...pag-aaway to the point na gusto nang magpatayan.
at marami pang iba, hindi pwede.

Um. So. Para niyo na ring sinasabi. Na pag nadapa ka sa buhay. Pag sinaktan ka. Pag nahihirapan ka, i-cancel na. "Second chance", ani nga. Ano 'to, laro? May pause tas restart?

E ano bang mahirap intindihin sa " have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" Taken for granted na na hindi pwedeng ipaghiwalay ang mag-asawa. Sabi nga kasi ni God. Parehas lang siya sa fact na hindi pwedeng magpakamatay ang isang tao. Para takasan ang mga pinasukan niya. Accept the consequences of your actions.

E pano nga naman ang mga inaabuso ng mga asawa? Yun lang na mga walang kasalanan. Na talagang kasalanan ng asawa nila lahat at maatestuhan nila yun? So. Eto yung ginagamit na panlaban ng mga supporters. Mahal magpa-annull. Paano sila makakaraya?

...Una sa lahat, pinasok nila yun. Responsibilidad ng lahat ng tao na alamin ang totoong pagkatao at kilalanin ang magiging asawa nila.

Okay,so kung wala talagang kasalanan tong mga inaabusong 'to at may mga ganitong sitwasyon nga naman...nasubukan na bang kausapin? Nasubukan na bang humingi ng tulong sa DSWD, sa gobyerno? Mahirap ba? Edi yun! Yan dapat ang pinagtutuonan-pansin ng gobyerno. Bigyan ng funds at lagyan ng tao ang tumutulong sa mga tulad nito. Kasi naman. Pano niyo masasabing "selfish" ang mga anti-divorce bill sa kadahilanang hindi nila iniisip yung mga inaabuso kung yung mga inaabuso mismo, hindi iniisip kung anong kahihinatnan ng paghihiwalay nila sa nang-aabuso. Di ba pwedeng magpakasal uli? So, okay lang na magpakasal uli yung nang-aabuso sa iba(at baka abusuhin rin yun) basta siya, ligtas na?

Ano ba. Umayos naman tayo o.

Lastly, kung iisipin,inaadress ng bill na ito ang pagsolve sa marriage problems. Bakit hindi...i-address ang sanhi ng marriage problems? Parang RH Bill lang din e. Ang inaaaddress, unwanted pregnancies and STD,yung mga problemang natatamo sa irresponsible sexual union. E ba't hindi iaddress yung sanhi? Ganun na ba tayo ka-animal ngayon para isipin nateng taken for granted na na ganito ang tao. Siguradong may mang-aabuso, siguradong may hindi makokontrol ang pagnanasa?

Grabe naman. Tao pa rin tayo. DI ba?

Replied by: Murphy | Date replied: Aug 21,2011

I agree on divorce. Some says that divorce is not only the solution in problems in marriage, well i agree with that. But what is the easiest way to escape on a harsh hand of a husband/wife? Isn't it being separated with him/her? In the Philippines, we have the annulment. But how long does it take before it is approved by the court? And how much money is needed for it to execute? Think again guys. The Catholic Church doesn't agree on divorce, but in our country, there are many religions such as Born Again, 7th Day, Muslim etc. Please don't use Catholic's superiority and churches to say let the people know that they don't agree on divorce bill.

Thanks for letting me say my opinion.

Replied by: concerned | Date replied: Aug 20,2011

yes to divorce... what's the use of living in a relationship thT doesn't work anymore. you say its a big effect to the kids? its more painful for tbem to see their parents are not the same before. kahit anong usap pa yan. kung it doesnt work, its useless talaga.. especially when the reason is the husband had a kid with another woman, or had many relationships while married...

Replied by: Patrick | Date replied: Aug 15,2011

i think divorce is not a solution to a particular problem.

Replied by: tobias | Date replied: Aug 10,2011

a quick statement; the goverment will take adavntages in the bill and the psychologiacl effects in the children would be very broad and will change the life of each of them since this provission is not yet already practiced in the country.the effects of the bill under social grounds will create a vast and vissible neggative effects to the social relationship between values and economy. the social responsibility of the goverment which have been one of the forces of concern of the authority will be ignored and will put the values of humanity in danger of loss respect and dying culture of the philippines.

Replied by: ezret1925 | Date replied: Aug 09,2011

First off, i suggest that everyone should read the House bill no. 1799 first before reacting.

For those arguing that the women are those at the losing end once divorce becomes legalized, i say think again! why on earth would the women proponents of bill even conceptualize such bill if is it detrimental to them? do you think they were able to conjure such idea without even consulting every concerned sector in the country most especially the women? i guess not. Again, read the bill. House bill 1799 provides that when a decree of divorce is granted, the absolute community of property of the spouses is liquidated and divided equally between the two parties. hence, both the husband and wife can have a little something to start with once marriage ties is severed. No property to speak of? the bill also addresses this problem. Aside from the dissolution of the conjugal property, the bill provides that the spouse who is unemployed is entitled of financial support from the other husband for a maximum of one year, until he or she finds an adequate employment.

next argument is the welfare of the children. Again, guys please read the bill first. It provides that the spouses are enforced by the court to provide financial support to their children even though their marriage has ended. as such, if one spouse refuses to pay his or her obligations to the children, they will be held accountable by the court.
as to the emotional side, yes, it is undeniable that children may suffer from the breakdown of their parents' marriage. but which is more moral or better? having your children live in a very harmonious household due to the irreparable differences between the parents which could lead to physical and psychological violence or giving them an opportunity of a much peaceful life by opting for their parents to have separate lives.

i personally believe that marriage is sacred but we must not deny others who are living in a marital hell just because you are living in a marital bliss.

Replied by: ct | Date replied: Aug 02,2011

anti divorce bill says that when the time that divorce will be legalized it will serve as gate for everybody to file a divorce. i think that's a fallacious comment. of course, divorce will be available only to those couple with irreparable differences and who want the option. why would a happy couple avail of this remedy when they are satisfied with each other.

Replied by: ct | Date replied: Aug 02,2011

i'm pro divorce that's all i can say.
why let ourselves be stuck in a marriage where respect and love don't exist anymore.

Replied by: apple | Date replied: Aug 01,2011

sori i forgot to consider the childen...of course their contribution is really important kailangan marinig ng magulang ang boses nila..

Replied by: apple | Date replied: Aug 01,2011

marriage is really sacred pero kung ndi mganda ang outcome ng isang relationship..bkit pa pro ako sa ganong sitwasyon..kung gagawin ito sa ndi sapat na dahilan..i will be against it is really up to the persons involved..the couples...

Replied by: michcac'z | Date replied: Aug 01,2011

big no to divorce
i once agree on 8.'kc pwd naman idaan ntin xa uxapan...panu nlang kung merong dvorce..tayong mga babae ang kawawa..wag naman tayong pakunda-kundarang mag desisyon dahil tayo lang nman ang kawwa xa huli..xa tingin u bha kung ma22pad man legalize dvorce..magiging happy 4ever tau..isipin ung mabuti..walang mawawala xa la2k tau ang mas kawa2..xa tingin u bha pu2ltin pa tau ng halos nawala na..ang mga bata ang maapektuhan nyan..oo madali lang xabihin ang word na pgnandydn na yan..wala nah..xabi nga nla nasa huli ang pagsisi..kaya tayong mga ba2e gumising naman tayo icpin nlang ntin..'na ixa itong pagxubok..xa pagiging marriage...'misunderstanding lang..yan!!!kya wag kayong dali2ng madcide xa ndi pa cguro nxabi nyo lang yan dhil xa xakit na damdamin ,tayo ang mas kawa2 lalo pat..may anak kau..gus2 nyo bang lumaking bastardo ang anak ayaw qng lumaking bastardo ang anak q someday kawawa naman..uo..dalaga pa aq ndi qpa na experience ang mga na experience nyo pwo kng dumating man yan xa nalang ang magpakumbaba para xa anak q at para narin xa xarili q..'may dhilan nman cguro ang xa mga ganyang paraan,,.xabi nga nla kunting tyaga may nilaga...kaya gir\s tyaga lang tayo..?

Replied by: gem salinas | Date replied: Aug 01,2011

.............. pabor na pabor ako sa diborsyo.... rason::: dahil sa ginawa sa akin ng daddy ng anak ko na iniwan lang kami ng walang pasabi biglang nawala..

Replied by: BG | Date replied: Jul 31,2011

yes to divorce, people will only suffer more if they continue to make their relationship last even though it isnt working out fine. lets open our eyes.. lets think about other people suffering due to unhappiness brought by their marriage

Replied by: sarah villa | Date replied: Jul 31,2011

dapat wlang divorce dhil kawawa ang mga bata pag nwalan ng isang ama o ina.pki usap ko sa prisednt na wag itoloy ang divorce.

Replied by: aira sweetheart | Date replied: Jul 27,2011

no to divorce!!! kasi its not t6he solution sa problema,besides,,agkakagulo pa ang mga pamilya...yung mga anak,dagdag gastos at sa panahon ngayon,ang dali daling madaya

Replied by: carlo aragon | Date replied: Jul 27,2011

no to divorce!!!! a big NO!!bakit pa magpapakasal ang 2 tao kung ganun lng din naman ang mangyayari sa huli,, mababalewala lng lahat para sa kapakanan ng isa.. bakit ndi muna nila isipin ung gagawin nila bago magpakasal...?d ba nga meh kasabihan,nasa huli ang pagsisisi,,,,panuh na lng ung mga anak nila kung sakali,,chaka nangako sila at sumumpa sa harap ng altar,sa harap ng maraming tao,,tapos ndi nila papahalagahan un,..dapat bago pumasok sa isang kumplikadong sitwasyon pag isipan muna ung mga posibilidad na mangyayari paglipas ng mga taon,, mga kababaihan.... payag ba kau na abusuhin na lamang kayo??/papakasalan tapos sasabihin mahal ka ngayon ehh panuh bukas?/ pag sinabing ndi ka na mahal matatanggap mo ba na para ka lamang isang gamit na pagsasawaan???

Replied by: carl | Date replied: Jul 27,2011

no to divorce!!!! a big NO!!bakit pa magpapakasal ang 2 tao kung ganun lng din naman ang mangyayari sa huli,, mababalewala lng lahat para sa kapakanan ng isa.. bakit ndi muna nila isipin ung gagawin nila bago magpakasal...?d ba nga meh kasabihan,nasa huli ang pagsisisi,,,,panuh na lng ung mga anak nila kung sakali,,chaka nangako sila at sumumpa sa harap ng altar,sa harap ng maraming tao,,tapos ndi nila papahalagahan un,..dapat bago pumasok sa isang kumplikadong sitwasyon pag isipan muna ung mga posibilidad na mangyayari paglipas ng mga taon,, mga kababaihan.... payag ba kau na abusuhin na lamang kayo??/papakasalan tapos sasabihin mahal ka ngayon ehh panuh bukas?/ pag sinabing ndi ka na mahal matatanggap mo ba na para ka lamang isang gamit na pagsasawaan???

Replied by: melanyt | Date replied: Jul 23,2011

i know all of us has a reasons... but it is up to us how to handle our lives

Replied by: vaniza Flores | Date replied: Jul 23,2011

no to divorce...pano nlng yung mg bata?cla yong pinakanaapektohan dito?

Replied by: daisy | Date replied: Jul 22,2011

yes to divorce...
pano kung talagang wala ng love sa mag asawa? bakit pa ipipilit? lalo lang mahihirapan mga bata kung makikita silang madalas nag aaway at may ibang kinanakasama? mas mapapabayaan mga bata kung ganon mangyayari..

Replied by: lester jade lecera | Date replied: Jul 22,2011

dapat hindi ilegalize ang divorce kasi kawawa yung mga bata at maaari namang magkabalikan ang couple kapag lumamig na ang ulo ng isa't-isa. so I disagree

Replied by: daemon | Date replied: Jul 21,2011

Yes to Divorce!
Not everyone experience what its like to be in a miserable relationship..Having Divorce doesn't mean that once a couple had an argument it means that it will end in Divorce right away..If it is then much better because not workin out to resolve their issues means they dont really love each other..On the other hand if a couple loves each other then definitely Divorce will never be an option even it gets legalized. Basically, let there be a divorce,if you are concern about morality or if you are in a gud relationship then you shouldn't be affected at all cause this will no use for u..but if you are really a man of God then u will not limit ur concern to urself but u shud know how to care for those people who are not as fortunate as you are in finding their partner in life..Annulment is almost impossible because it is very expensive and it will go a long process..Think about this..If the father neglects his duty to provide financial support, would u think the hardworking mother will choose to spend her hard earned money to file for an annulment or to use this money to feed and raise her kids?What if both parties involved in a new relationship and they are both happy with the new found love and start their own respective families?Isn't it much better to call the woman ur currently with your wife rather than a mistress?What is the sense of being binded by a piece of paper when it is actually ruining ur whole life?

Replied by: reality | Date replied: Jul 20,2011

im 100% agree. why? because divorce is the only way to unstuck in a loveless and cruel relation.

Replied by: joy | Date replied: Jul 13,2011

If you will listen to both sides there are arguments that would really make you agree to one side or another. As one of the people who firmly believe in the WORD OF GOD, certainly I DO NOT AGREE to the divorce in the Philippines...
YEAH! parang gasgas n s pandinig ng tao.. ayaw ng DIYOS yan, di yan ayon sa kalooban ng DIYOS... eh anung gagawin natin eh sa yun ang katotohanang nakasulat sa bibliya..
Ako personally i understand those who r PRESENTLY bounded by marriage na kinaliwa, sinasaktan, pinabayaan..
SIGURO MAS MAINAM na gumawa ang gobyerno ng batas kng sa mabibigyang kalinga ang mga anak at asawa na biktima ng mga gantong sitwasyon..
the only CONSEQUENCE na d na maaalis ay ang kawalan ng karapatan na MAG-ASAWA ulit..
siguro d reason why SOME people wanted divorce is because they're ONLY JOY is having a partner in life..and without their someone they will live miserably..
may iba pang pwedeng mging reason to be HAPPY..
CULTIVATING FILIPINOS' VALUES AND SPIRITUALITY for good decisions before marrying someone ang sa palagay kong kailangan..

Replied by: linda | Date replied: Jul 13,2011

agree!..why should you let a minute pass of suffering when you can not turn back the hand of clock anymore. Just so hard because once married it seems you lost the freedom of happiness.....good for those who has a happy married life but how about the others when everyday is a struggle. At any rate, annulment and legal separation has the same intent so, why dont we go for a lesser expense and easier process. Let's not fool ourselves...let's be true. Children is not enough reason to stick in a rocky marriage because we are just sharing them the struggle which is not good....pity to the kids.

Replied by: twigs | Date replied: Jul 13,2011

Noone wants a broken marriage but too many dont want a hell-like marriage. Two lovers believed they are inloved and get the Wedding but wedding is not a guarantee of a good marriage. Falling into wrong decision is real...lets face it and its not because u got a mistakenly marriage you will risk your whole life of misery. What life then of being unhappy?.....the reason of existence is happiness. Filipinos are known to be martyrs of a relationship, trying to survive up to the last recourse but its like killing them softly. They may intend to find exit but only the rich can afford annulment. Only the rich has freedom to be happy again after about the many poor and average economic standings? Pity on, let's be open-minded to face realities of life that not all decisions we made for our life are right and appropriate. There's always a better life ahead when we are given the chance so, we can live more productive and better citizens.

Replied by: Dhayanara Dela Torre | Date replied: Jul 12,2011

Yes, i agree to a legal divorce because they know that it’s the way out of a hell-like relationship due to the infidelity of all concerned. Divorce is better than a forbidden love affair.

Replied by: jing | Date replied: Jul 12,2011

divorce is not the solution..hrap nga lang sa tao ganawa nlang na parang ulam ang pag.aasawa pagnasawa na..let go agad..dont u think na hindi ito ang plan n God, God wants us to belove and to love,to make one and be let us treasure the family that God set to us..marami pang mas magandang solution...just start to talk between you and your wife about it..and let your heart open 4 God wants you to do...God give us family to care it and let the happnss from God flow n each of us.,dont think for your own happiness but also think n the people around you that they will also affectd from it...GODBLESS!!!

Replied by: ley | Date replied: Jul 12,2011

i agree kung naman sinasaktan nya ang asawa nia ng walang pakundangan dpat tlgang maghiwalay kung dadaanin sa annulment matagl na process yun sa hiwalayan lang din naman mapupunta yun..^_^

Replied by: buzz | Date replied: Jul 11,2011

I agree to the divorce legalization because what will happen if the filipino wives are getting abused by their husbands,just think about if you are the woman whos being abused by your husband,i knos that you will feel just like the way they feel,right???????

Replied by: mizzconfused | Date replied: Jul 07,2011

if im in the place of that couple...the fist that im gonna do to my husband...try to keep things hard us both us you can but if after that hard efforts of both of you and still nothing happen well i guess its the time for both of you to stop or cut the thread that connects between the two of make my opinion i uhmm a little bet agree about that divorce thing....

Replied by: naciram92 | Date replied: Jul 07,2011 my hate word of all the words that a man can ever speak...duhhh wala na bang ibang maisip na ibang solusyon ang mga humans kundi DIVORCE!!!! dhil ba my misunderstanding ang mga-asawa ay mauuwi agad yun sa divorce....? gosh wla na ba tlagang nttrang "PAGKAPAMANLIKHA"(Originality) ang mga Filipino kya khit anu-ano nlang ay basta gnagaya....common...

Replied by: janiela | Date replied: Jul 06,2011

nasa tao ang desisyon

Replied by: mae | Date replied: Jul 06,2011

Before kayo magpakasal cguraduhin nyo muna na mahal nyo na tlga ang isat isat at may family planning na kay.. Hindi yung ura-urada na magpakasal na wala namang kasiguraduhan.. Respeto na rin sa kapwa at sa Diyos.

Replied by: chiara Lee | Date replied: Jul 05,2011

NOT to divorce! dahil siguradong madaragdagan ang bilang ng mga broken family.

Replied by: devon | Date replied: Jul 05,2011

i am in favor of divorce.. legal na nga ang annulment at legal separation, bakit ang divorce hindi? kung hindi na talaga naka2sundo ang mag asawa, mas mgandang mghiwalay nlang.. kesa mag away araw-araw..

Replied by: jan errish bechayda | Date replied: Jul 05,2011

for me divorce is not a solution:

Replied by: kaz | Date replied: Jul 05,2011

good to end the relationship... masama rin sa mga anak ang nakikitang nag aaway ang mga magulang...

Replied by: rhenz reyes | Date replied: Jul 04,2011

Kamya-kanyang pananao man ang ating cnasabi.Respetuhin nalang natin ang desisyon ng bawat isa..infavor man o hindi sa Legalization ng marriage.Pero kung ako ang tatanungin wala akong pinapanigan. Dats it Kha mo..

Replied by: RAZELYN | Date replied: Jun 27,2011

i strongly dis agree.!!!! ano ba..?? nagpakasal kau tapos hindi nyo mapanindigan ang inyong nadesisyonan ??? and now dat u have built a family mmagkakaroon na ng divorce it' bcoz "ur not happy na??" oh c'mon dats a silly & stupid reason.! napaka non-sense ..!! ano yan ??? laru-laro lang ???

kung ili-legalize na ang divorce sa pilipinas ... para na ring isinugal natin ang ating moralidad.!!! ... we dont need to imitate other countries ... instead, we must preserve it .. let us be proud .. na MERON pa taung kahihiyan sa ating mga sarili ..
kasi ..
baliktarin-baliktarin mo man ang mundo .
sa mata na DIYOS o sa mata ng TAO ...
kasalanan YUN.!!!

Replied by: ROSE | Date replied: Jun 27,2011

I certainly agree to legalize the divorce bill because of couples who are already discontented with their marriage life, whats the use of living together if both partners are no longer happy. Nagging, fighting in front of their children will greatly affect the children mentally, psychology and emotionally.

Replied by: jose ballesteros | Date replied: Jun 27,2011

So much talks about divorce, the Catholic Church, at least in the Philippines, is at the front contesting its legality. And that's so surprising being an Institution that started and upholds the Bible as the Word of God and for that reaon whatever is writtn therein should be accepted and believed in. I am of the oppinion that what were written in Mathew 5:31-32 and 19:9-11 should be looked into as the answer to the issue on divorce lies in the words and opinion as well as directive of Jesus Christ Himself. Actually there is no difficulty understanding what Jesus wanted to say. Problem is the Chruch has tried now and then to hide this portion of the Bible and has went to the extreme of retranslating the portion of the debate of Jesus with the Pharisees on the question of divorce aparently to suit Her (the Church) purposes. There is no dogmatic matter about divorce. It is just one of the church's rulings similar to the ruling on celibacy of Roman Catholic Priests. Think of an old ruling of the Church on disallowing women to enter the church simply because they have their menstruation. And of imprisoning priests' wives just to enforce celibacy. Yes the family is the foundation BUT what if the foundation has collapsed? Mor ideas later....

Replied by: rubi | Date replied: Jun 23,2011

I am in favor of divorce bills since I am also longing to end my Suffering of living alone due to my husband who institued ended our marriage to be the same since we both in abroad and he cheated on me and contract after he finished his life Choose with His new girl. People who disagree this bill to be approved do not Understand whats like to be separated and can not to be maaried Freely move to another man and deserve to be happy and for sure you blind and selfess. Hope you guys who disaggree will not be approved this bill will not expercience the same thing as what I have felt right now thank you and good day to all of you.

Replied by: antik | Date replied: Jun 23,2011

.i strongly oppose the divorce bill here in the philippines. in my perspective,first,family is the basic building blocks of a community therefore if a couple is set to be separated just because of not being able to attain satisfaction in their married life, then the most important ingredient in our society which is the family will get ruined in the first place.second, the separation of a marreid couple or a parent is a great burden to a child. as parents it is their duty to secure the welfare of their family, entering a married life is not just a piece of paper that after all the scribbles written on it, everything goes directly into a trash bin. marriage is a responsibility so i think everyone knows what possible circumstances lies ahead. last, to understand how it feels to be a victim of broken family or a broken marriage, never asks a either of the couple, asks their child because they suffer more then anyone else.

Replied by: JoseRizal | Date replied: Jun 23,2011

im in a marriage now, but life is never a life to me.. with a wife whose nagger, selfish, unfaithful, materialistic, bossy...

without the divorce law, i dont have a choice but to accept life as it is.. live miserably forever..

i just hope that this pain im in now will not occur to those who is against it..

Replied by: JRD | Date replied: Jun 23,2011

Divorce? Im definitely say YES! Now a days kasi there are many filipinos who can't afford to go under annulment, let's say a couple is seperated for almost seven years and they have their own way of living or should I say they have their own family and they want to be legally seperated. But they can't afford the annulment process... So for me divorce should be legalize.

Replied by: myra seidel | Date replied: Jun 22,2011

for me.. big dis agree poh! bakit may ganun? sa mata ng panginoon masama talaga yan.. kung naging masama ung ibang bansa wag natin cla gayahin.....kahit sa kapakanan nalang ng mga bata nyo maawa kau!eh d kung maghiwalay kau,, d kana maghanap na iba.. ibigay mo nalang tym mo sa mga bata mo..thanks ha.. debate kasi namin bukas...godbless!

Replied by: Faith A. | Date replied: Jun 22,2011

Read Deuteronomy 1-4; Malachi 2:13-16; Matthew 19:1-12; Mark 10:2-12; 1Corinthians 7:10-16... Guys it is already said in the BIBLE. :) God made us with differences so that we will learn to love others so that we will also learn to LOVE GOD. Think about it. :)

Replied by: mary janice sabben | Date replied: Jun 22,2011

im not agree ! bcoz divorce is not good for our child , that cn affect if they mom and dad is will going to broke up , and they will be separated ! and them child is going separated !

Replied by: LadieeLyn | Date replied: Jun 21,2011

disagree '' asi dnaman yan taga ang soution ehh tsaa totoong magiging awawa ang mga ana at hindi ang mga maguang isa pah hindi naman yun ang dapat sisihin ung bait nag hihirap tayo undi ang mga nag kukurap hindi naman taga mag hihirap ang maraming PILIPINO kung walang sakim

Replied by: john | Date replied: Jun 21,2011

Divorce is not the solution... If u enter into a relationship make it sure.. thats why COURTSHIP is very essential..if divorce will be legalized, some people will abused it..

Replied by: anonymous | Date replied: Jun 18,2011

i strongly agree with divorce. Annulment has the similar end result i don't understand why some disagree or justify not to legalize it here in the Philippines.some people are against it for we are catholic country family oriented and marriage is sacred - that's bs. isn't it life is more sacred than marriage. if couples hurt each other and kids are nurtured with violence wives are abused cheated and battered. would you still stay with so called "marriage". we are entitled to be free and happy.

Replied by: BOYET | Date replied: Jun 18,2011


Replied by: fortress | Date replied: Jun 17,2011

I barely disagree to Divorce... its not all of the marital concerns, rather, it is also entailed to Filipino families. in fact, we Filipinos, are known into our close family ties... and thus believe it as a foundation of our country....but that may eventually diminish if divorce shall be passed... i am really confused... the constitution says that the state shall promote family solidarity and its full development
so why need divorce?

Replied by: RoMaNtIcA | Date replied: Jun 16,2011


Replied by: jv balilis | Date replied: Jun 16,2011

y? f the divorce will be legal mkakacgurado ang mga pamilyang pilipino ng maunlad na buhay? does it brings economic prosperity? problema natin mga pinoy gaya-gaya tayo sa ibang bansa walang originality instead of dealing with that issue just first deal w/ the Philippines massive unemployment problem...

Let's us put Jesus in our heart he always make it clear that he hates divorce. read matthew 19:6

Replied by: dvopilgrim | Date replied: Jun 15,2011

Here's the Biblical viewpoint on divorce and remarriage:

"No Divorce: Only in the Philippines..."

Replied by: JEDAC ! :D | Date replied: Jun 15,2011

we are aqree 2 divorce law ! eventhough alm naman naten ! na mai bayad and para sa mqa mahi2rap siempwe u2nahn niLanq mabuhai ! panu namn kung patuloi nqa kayong nagsasama ng mai ql8 sa isa't isa !

qm. _026

Replied by: angelyn retotal ! :)) | Date replied: Jun 15,2011

-> syempwe akoh ! sanq - ayon ! kcEE naranasan quh na yan ! haha ! :P ! YES TO DIVORCE LAW !
qo ! :P !hehe !

i'm sinqle ! :D

Replied by: angelyn retotal ! :)) | Date replied: Jun 15,2011

-> syempwe akoh ! sanq - ayon ! kcEE naranasan quh na yan ! haha ! :P ! YES TO DIVORCE LAW !
qo ! :P !hehe !

i'm sinqle ! :D

Replied by: janica ! _o15 | Date replied: Jun 15,2011

" kawawa ang mga anak kapaq nghiwalai ! shutay ! TEGBAK ! CARDIAC ! haha ! fish kill na 2 !

by: Danica ! :P haha !

Replied by: jaylarie | Date replied: Jun 14,2011

hoy ! Jensen ! di porket ang mga pinoy ay mga relihiyosong tao ! di na dapat aprubahan unq divorce law d2 sa pilipinas ! as far as I know only roman countries na lnq and Philippines is the only country na hnde sang ayon sa divorce law !panu kunq ayaw na talgang mag sama ng mag- aswa ! pi2litin! mu ba ???!

Replied by: Jensen | Date replied: Jun 13,2011

haixt, mga eng2 aman kau... di kailangan ng divorce bill d2 sa pinas, bale wala lng ang panunumpa nyu sa harap ng altar.. you SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by: Joel B. Pornia | Date replied: Jun 13,2011

I am in favor of divorce bill since I am also longing to end my suffering of living alone due to my wife who institued our marriage to be ended since she in abroad and not planning to comeback here in our country. People who disagree this bill not to be approved dont understand whats like to be separated and cannot move freely to be maaried to another woman and deserve to be happy and for sure you blind and selfess. Hope you guys who disaggree this bill wont be approved wont expercience the same thing as what I have felt rightnow thank you and good day to all of you.

Replied by: PeeO | Date replied: Jun 09,2011

I strongly oppose divorce!! that's it!!

Replied by: ghost | Date replied: Jun 09,2011

Question: What do Spain, Italy, and Ireland have in common? Answer 1: All are predominantly and strong catholic republics. In fact our religion came from Italy via Spain. Correct.
Answer No. 2: All these countries allow divorce. Correct.
In fact, in the whole world, only the Philippines and the Vatican City prohibit divorce. Why cant we wake up, move on and progress just like the rest of the world? Are we contented to stay in the medieval and dark ages just like the Vatican right now is?

Replied by: gab | Date replied: Jun 09,2011

No to divorce! Sana po before nyo maisip ang magdivorce inyo pong balikan ang araw na ikinasal kayo at sumumpa sa Diyos. Isa pa hindi ito solution sa inyong marital problem. Kung nagdecide kayong magpakasal dapat sure kayo na hanggang kamatayan siya ang makakasama mo. Yes, hindi lahat ng tao ay perpekto pero nasa mag asawa din ang success ng marriage. Remember the saying "ang pag aasawa ay hindi parang kaning isinusubo at iniluluwa kapag ikaw ay napaso." Life is full of challenges so bakit hindi natin gawin ang lahat ng makakaya natin to overcome these challenges. Ang buhay hindi lahat masaya, pero hindi din naman lahat malungkot... Ang divorce ay kailan man hindi magiging solution sa problema.
Sana minsan isipin din po natin kung ano ang tama, hindi kung saan lang tayo masaya...

Replied by: rhee | Date replied: Jun 05,2011

for me..i agree...,just like me..,my husband and i is unhappy..,bata paq para pahirapan nia q..,i want to be happy naman..,masyado lang pa emportantie ang pilipinas..,were not be it!..,

Replied by: tintin | Date replied: Jun 03,2011

I strongly agree on this legalization of divorce here in the Philippines..If you and your husband or wife are feelin' unhappy ... soooo... why stay?? and why suffer from a relationship that can possibly ruin your life?? kaya nga tayo may tinatawag na.. "freewill;" eh.. freedom to choose what's best for us.

Replied by: fero | Date replied: Jun 01,2011

Divorce is not a concrete solution. It would, however, serve as the best option to a probable solution. The current annulment law, as previously posted, is a mockery of our laws and modern society in general. Wake Up!!!

Replied by: Divorce in The Philippines | Date replied: Jun 01,2011

Divorce is not a solution... it's like an illegal drug that gives more problem than a solution.
Divorce in the Philippines

Replied by: rubirosa | Date replied: May 31,2011

what they need to do is make annulment less tedious, less expensive and easily accessible to those entitled to it.

divorce could be a quick solution to the few in unfortunate relationships but it would be a curse to many a good relationships. take heed from the lessons from other countries like cuba where 70% of marriages end in divorce.

Replied by: baby19 | Date replied: May 31,2011

kng mgging legal ang divorce .. ibg sbhin mbbgyan ng limit ung marriage .. mgppksal k kng hanggang kailn mu gs2 kc alm mong pwd kng mgback out dhil s divorce .. dpt kc pg ngpaksal kilalanin .. at kng pnasok n dpt pnindgan .. hnd ung mghhwlay dhil s kabet o kng anu mang rason .. yes church and state should be separate pro my krptan nmn cla kng hnd tma ung pnagllban ..

Replied by: marjorie | Date replied: May 30,2011

we need divorce in phil! i am 7 years separated, and only divorce can solve my problem!

Replied by: amfie | Date replied: May 30,2011

no to divorce! you are just contributing to the image that human beings are not using their logic in looking for a perfect mate. we are degrading the true essence of marriage, which is holy and pure. before we settle down we should always pass through a lot of meditations and deep thinking if this partner is the right one for us.

Replied by: daisy | Date replied: May 28,2011

Well, if our government is really serious about this issue they should LISTEN to the majority. And for the church please open your eyes that "HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE" is not meant for eveybody...this is the truth. How about casting votes??? Filipinos should vote...and am thinking i guess next election we should have not vote for those candidates who are anti-divorce. Lets not give them the rights to decide our lives. And annulment is pathetic why?this is only for rich people. I don't want to mention names but alot of rich people who are Christians and married in a Christian church has got an annulment. But how about poor people who can't afford the fee? Last time I've checked it costs 150,000 pesos.( I mean to make it fast)Are they serious? Are they telling us that we need to buy our happiness and a chance at least to be happy? Even in the bible no man is perfect...and besides are they telling us that countries with Divorce is not moral? What's morality? Like you wish that your partner will die so that you could be free from marriage or have the damn papers and start a new life? Divorce should be legalize ...

Replied by: daisy | Date replied: May 28,2011

It's really a big irony if we will not legalize divorce in the Philippines. Why? what's the difference between annulment and you're rich nothing is impossible even tomorrow you can have annulment. How about those poor people who are not happy with their marriage life? Do they need to suffer because they don't have money to BUY their FREEDOM???

Replied by: neal sy | Date replied: May 25,2011

morality is accountable to one's self....annulment is for the rich... paano naman ang mahihirap na walang pera.. everybody makes mistakes... everyone deserves to be happy...

Replied by: neal sy | Date replied: May 25,2011

Church should mind their own business...Church and State are separate....dont be hypocrites...need to legalize Divorce

Replied by: neal sy | Date replied: May 25,2011

yes, need to legalize DIVORCE in the Philippines.. everyone deserves to be happy and start a new....

Hope the Divorce Bill will be pass......plsssss....

Replied by: Steven | Date replied: May 25,2011

I would agree. If you want to keep divorce out, then make annulments far more fair especially after several years of seperation.

Bigamy is a National Past-time in the Philippines. Can't afford an annulment? Just Marry someone anyway. No one cares.

The only people who will care are the Hypocrite Church Leaders and the corrupt Government. Oh, and let's not forget the high percentage of corrupt lawyers and judges...they would be angry as many would not be getting the under the table pay-off for slipping in a few thousand annulments each year.

Replied by: gary | Date replied: May 25,2011

If no Divorce, then at the VERY least, make the Annulment system more fair, especially to those who have been seperated for several years. To most of the world, it's painfully obvious that if a couple is seperated for years and years, and the husband or wife have remarried over and over again (c'mon, admit that there are hundreds of thousands of BIGAMISTS)...perhaps millions practicing bigamy in the Philippines. Why is one sin worse than the other.

If you are seperated for 10 years, let them Annul at a cost everyone can afford. Make it even easier if no children are involved.

I admire the want to respect the sanctity of marriage, but common sense should tell you when you are hurting, sometimes destroying the remainder of a human beings life by letting them linger until death.

Replied by: jed | Date replied: May 15,2011 this. about the divorce is the only way to keep your children from mental problem.dahil kung nagsama man kayo at makita ng manga anak niny na nag away kayo or wala na yong totoon pagmamahal sa bawat isa. that is the cause that your children na my problema. 65% sa divorce america..ang manga bata naging responsible sakanila buhay..kay sa mnga familya nagsama pero ang manga bata at hindi maganda ang result. the issue is not because you are divorce or not ..the issue here is kung paano ma ivoide and strife at bitter....WE NEED DIVROCE IN THIS VOUNTRY PHILIPPINES ...DAHIL ANNULMENT IS NOT FOR THE POOR DAHIL PAG WALA KANG PERA..HINDI KA PWEDI MAG FILE NG ANNULMENT. GO TO JAPAN, WHEN HUSBAND ANG WIFE AGREE NA MAG DIVORCE SILA, SO MAG SIGN SILA TAPUS DALHIN NILA SA CITYHALL..MY STAMP TAPUS... GANUN KA EASY..BUT LOOK WHAT IS JAPAN...MY NADINIG KABA NA ANG MANGA BATANG HAPPON AY NAGING IRISPONSIBLY..THAT IS THE DUTY OF TH STATE TO ASSIST THE CHILDREN FOR THEIR FUTURE. ANG TINGING KO IWAS LANG SIGURO ANG GOVERNMENT NITO..BUT THEY NEED TO DO THAT..DAHIL YAN PERA NAMAN AY GALING SA TAO..AT DAPAT LAN NA IBALIK SA TAO...

Replied by: danny | Date replied: Apr 14,2011

ang pingsama ng Diyos ay wag papaghiwalayin ng tao...

Replied by: CHRISCOLE | Date replied: Apr 10,2011

so what is the effects of divorce in the philippines??? can this affect the norms of the filipino family?????

Replied by: nizcha | Date replied: Mar 18,2011

what will happen if divorce will legalized here in the Philippines???

Replied by: nizcha | Date replied: Mar 18,2011

why divorce in the Philippines not legalized>?why is only annulment>?Is there any different.??please give the exact answer because I have debate in Monday and I'm in favor to have divorce in the Philippines.

Replied by: jessica | Date replied: Mar 15,2011

give me a good ideA WHY WE SHOULD legalized dvorce her in philippines. im affirmative in our dbate..plz help naman. oh.

Replied by: kemegirl | Date replied: Mar 14,2011

i.. agree .. bCo'z! nDi lhaT ng naGpapakasal ay dhil sa kGustuHan nila.. somEtimes they'RE just foRced by many reAson...

it is the riGht of Everyone to bE lovEd by hiS\heR trulY love!!!!!

Replied by: lemar | Date replied: Mar 09,2011 to divorce...kc kawa2 nman ang mga bata kung mghi2walai ang couple..lalo na kung mxyadu png bata..indi nila maiintindihan agd!maaring ixa ito xa mga dahilan kung bk8 maraming batang wlng direksyon xa buhay..kulng kc nga atention at pna2laga ng magulang!

Replied by: almera | Date replied: Mar 09,2011

..amf help me nman po about xa divorce..debate po nmin at nxa negative side aku! ...tnx

Replied by: code | Date replied: Mar 08,2011

divorce is not a solution to our problem bacause it can affect the lifetime of our children.

so saan na kayo?

Replied by: jakiro | Date replied: Mar 06,2011

one sided naman kasi proposition dito. tama sabi ni jhenz, IT DEPENDS UPON THE INSIGUN,,, este situation pala. hehe


Replied by: jakiro | Date replied: Mar 06,2011

Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law. Divorce is immoral because it introduces disorder into the family and society. It brings grave harm to the deserted spouse and traumatizes children. kaya di na dapat i legalized ang divorce.


Replied by: jen | Date replied: Mar 01,2011

yes divorce must be legalize for the seek of the women rights;;;special when marriages is not doing well.

Replied by: jen | Date replied: Mar 01,2011

yes divorce must be legalize for the seek of the women rights;;;special when marriages is not doing well.

Replied by: greg | Date replied: Feb 28,2011

I'm not in favor. Because waiting for real love has no worth at all.

Replied by: mark | Date replied: Feb 28,2011

for those who pro-divorce, well are you all out of your freak'n mind? we should b disagree legalizing of divorce here in the Philippines..! marriage is a sacred thing.

Replied by: jovieh lim | Date replied: Feb 28,2011

for some reasons, many people thinks that divorce is a solution to any couple's problem.
well. for me, yes it is..
why? as a generalization many couple argued, hurts each other, to the extent they they kill each other.
to will not going to decide for separation if they still want to be together and foremost if they still love each other, it is formal and legal to end up the relationship with divorce.. including psychological studies.

Replied by: Andre | Date replied: Feb 26,2011

Kiza | Date replied: Feb 18,2008:

The difference between divorce and annulment in the US varies from state to state. For example in Florida, an annulment can be obtained for a marriage that has been entered into for a short period of time and has not been consumated (i.e. they have not had sex, sex at any point during that short marriage would mean defacto consumation of marriage and annulement would not be allowed) however for grounds of annulment (i.e. voidable marriage) if a woman married a man for the sole purpose of avoiding having an illigitamate child with no intention of having sexual intercourse, the marriage would be voidable, having a child by someone else by itself is not grounds for annulment under the law of this state. Fraud, duress, lack of mental capacity, in ability to consumate marriage (i.e. sex) marriage held in jest, proof of inability to contract marriage or forfil marriage contract, and a few other reasons: -- reasons for annulment in state of Florida, USA, each state is different in the USA, but it has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Divorce comes in many flavors:
Simplified Divorce, for those with few assets/debts and no children. It is governed by a no-fault system which is basically the marriage has broken down and no reconciliation can be made.

The old system was the fault system for divorce, you had to prove a fault in the marriage, basically infidelity was a prime reason (as would be some of the similar reasons for annulment) but I digress.

Then comes the various flavors of divorce aka general divorce or absolute divorce:

divorce without property or children
divorce with property no children
divorce with property and children

the divorces can either be contested or uncontested.

contested divorces take longer because the respondent (i.e. the person you are divorcing) has answered back and rebutted your allegations. or it can be uncontested, you admit, waiver and the divorce heads to either the judge or the general magistrate.

Either way, the divorce gets done as a rule the general magistrate is used in uncontested divorce proceedings. This frees up the judges time to deal with contested divorces. Contested divorces generally are nasty and drawn out. They generally have issues with, alimony, child support and/or domestic violence. Nasty stuff, i've heard the verbal fireworks going off on these type of cases. Not fun.

Unlike an annulment which is stricken or voided a divorce shows up on your vital statistic. One other thing to note is in an annulment you still have to divide up properties and debts.

Maybe this answers this question. I do find it amazing that Malta and the Philippines are the only two countries that don't allow divorce. Divorce shouldn't be made into a game which one person can play the multiple divorcee/divorcer game for profit. There should be a waiting period between marriages so you don't get serial marriage/divorces going on from gold diggers or scammers.

Replied by: sweetkrizzel | Date replied: Feb 25,2011

pls. help me naman,, debate ko kc tungkol sa negative sa divorce...

tnx poh.. help me.,.,.

Replied by: gen | Date replied: Feb 24,2011

im definitely go for the divorce to be legalize here in the philippine.actually i have read the Bible and accd to matthew 19:8-9 Jesus allowed couples to separate specially if one had commit adultery so how much more if physical abuse exist...people who are actualy against this are hypocrite they think that all marriage will end good and about the people who suffers from their marriage,specially the poor people who cant afford annulment don't they deserve to be happy and have a second chance???why let other people decide for our lives when they aren't the one who suffers from it..beside i think God isnt that unreasonable...if people wants a divorce they could have it immediately and if they dont want too then dont..simple as that..let people decide for their lives!!!!111

Replied by: abegael Sped 1x2 | Date replied: Feb 22,2011

uhm.. please help me with our debate tommorow.. im affirmative. Give me good points guys please!!!! i beg you

Replied by: christie | Date replied: Feb 21,2011

plxx. help me naman,, debate ko kc tungkol sa negative sa divorce...

tnx poh.. help me.,.,.,

Replied by: christie | Date replied: Feb 21,2011

,.,.plx.. help me naman, ohh..;debate ko kc bukas,,, nka assign ako sa negative side ng divorce./../


plx help me

Replied by: ewan | Date replied: Feb 20,2011

Yes to should say you must choose the right man for you na dapat tama ung pipiliin mo..walang ganon mare oo nga nasa isip natin un pero kung puso mo ang tumibok para sa walang hiyang lalaking yan kaya mo pa bang hiwalayan yan syempre sasabihin mong hindi para sa mga anak mo..mag-isip nman kau this is for the safety of our fellow citizens na dumadanas sa ganitong situation..I am not against christian but think of the consequences that might happen for the future for all the battered wives who seeks for mercy..divorce is not just re-marrying another person it is also a part of saving their lives..

Replied by: thony | Date replied: Feb 14,2011

...wag nalng i legalize ang divorce,, nakaapekto sa sacred sa marriages,,,hindi naman cguro masama kong rpoblemay pag usapan nalng..

Replied by: anthon | Date replied: Feb 14,2011

cguro lahat tayo ay may ideya tungkol sa divorce, pro dapat nyong tandaan na hindi lang sarili mo ang naapektuhan pati na rin ang mga kamg anak mo, mgdadala k ng, hindi mgndang aral kong yes ka divorce.. dba,dapat hindi lang sarili ang yong tintanaw..

Replied by: a-chan | Date replied: Feb 11,2011

i simply disagree with the legalizing of the divorce here in the country. marriage is a sacred thing. you can't just go about marrying someone then throw them out inhumanely when things get rough! what is this?? some kind of game to you all?

Replied by: Helmut | Date replied: Feb 06,2011

My hopefully future wife is seperated from her husband for over 10 years. He has is own family now and does not care about his ex wife.
We would like to get married, I would like to give her a good life. What can we do ?

Replied by: dizzy | Date replied: Feb 06,2011

i disagree with the legalization of divorce in the Phils because from the legal perspective,marriage is an inviolable social institution. hence it is governed by our laws and not subject to any agreements made by the spouses.

besides, are we not violating the laws of God?...what God has put together, man should not separate them.

Replied by: cris | Date replied: Jan 27,2011

Divorce should be legalized. protect the women. it's our rights.

Replied by: razz | Date replied: Jan 23,2011

anu po ba advantages and siadvantages ng divorce

Replied by: stop :) | Date replied: Jan 22,2011

ako,, hindi ako agree xa divorce.. nka promise an kau xa harap ng altar at xa harap ni God.. till death do us part dba? kaya nga piliin niu ang lalake o ang babae ng maayos..TRUE LOVE WAITS .. si God na kse ang bahala xa maging partner mo. pwd naman i daan xa mabuting usapan..bakit kapag may kasalanan na maliit,, bakit kailangan agad na mag divorce, piliin natin ang deserving na para satin...

help me with my debate. tnx

Replied by: hazel angela amaguin | Date replied: Jan 22,2011

hi! pwd pa help.. negative kse ako xa debate namin this coming monday jan 24.. tnx :)

Replied by: graffitti | Date replied: Jan 21,2011

Mark 10:6-12

6"But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.'[a] 7'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,[b] 8 and the two will become one flesh.'[c] So they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."
10 When they were in the house again, the disciples asked Jesus about this. 11 He answered, "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. 12And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery”.

Replied by: DORARAT | Date replied: Jan 09,2011

ahm . lahat ng comment dyan me punto . but i agree to divorce its because pagmahal mo ang isang tao wag mong saktan kundi protektahan mo siya ! for example pag_hindi na kaya maisalba yun pagsasama set she/he free.. .pwede namang idaan sa mabuting usapan maghiwalay ng maayos than to stuck' each other to loveless marriage .

Replied by: ilucathy12 | Date replied: Dec 27,2010

Hai... Im Cathy... i want to gather more information about this topic.. Im an affirmative side of our debate... im just 15 years old..and im not to capable of this topic,,. we have a debate this coming januay 3 2011... and im gathering more info. about this... pls. hElp me...

Replied by: xan^^ | Date replied: Dec 15,2010

Well for me annulment should be legalized. for example, if the husband hurted his wife in a harsh way, so it clearly means that the guy don't loved his wife. So, in this astonishing situation, we should have a freedom to decline the relationship...

We should be aware in this.Just for the safe,freedom, and happiness of our life ^^

I'm not saying naman na "I'm agaist in Catholicisms". just for the safetyness lang ^^

Tamaa buh? ^^

----xan^^ digos

Replied by: john michael | Date replied: Dec 14,2010 me to my debate about divorce affirmitive aq me

Replied by: jhenz | Date replied: Dec 08,2010

it depends upon the situation. PERIOD.

Replied by: lyza | Date replied: Nov 10,2010

i do believe divorce must be legalized in the is better than annulment...we pretending that we follow the religious rule but we don't..annulment is just like divorce..we say that we are erasing the record from the book of marriage..but still it don't make any sense at all..there's no point in prohibiting divorce..

Replied by: jovanni japos | Date replied: Oct 12,2010

i think divorce should be legalized to prevent violence and abuse among women and children.. as a democratic country..,we should have formidable freedom in all ways we can possibly achieve it...

just a thought....

Replied by: ernac_18 | Date replied: Oct 08,2010

may dabate kami sa lunes about sa divorce affirmative ang sakin pd 2long naman???

Replied by: ernac_18 | Date replied: Oct 08,2010


Replied by: sheena arroyo | Date replied: Oct 05,2010

divorce should be legalize here in the philippines.. im already 20 years old /..... pano kung magbalalak akong magpakasal tapos nadiskubrr ko na ang mister kon ay nangangaliwa pala......... kawawa ako bilang isang asawa,, at isang bababae.....

Replied by: tjaszmyen | Date replied: Oct 02,2010

as an affirmative side to our assign debate it is in my behalf to present good reasons why should it is necessary to amend this
Upon reading all your comments imperatively you have given me strong points. It is very obvious in reality what is happening in fail marriages nowadays.
Talking about the sake of the children regarding devorce is much acceptable considering physical abuse by the father to his wife and children this can result to trauma,seeing their parents quarrel or his father beating his wife over and over again is disgusting and will mark their memory surely and affect their emotional, psychological, and social being.
Second, talking about adultery, thinking of those partner who unfaithfully cheating on you..having a girlfriend bringing in to malls, housing a condo giving everything they want then when it comes to your family it is enough for them of what and how much they would just like to give,so unfair!!

please,,I am not talking just a debater I am talking just an ordinary Filipino citizen who will get marry someday and afraid might get the same situation so bad.....

Replied by: aj | Date replied: Sep 28,2010

I had read all the comments posted here. I am in favor of legalizing divorce in the Philippines.

As I was reading the anti-divorce comments, most of the reasons are that the couple are bond of sacred marriage and that if divorce is legal, children of the couple will be much affected especially emotionally.

Actually I believe that we, humans are insatiable which means we are searching for satisfaction. So, given that, if you are in a marriage which is already loveless, would you care staying? And what more if it's not only a loveless marriage but it already includes hurting each other physically and emotionally? Yes, everything can be talked but not everything can be fixed.

This situation would greatly affect their children (if they have). Imagine your child/children had been witnessing all your quarrels, quarrels that are not just nagging each other but also those times you physically hurt each other? Your children may have trauma over that and they may think that you are also capable of hurting them making them more afraid.

If you really care about those children, why say no to divorce?

If divorce is legalized here in the Philippines, many would be saved and we can live in a harmonious society. Divorcing doesn't always mean you will marry another person. I think this is just one of the well-known reason but for me its more of freeing one's self to a marriage that is not worth staying.


Replied by: cluster | Date replied: Sep 27,2010

see what i found on how to avoid divorce.
divorce is not answer.

Replied by: Michelle | Date replied: Sep 26,2010

I am YES TO DIVORCE. I have personally known a lot of younger men and women living together without the benefit of marriage rites. The reason? If ever they the relationship will turn sour, it is very easy to separate. Unlike if you are already married, annulment is very costly and will take years and with a slim chance of being annuled. Life is very miserable when you are married and very unhappy. Life is short, so why spend it being unhappy and miserable in a marriage that really did not work after trying all things to restore it.

Replied by: joshua gonzalvo | Date replied: Sep 24,2010

un na nga eh...

may iba na nga eh!
it's simply means that he/she doesn't want you nAh!!!!||||


Replied by: acoustic magnanimous | Date replied: Sep 23,2010

tama...di naman solution ang divorce...
pwera nalang kung may iba na talga...
kc pwede namang pag-usapan ung mga problems db?,,,

Replied by: Benjur | Date replied: Sep 23,2010

i really really believe wht luke said.. TIME will really heal.. conversations will lead more to more misunderstanding.. if ur in a bad situation in your marriage lyf, then jst get far, pray, and I know, i really really know that He will help... wag ka munang padalos dalos... :)

Replied by: stella | Date replied: Sep 22,2010

divorce must not be legalize....... ng'asawa ka pa tapos mahiwalay mlng kmu....kaya nga pagnag'asawa ka pumili ka ng deserving na magmamahal sayo ng tpat at totoo...

Replied by: mocha | Date replied: Sep 17,2010

YES to divorce!! yung ayaw ng divorce di huwag basta yung gusto go!! bat nyo pipigilan ang may gusto...di naman kayo ang naghihirap.subukan nyong pabugbog at sakalin at sabihing di ka kayang ipaglaban sa magulang at takot bumuhay ng pamilya?? magkaroon ng kinakasamang iba ng kung ilang bese ang hayop mong asawa? tapos sabihin nyong "no for divorce" baka sabihin nyong nasa impyerno na kayo. sige nga kung tutulong kayo sa walang makain at pag papa aral ng mga batang walang ama?? sige kung may gustong tumulong sa katulad ng nasa sitwasyong sinabi ko...sige magtaas ng kamay kung kayanin nyo pa?? bat di nyo bigyan ng pag asa pang makabangon ang kapwa nyo na nasa ganung kalagayan?? tapos kung tingnan nyo sila parang napababa na di ba dapat intindihin nyo at unawain ang lahat na ang mga bagay ay dapat may kasagutan at solusyon?? there's a rainbow after the rain.... yun lang po maraming salamat.

Replied by: mariz sainz | Date replied: Sep 16,2010

i dont agree to divorce ...................i hate it... the marriage is sacred and we must respect it like the command of god and if the couple cannnot stay together because of many problem and understanding just separate but dont make affairs to others...........................

Replied by: sara | Date replied: Sep 12,2010

Lucky for those who married a partner who is worth spending the rest of their lives.

But what about those who were forced to marry because of unplanned pregnancy and soon discovered they are incompatible? Life is short and we need to make the most of it, not by spending it miserably with a partner we are not happy to be with and is a parasite. I disagree that annulment or divorce is for those who seek a new partner. In my case, I am seeking an annulment to protect the rights of my children to the properties I am building up against my irresponsible partner. And to give my children a quiet home, without fights, insults and nagging.

Replied by: rj | Date replied: Sep 12,2010

as what p-noy said: aanhin pa ang pagpapakasal kung maghihiwalay rin... dapat i-settle-up muna ninyo ang inyong relasyon para maging ready kayo sa magiging kalabasan matapos kayo magpakasal....
tama nga........
aanhin pa ang itinuro ng simbahan kung dyan lang tayo mapupunta...
at isa pa....kung malegalize na ang divorce magmumukhang laro lang ang pagpapakasal......

Replied by: divineblade | Date replied: Sep 08,2010

Divorce???? no way,, why marry if you'll just proceed to divorce?

Wala nmang mangyayaring mgnda,, besides negative effect ang bgy nyan,,, I personally disagree about this thing

Replied by: Ajey | Date replied: Sep 07,2010

hndi po kami sang-ayun s divorce.
ksi maraming tao na mg aayaw dahil ang s divorce,ang pag kakaalam namin mg kakagulo d2 s phil. dahil jan s devorce nyan .!
kawawa naman ang mga bata n walang kasalanan,sana hndi yan e pa 2pad ng batas ng phil. >.< lagut mode. >.< ../..

Replied by: gely | Date replied: Sep 04,2010

i think the reason behind divorce is the word MISUNDERSTANDING.. thin first before you decide .. there are a lot of people around you.. thats why we have a brain to analize all the things that are happening to us.. be god oriented..

Replied by: reign | Date replied: Sep 01,2010

napagod ako sa pagbabasa ng mga comments ninyo; ako YES TO DIVORCE
yong ayaw sa divorce, well kasi d nyo pa cguro na naranasan ang mabogbog, ang magutom kasi ng ng bibigay ang asawa nyo para pambili ng pagkain, d nyo naranasang makita mga anak nyong umiyak dahil walang makain,kaya madali sa inyong magsalita....saka na kayo mag react pag nag asawa na kayo, (sana lang makapag asawa kayo ng matino) yon nga eh, nangako kayo, 'til death do us part,,,kaya ayan ginogutom kayo, kasi sa ganyan paraan nya lang kayo pwede hiwalayan...COME ON FELLOW FILIPINOS GISING NAMAN KAYO SA KATOTOHANAN, wag isipin ang sasabihin ng iba, bakit, kng magutom mga anak ko dahil sa kapabayaan ng walang kwentang asawa ko , magbibigay kayo???, dahil ayaw nyo ng divorced, ganoon!!! ano ba!!! kayo nga ayaw nyo palamang, tapos sasabihin nyo pa yan...hay naku, kaya d aasenso, kitid ng pag iisip kasi natin...(mahal naman ng annulment na yan, buti kung hahati din ung walang hiyang lalaki na yon) (d nga nagbibigay ng pang bili ng pag kain gagastosin pa sa letseng annulment na yan) KAYA YES FOR DIVORCE NA, NANG MABIGYAN NAMAN NG JUSTICE YONG MGA NAAGRABYADO....

Replied by: FreeInChrist | Date replied: Aug 30,2010

Okay humans,

I see this thread has been going on for about two and a half years.

It appears that many of you are 'Christians'. Let's just pretend that I am NOT a Christian. And now you Christians are witnessing to me. We come upon the subject of marriage and divorce. I AM SICKENED by the comments I see on here that portray your God as unbending and with no understanding. Thank God for those of you who view God as understanding humans as being faulty. Humans, GENERALLY, don't prepare, properly, for marriage. SO, your God says, that's too bad, your problem, not mine, YOU TWO ARE STUCK TOGETHER FOREVER!! I don't care if you've married a person who IS psychologically unstable, and may beat you to death. It is your problem, not mine. I am the God of suffering and I delight in it! Now, how are you going to convince me that I should be baptized and become a believer in YOUR God?

I am not saying that divorce should be an 'open' option, but EVERY SINGLE case NEEDS to be decided individually. ALL CASES ARE NOT THE SAME. That's the reason for a legal system, probably in any country.

So many have commented that God HATES DIVORCE. Is that ALL He hates? DOES HE NOT HATE stupidly and blindly formed marriages?

I am a Christian, American, and of sound faith in the Bible. I counsel each of you to properly consider the teachings and, especially, the character of the God of Christianity. I don't think He hates divorce. I think He hates ill-formed marriages, and He especially HATES being misrepresented concerning marriage and divorce.

I believe the God of Christianity IS a God of LOVE and His LOVE is balanced by justice AND mercy. His compassion upon us humans is such that He died upon the cross to save us.

I just wanted to throw some kind of reasoning into the mix of comments you all have going here. Not seeking to offend anyone.

May the God of Heaven direct each of your steps and guide your thoughts as you seek or vote for laws that affect the lives of someone other that yourself.


Replied by: Ronnie | Date replied: Aug 29,2010

To all who said divorced is not found in he bible, i think you better read your bible again its there in Mat 19:9 '
I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery." [NIV]

Jesus in saying '...divorces his wife....except for marital unfaithfulness...'is amenable to the fact that divorce is LEGITIMATE. And in my opinion it should be LEGALIZED and be availed of by less fortunate married couple who need to separate legally.

Replied by: barney | Date replied: Aug 29,2010

BIG YES to divorce kaysa sa annulment wala akong pera sa annulment,,,nagun unti-unti q nang narerealize kung bakit ayaw nilang ipatupad ang DIVORCE d2 kasi unang-una sarili lang ang iniisip kasi kahit magloko ng magloko okay lang kaya ayaw ng divorce at sa husgado naman ay mukhang pera din dahil pag divorce hindi sila kikita ng kwarta pero pag annulment malaking kwarta ang mapupunta sa mga palad nila,,,,kaya kahit magpalit pa tayo ng magpalit ng presidente hindi na tau aasenso dahil mga mukhang kwarta ang karamihan na nasa pwesto d2,,,,walang justice sa mga tulad nating mahihirap d2 sa pinas ang hustisya d2 ay sa may mga kwarta lang,,,,,

Replied by: barney | Date replied: Aug 29,2010

tinatawagan ko po ang lahat ng nasa senado at congreso na sana po ipatupad na po ninyo ang pagiging legal ng divorce d2 sa pilipinas.wag na po nating pilitin ang hindi na pwedeng magsama bilang mag-asawa kawawa naman ang babaeng binubugbog ng mister o kaya ang lalaking pinindeho ng misis sa maraming kadahilanan.kaya nagawa ng misis na lokohin ang asawa.nakikiusap po kami na pro divorce na sana gawin ng LEGAL ANG DIVORCE sa bansa natin.hindi nyo po kasi naranasan ang mabilang sa ganong sitwasyon,,,maraming salamat po....

Replied by: Ajey | Date replied: Aug 27,2010

hindi nman lhat ng tama s mga ginagawa . dapat wlang divorce yan lng kci ang gugulo ng isip ng mga tao eh .! hndi aku sang ayun kng my divorce.

Replied by: diane | Date replied: Aug 24,2010

so that both of them has the freedom to marry again

Replied by: sheng | Date replied: Aug 24,2010

yes. divorce should be legalize
so that the girl well remarry again..........

Replied by: sam | Date replied: Aug 23,2010

unlove? then bring back the love or if it is impossible then atleast the respect..and there will be no need of may separate as what the situation seeks but no need for a divorce. it just reveals of your being inhuman.

Replied by: cris opeña | Date replied: Aug 23,2010

the divorce must be legalize here in the phil. b'coz many women and young married was suffer in thier partners who was irresponsible and easy go lucky...

Replied by: Guy | Date replied: Aug 21,2010

Three years ago I and my spouse promised to each other in front of family and friends that we will live together till death do us part. At that time we meant what we said and we had beautiful plans for the both of us. But no matter how hard you try not all things go the way you want or plan them to be. It sucks but that is the fact and reality of life.

Now there are 2 options, annulment and legal separation. Since both parties were on their legal age, sound mind and no one was forced to marry, annulment is not an option. This means there is one option left, legal separation. You might as well become a robot after you are legally separated because you are not allowed to re-marry. This means you are not allowed to love anyone else anymore.
We are living in a real world an
d the current Family Code isn’t.

Replied by: LEDAM | Date replied: Aug 21,2010

I don't agree. Why would you marry someone you're unsure of? Before you marry, i think you'll think of factors that would affect stuffs. You would carefully think of the decision you're gonna make. You promised and everything then you're gonna break it. It's just so ugh.
Talk about love. There's no such thing as giving up.

Replied by: clanze25.... | Date replied: Aug 18,2010

when you say divorce, hndi naman ibig sabihin nilabag nyo na ang sinumpaan nu xa cimbahan at xa harap ng mga tao. dhil kramihan xa divorce ay dumaan xa legal na praan,example, complecated ang pagsasama nyong dalawa, at halos mg patayan na kayo,hintayin nu pa bang mangyari yon..? ha? ha? ne...?sabat pa.. ky mautod tudlo mu.....!!!

Replied by: studentaide | Date replied: Aug 18,2010

Will you please realize what you're talking about divorce? Lahat naman ay napag-uusapan sa mabuting paraan. So it simply means that if only the couples could talk about their problems in a right way, there will be no problem that would eventually end up into annulment or divorce. Tama nga ang isang nag comment nangako n kayo sa harap ng altar at sa harap ng mga taong naka witness ng kasal nyo...PLEASE NAMAN KAHIT MINSAN LANG TUPARIN NIYO NAMAN ANG PANGAKO NIYO....

Pakireply naman kasi matinding pangangailangan lang para sa debate namin sa Pol. Sci. Nasa negative side kasi ako na grupo...hehehehe!!! Ok rin ba ang opinion ko???

Replied by: Maria | Date replied: Aug 17,2010

I really wish na maipasa na ang Divorce bill, masyadong mahal ang annulment case at wlang kasiguraduhan kung mananalo ka sa kaso..

Replied by: anti closed-minded | Date replied: Aug 16,2010

the vatican itself has divorce. that is saying something!

Replied by: jonas74 | Date replied: Aug 15,2010

this is a debateable issues facing the philippines right now.,i guess and answer we have to sit down and talk deep a while this loving relationship to hatrd relationships.,.,God premits remarriage inthe new testament matthew 19 ; 1 -10 because of [sin]hard hearted wicked ness but in the beginning it was not meant orinally intented., in the old testament GOD HATES DIVORCE .,i dont know your position? HAPPY OR SAD JUST PRAY FIRST,.GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE,OR NO TO DIVORCE

Replied by: doile domingo | Date replied: Aug 15,2010

pagustuhi ginhawa nyo kung ma divorce kamo!!!!
sige pagid kamo ka pakasal tapos ma divorce man gali?!
ay mga anga gid!!!


Replied by: ?angelique | Date replied: Aug 13,2010

? . . think first the responsibilities you will gain , the advantages and the disadvantages of it , dont be so that eager having family bcoz everything happened on this world has purpose ? by the way i believe on the saying that TRUE LOVE CAN WAITS ! choosing at the right time and the right person God will also help you just trust to HIM and HE will.?

Replied by: ANGELIQUE | Date replied: Aug 13,2010

? . . why is it some of you COMPARING Philippines to other country? is states and other countries, PHILIPPINES? WE should better have our own UNIQUENESS. ONLY Careless couple committed DIVORCE . b4 you married think it deeply if the man \ woman you bring to the kingdom of GOD is the one you deserve , id raTHer die than committing divorce . against the law of God . Im just only 17 but my mind widen by observing my community ,especially the view of my family who taught me Good moral and whats SATAN LAW and Gods law . ? no personifications

Replied by: desperate wife | Date replied: Aug 13,2010

i go for YES to DIVORSE in the Phil..this is the easiest way to get separated...we dont let the other wives to sacrifice to their bad husbands anymore...specially to those cheaters, there must be a solution to approve this DIVORSE....every one will be happy...thanks!

Replied by: apple | Date replied: Aug 11,2010

i vote yes for the legalization of divorce in the would help wounded couples to have a fresh new start..its very hard to stay/live together everyday, everymoment in one roof with someone with misunderstandings, ireconciable differences,hurt, violence, maltreatment,etc..could you stand that way? we are human. we have feelings. we have needs. we want to be treated be be respected. to be cared..however, in most cases,people discover new and lasting relationship with other person. Let divorce give freedom and chance those who are in bondage of failed marriages...i hope that divorce will be legalized in our country...there are many people that would benefit from it..i would like to address the Catholic church..TO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM INTERVENING THE GOVERNMENT.or any religous can not say its perfect. stop being do not feel what we feel..just enjoy your gift of celibacy...we are different. your call is different from us... we also want happy family, just give us another chance...

Replied by: jo | Date replied: Aug 11,2010

divorce must be allowed on the basic premise that human beings have free will, thus must be given the choice on how to live their lives without compromising the welfare of their children, if any. Love begets love and if this is shown to children by the parents, even if divorced, will harmonize everything.

Replied by: cre | Date replied: Aug 11,2010

i say yes to divorce. lets all stop pretending that we are a religious nation and we follow every single thing the church believes in. we need to be practical. not all couples who wed end up having a happily ever after. good for those who stay together but for many, people change. everyone deserves a second chance. we keep on saying stay together for the sake of the kids, if our kids someday end up in a bad marriage, well be the first in line asking for divorce.

Replied by: unknown | Date replied: Aug 04,2010

stop posting comments which has a wrong grammar...

Replied by: gorgeous | Date replied: Jul 23,2010

yes im agree also to divorse so unfair,why?what will happen then to the uhappily merried that keep fighting hurting each other,merried is not sacrifice if your partner is so irresponsible,all country says that philippine is stupid why theres no divorse,i wish divorse in philippine will be legalize

Replied by: kc | Date replied: Jul 15,2010

for those who agreed that divorce should be legalize,think firs your family and the ask the opinion of your child/children..

Replied by: Louis | Date replied: Jul 04,2010

For the people that want to use the bible for a reason to deny divorce I suggest you read Matt.19:8,9. Jesus said that divorce was allowed in the case of adultery.
188 of 190 nations in the world have divorce laws. Are the Philippines one of the exceptions and the rest of the world are wrong?
Humans are imperfect and despite our best efforts and sincerity we do make mistakes. It is right to punish someone for the rest of their life because of it? Give them a chance to make a new start.

Replied by: rhianzl | Date replied: Jun 19,2010

YES, Divorse needs to be legalize here in Philippines. Present situation demands it. So many married couples are suffering just because get out from that piece of contract including their children outside that marriage. Many married couples are long separated 10 years or more already. Both couples have their happy relations and children too after their separation. Its so SAD that they both found their ideal relations or family but they cannot marry their real love because they cannot get their marriage annul even both of them are dying to be free from the marriage they regret for long time already.

Law makers must face the reality, that for past years annulled are far much in great numbers than marrying couple. Church people know this statistics.

Annulment is only applicable to few people previlege to have much money. How about the majority people who cannot afford for annulment? Do they don't have right to be given a chance to be happy when they found their right relations after pains and sufferings from regreted marriage they entered before?

Law makers must create a law base from true real situations for majority people not for only few previlege people.

Replied by: Cool K | Date replied: Jun 09,2010

Annulment is not enough for solution. my friend filed annulment in court since his ex wife had an affair with thier friend. We still in court trial for more than ten years. And he found out many judges recieved bribery from other side. And the money was his money in bank, just after he filed case, she stole money from his bank. Now she is almost winning in court and pretended she has no fault from beggining. She doesn't care about him anymore, but just she likes to save her face. It is really crazy that this country is in favor of bad people. How can be together again after they fought court for more than 10 years? It is really, really crazy and sad for my friend. And I don't understand why people let government not make proper law to dissolve broken marriage. They should make law to give secound chance to be happy.

Replied by: mtherese | Date replied: May 24,2010

I am not in favor of legalizing divorce in the Philippines. I think we do not need this kind of intervention to the sanctity of the family as an inviolable social institution. Divorce is the easy way out of solving marital problems, the problems of the husband and wife, but it will not stop the family from disintegration and for being broken. Juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy and drugs and alcohol abuse are just some effects of divorce to the children of divorced couple, as seen from the experiences of foreign countries who adopted divorce.

Replied by: aaron | Date replied: Apr 12,2010

i think it must be legalized . Some say that if we talk about bible marriage is sacred right?. In this case how could it be sacred if they just keep on fighting and maybe hurting each other . Also their children will be affected and it might cause trauma for them .According to our constitutional law and Article there's a big chance for it to be legalized .

Replied by: Rafael | Date replied: Mar 10,2010

I don't think that divorce is needed in this country because we all know that the church will oppose this kind of blasphemy. ^^

Replied by: marcel | Date replied: Mar 09,2010

well, for me divorce should not come you will marriage then you will got divorce.what about your promises saying tell do us part in front of god.then why you'll have to divorce, and did you know that divorce it's not a good solution for the couple.and if you do that,do you have still time to your siblings.would you?

Replied by: alana Shinn | Date replied: Mar 07,2010

I say Yes to DIVORCE. annulment is just a way of making things costly and long. the Law maker should make a divorce Law in the Philippines. Annulment is just the same as getting a Divorce. to make it short its just both the same meaning to be free from a marriage. Why make things harder and expensive and costly to every one . The Catholic Church even has it to is just named differently. They have all different ways of calling , naming and way of COSTING, but it all adds up the same FREE FROM THE MARRIAGE that we all took. there are so many reason to say and why, But why do we have to put one of there other person to down and say its there fault to gain in our point. but the main reason is I WANT TO GET OUT OF IT> have a new life and start and move on with out an obligation only to the person i married but not to the obligation to the love we have , that is our children that we both love.

Replied by: prodivorce | Date replied: Feb 26,2010

I believe majority of the comments here approve the legalization of divorce in the Philippines. I know these don't represent the majority of the population but this sample if extrapolated is saying someting. All I'm saying is that our law makers and our church leaders should start accepting the fact that divorce would create more happy lives and discourage more adulterous relationships and they should stop being so hypocrite about country's morality.

In the ancient times, marriage was very important for womens' welfare as they are restricted to stay at home and get no education so they don't the chance to get a career and survive outside marriage. But nowadays, man and women are equal in all opportunity hence women of current times would survive if not surpass what man can do.

We are so naive to say that all relationship are amenable and can be fixed. The reason why Philippines and Malta are the only two countries that doesn't have divorce law out of 190 is because they have adapted to change and the effect to the whole nation isn't bad if not improved the lives of its citizens as they have happier lives and happy citizens means happy economy.

The idea of having an unbreakable relationship gives too much security generally to the husband that leads to abuse of his wife. I believe that this is the primary reason why there are so many cases of battered wives in the Philippines as husbands are consiously and unconsiously know that their wife is stuck to him forever. If they know that their spouse can leave them for good without too much hardship then abuse in most probability will not happen.

It's time for the country to move on and stop being so hypocrite about it. Just to reiterate somebody's comment. Italy and Spain and Israel which is the source of the coutry's religion has divorce law, how come Philippines doesn't??? Are the Filipinos that smart and religious that we have thought of something that they and the rest of the hundred more countries didn't consider or are we that stupid???

Our church leaders might argue that the way to wickedness is easy and the way to rightneousness is difficult, is really God that unreasonable and has a child like mind that he would let the other 190 or so countries with billions of population to burn in hell for one single factor ie. having divorce??? Come on, your insulting God's intelligence!

Replied by: R Choo | Date replied: Feb 16,2010

Well I myself had been separated, unfortunately there is no divorce here in the Philippines.. and annulment has so many ground to based on before it is approved by the court of law. legalizing DIVORCE is one solution of FREEDOM!!!

Replied by: esmael | Date replied: Feb 15,2010

I respectfully submitted that Divorce be legalize in the country. under the family code, art. 36, psychological incapacity is ground for declaring the marriage union void. this ground is considered by some authors as RELATIVE DIVORCE. in other words we impliedly allow divorce in our jurisdiction. divorce is an answer for the very expensive court litagation. it is time for the congress to pass the divorce bill. let us not be afraid from the pressure of the catholic church, besides separation of the church and state is embodied in our constitition. ITALY the center of CHRISTIANITY IN THE WORLD has divorce law why can't here in the philippines? let us not make the lives misserable.

Replied by: clarisse | Date replied: Feb 15,2010

actually divorce was common to countries where there are protestants. there are protestants in the Phil. therefore Divorce must be legalized in the Phil. Martin Luther,a Protestant leader, marriage is a secular jurisdiction.

Replied by: zaldy | Date replied: Feb 05,2010

I vote for YES. It should be legalized.

1. Divorce should be legalized as an ultimate solution to marriage problems.

2. You entered into marriage on your own volition, now that you want out, you can't? That is stupid.

3. Marriage under the law is the result of emotional bonds a between man and woman, when the emotional bond is broken and meaningless, you cannot separate under the law?

4. Legal separation is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. You are separated but you are still married?

Replied by: mae | Date replied: Jan 31,2010

i agree! kasi wat if talagang ayaw na nya sa wife or husband niya dva!

Replied by: lOaNnE 18 | Date replied: Jan 17,2010

i against for that!!
ksi hindi aman yan tamang solusyon sa promblema ng mag asawa
even though im too young for this i know na hindi tama
tayong mga pilipino may sariling pagiisip kung ano ang tama
kaya bkit tayo gagawa ng alam nating mali??
at par saan pa ang KASAL kung maghihiwalay lang din kayo???
ang lahat ng mga obstacle dapat sabay nyong harapin hindi sabay nyong sukuan....

Replied by: joyce | Date replied: Jan 16,2010

annulment for me is the answer, at least it is legal.. kya lang how can i annulled my marriage if it is too expensive, kung isa lng akong mahirap. mas lalo nman yaw ko mamuhay w/ my ex-husband if i am emotionally abused sa kanya... mas mahirap dumating time n masira n tuluyan isip, may k p nman siguro me to be happy kasi im still young..but my problem is how it will be possible to be annulled since im an ordinary person...wala n bang libre? siguro pwede ito depende sa case ng bawat isa..ang hirap di ba?

Replied by: bornleader | Date replied: Jan 03,2010

Many people here mixing faith and divorce. Philippines is not a Catholic nation its a democratic country. So don't mix Bible quotes with legalizing divorce. Even Bible saying divorce can be allowed in certain situations. In all other countries Catholics are allowed to go for divorce. But in Philippines only money sucking 'annulment'. Where in Bible says about 'annulment'. Its all dramma by the priests and politicians. They want to suppress women. In pre-spanish period divorce were there. Only colonizer Spaniards and Catholics introduced this no divorce policy. Funny thing at present in Spain divorce laws are there!

Replied by: jean | Date replied: Dec 14,2009

iits a big no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!b`coz wala lang nangako na kayo sa harap ng altar na till death do us part

Replied by: shinen | Date replied: Nov 29,2009

I support for the legalization of divorce in the Philippines. Sometimes no matter how a person tried to make things work it just doesn't, so why suffer from it and at the same time make the rest of your family suffer. I grew up in a family where i would have preferred my parents got divorced, rather than seeing my mom being treated badly by my dad over and over. Never once did i have any memories about my mom and dad being happy together. My mom tried to make it work, to the point where you can call her martyr. Now she tried to get annulled but got denied several times because our law/system sucks and it cost her alot of money.. Do a person needs to wait to be killed or beaten badly just to get freedom and have a taste of happiness in their life? Well that's just my point of view "being the child caught in the middle of it all".

thank you

Replied by: Deep | Date replied: Nov 17,2009

I hate divorce but much better than annulment. Philippine goverment and justice systems are sucks (money and power talks.
Once upon a time a Filipino get married to a foreigner, then one day the foreigner back to his/her native land and remarried again. While the poor Filipino was imprisoned by his/her mistake and cannot establish a new family, because the annulment he/she filed has been denied.
YES FOR DIVORCE IN R.P. or R.I.P. for stinky politician.

Replied by: cris ann | Date replied: Nov 12,2009

being separated is really a painful one. i think being open with each other can help save the marriage. and a lot of adjustments. it takes two tanggo...

Replied by: Steve | Date replied: Nov 02,2009

A United States divorce is legal in the Philippines and it does not matter who files for it. Many lawyers in the Philippines have been trying to make money off foreignors by telling them that they have to file for an annulment. It is total nonsense and completely not true. Americans can marry again in the Philippines as long as they have their divorce papers with the officail seal. That is why Americans go to the embassy to get the affidavit of capacity to marry. Basically it's a letter from the United States government that says that US citizen is cleared to marry. These filipino lawyers have been scamming Americans for years charging them as much as $4,000.00 dollars for annulement that they do not need. This law only applies basically to filipino citizens that are stuck in the Philippines. Even if your name is in the Philippine system that you are married, if you show that letter from your embassy and your divorce papers then they can issue you a marriage license. The Philippine Government frowns at it, but they have been allowing foreign men for years to marry again and again in the Philippines as long as that person has those two legal documents. I'm willing to bet that I'm going to get some angry pissed off filipino lawywer that will write me and say that I'm wrong because he is going to lose thousands of dollars for papers he wants to file for you that you don't need to begin with.

Replied by: Chris | Date replied: Oct 18,2009

Divorce should be legalize and now is the time. Why? I set my self as an example. My wife left me for another guy in the US wherein they already have kids and a family of their own.

To all the people who doesnt want divorce...

Can you make me happy?

Replied by: Kristine | Date replied: Oct 17,2009

Divorce if it will be legalize is the solution to failed marriages, women and child abuse here in the Philippines, if it will be inexpensive and the process wouldn't take so long like the Annulment. I disagree to the people who opposes divorce to be legalize due to the following reasons:

-couples do not resort right away to filing divorce or annulment of their marriages, ofcourse all of them try to resolve it first. couples who sought for divorce or annulment means they have no choice
-True Kids are greatly affected, a lot of my friends and cousins have suffered from this kind of situation and they all told me that it is far better to see their parents separated and talking civilly rather than to see them fighting or to see their mothers emotionally in pain because of their father's infidelity. After their parents separation they all had peace of mind and happiness.
-Because we don't have divorce here in the Philippines, Filipino men think that they own their wives, which justifies their womanizing because they know even if they treat their wives bad it is morally wrong for women to separate from their husbands and re marry. Filing of case for concubinage is very costly, tedious and very hard to prove in court. The lack of divorce in the Philippines creates more chaos, creates more illegitimate and financilly unsupported kids, and creates much dishonor to more kids and women.
-Because of lack of effective and uncostly legal solutions, my sister is until now suffering. She married at the age of 27 to an 8 yr bf. Their marriage didn't even last for a year because of his philandering husband. Because of my sister's trust and love for her husband and respect for the sanctity of marriage,she loss all her savings and properties. Her husband found it very easy to sell all her properties and transferred it to his own account and the mistress is now the one enjoying all of these. My sister filed legal actions but after spending 280 thousand on the case for nearly two years after separation nothing happenned and she was just forced to give up that case because she cannot sustain the cost. She then filed an annulment which is already 8 years now has not been granted. She is already 37, she doesn't have any kid. Do you think this is what the Good Lord to happen to her??? But if there was divorce here in the Philippines, she could have move on and have the chance of having a family of her own. Her husband is very much happy and living a good and peaceful family life with her mistress eventhough they are not married. I even witnessed how my sister beg her husband to fix their marriage but she landed in the hospital after being brutally beat up by her husband because her husband got mad of her begging telling my sister to get out of his life and to leave him alone because he has a new wife.

Replied by: kimilyn | Date replied: Oct 07,2009

....hello 2 everyone...
to those who sed no! you are right
b`coz not only you`re not in your marry life you should consider your kids if have and committed a big sin b`coz you hurt god...
so plz b4 u get married just think it over think it very much so that the tym cums you don't want 2 commit divorce b`coz you are 100% sure 2 you're decision
just respect god dont always think of you're happiest only...
try 2 look outside,,,and find way 2 solve you're problem regarding that particular issues.
thank u

Replied by: rosee | Date replied: Sep 18,2009

if the couple separated for almost 10 years but they were married in church. is it legal to marry again without legal separation or annulment had been done?

Replied by: eds-on | Date replied: Sep 14,2009

so.... what do you think the solutuon

Replied by: gameover | Date replied: Aug 08,2009


first and for most let us defined what does divorce means???
----Divorce is dimple voiding the bond of matrimony that you have interned....

>>so for me i think we should analize first the reason why should or shouldn't we legalize divorce in the philippines.
>NO in a way that according to the bible "han nga mabalin!"...
but to think about those women that were abuse already.? are we just going to let "mercy before justice"uhm... come to think it..

thank you....

Replied by: roberth tau-toan | Date replied: Jul 21,2009

divorce must be legalized in the philippines if physical,psychological,and emotional detrimentation occur not just between husband and wife but to other family ties thereto.however,divorce must not be legallized in the philippines if all the couples here in the phil. have mutual trust,care,love and respect with each other.

Replied by: Arlene | Date replied: Jul 16,2009

Legalisms. Mas malala pa tayo gumaya kahit kelan. Sa Israel nga me divorce sa tin wala. At 5 years lang ang maximum years na pagsasama ng couple to qualify divorce.

Sino niluloko natin, tayo rin. Ang result, complicated marriage. Me asawa na paulit ulit na nagpapakasal or living together w/o marriage dahil sa batas na to.

The point is, nobody can tell anyone what to do. If ayaw na nila mag stay sa marriage, nobody can make them do that. Ano yan mga retarded na paluin mo lang or itali, susunod?

Batas ng Pinoy, di lang impractical, total ridiculous pa. No doubt lagi tayong behind, sa economy or quality of education man.

It's about time to renew our mind & leave behind our STINKIN MIND

Replied by: standing_wife | Date replied: Jul 02,2009

Divorce is not the solution nor the annulment whatsoever...
God hates divorce and ganito lang yan, if you have FAITH in GOD, you will believe that he can heal and restore your marriage. Anyone who agrees into this kind of divorce or annulment thing is after her/his flesh human desire. Bakit ka pa nag-asawa kung di mo kayang ipaglaban? OO, sinasaktan ka, binubugbog ka, eh di lumayo ka muna pansamantala habang patuloy kang nagdadasal sa ikakasalba ng marriage nyo. And to those na mag jujudge sa akin....eto lang ang masasabi ko: I have been fighting for my marriage for almost 5 years now. My husband is not my enemy, the devil is. He is trying to steal the covenant we have with God. And no matter what happens, kahit sabihin pa nila or ninyo na martyr ako, i don't care. Isipin nyo na lang ang mga anak nyo na magsusuffer pag naghiwalay kayo. Iba iba ang case natin, pero isa lang ang solution, turn to GOD. Walng imposible sa kanya.

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 29,2009

This is Jochebed Dela Cruz and commonly known as "Obed Dela Cruz" or "OBED D.C."

Divorce must not be legalized. Divorce is not the answer for the conflict of two couples. I'm not just obeying what my Bible says that marriage is sacred and it should be exercised seriously. It is for honor's sake. Our nation has already have mistakes and it needs rebuilding, restoration, revolution, and reformation.

Let us be one of the factors that made the Philippines great again. Let's help in making positive our international image through not legalizing divorce but to avoid the conflict and be persons of honor.

Replied by: abe | Date replied: Jun 27,2009

with regards to the civil status.
we don't have divorce in the is not legal is currently being discussed by the senate though.if u filed separation for your husband/wife,the marriage will be declared as null,but in separation,you cannot marry other guy if you want to marry another guy, you have to file anulment which takes about 10 yrs before the court grants you that.

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

When we talk about the rules in the Bible, you may dislike it but if we face reality, there are disadvantages of divorce. Honor and public view of the couples may be affected.

Replied by: Jochebed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

divorce shouldn't be legalized because it's in the Bible that man and woman should not divorce

Replied by: desh | Date replied: May 28,2009

divorce actually is not honor in the philippines so u need to file annulment but then once ur husband is american citizen or other citizen already he can file divorce in his country.. so then the ex wife will recieved divorce decree and needs to file petition for recognition and she will needs atty as atty only knows how to process that petition once its granted she get married again if she find someone new.. but if she is engaged to someone from US or any citizen she can marry outside of the philippines US Europe China anywhere... thats all sir hehehe

Replied by: capt64 | Date replied: May 10,2009

I"m confused about the annulment policies in the Philippines. For example, if a couple in the Philippines marries and has problems yet stay married for 10 years. Even though they have had sexual contact for all 10 years, is an annulment still possible?

I'm asking this because I'm an American and in America the only way a man and woman can get an annulment is if there has not been any sexual contact during the marriage. Usually an annulment is something people get if they have been married a week, month or even a year, if no sexual contact has happened.

Could someone please help me understand exactly how it is in the Philippines. If an annulment can take place after sexual contact between the husband and wife, and they can still get an annulment, then help me to understand, wouldn't that be just like a divorce? Are there any clauses that go with an annulment, such as the wife or husband cannot marry anyone but the one they got the annulment from after an annulment? If a man and lady can be married 10 years, get an annulment and then remarry anyone they chose, then I think that would be equal to a divorce, except for the use of the two words, divorce/annulment. Please help me understand this as it is very interesting, and if I fulfill a longing to meet and marry a Filipino, it could be helpful for me to understand the Philippine laws. Thank you, and God Bless. capt.

Replied by: capt64 | Date replied: May 10,2009

I am an American and I have some questions about divorce in the Philippines.

I spoke to a lady who told me she was divorced in the Philippines 5 or 6 years ago. She told me that they had just legalized divorce there and she was the first lady who filed for a divorce and was given the divorce.

Yet she later told me it was an annulment, which is like someone said, better then a divorce. One day on a visit with me, she showed me the papers of the divorce, the judges words and also a phychitrist report. I asked her why the Dr.'s report, and she said anyone who get's a divorce in the Philippines, both, husband/wife have to go to a Phychitrist. (I don't know how to spell that, so I'll use Dr. in reference to the mind doctor.) About 10 years ago I corresponded with a lady in Hong Kong. She was a Filipino working in Hong Kong at that time as a caregiver. She told me some strange things about getting a divorce in the Philippines. Her husband had many girlfriends and was unfaithful to this Filipino lady. She left him because of that and getting beat too often. Now, even though she had left him, she could not divorce him. She said she was just separated from him. That was all she could do. Well, I was very sincere about marrying that lady for she was beautiful, and we seem to get along well. However, she was only separated from her husband, and she said she could not get a divorce for it is or was not legal in the Philippines. She wanted to come to the U.S.A. and asked me if she came, would I marry her even though she had a husband in the Philippines. (That's all another story, but I did refuse because of God's laws.) Now my question today is: Have they legalized divorce in the Philippines now, and if they have, when was it legalized? Now's date is:5/9/09.

Let me say this in retrospect of the Hong Kong ladies circumstances. It sounded very unfair, because she told me if she saw her husband in the Philippines, even though she was separated, he could rape her, and he had before she left, and she had no legal defense against him because they were married. I sure would like to know this information as I've wondered for such a long time if it is legal or not. I read some of the comments at the top of the page and I get the impression divorce isn't legal even now. One last part of the question. Are the laws different in different parts of the Philippines? For instance, could divorce be legal in Northern Philippines, yet illegal in say Cebu, in the central Philippines? Thank you. Capt

Replied by: sisa | Date replied: Mar 18,2009

Legalization of Divorce is not just freeing the couple, but to end up the problem and move on to life.

Replied by: sisa | Date replied: Mar 18,2009

Divorce should be legalized, how can be a couple have a happy life kung niloloko ka na at nag titiis ka pa din coz u love him so much,
especially for those who working overseas and husband enjoying the money that you've been work hard,he law should be fair to everybody.

Replied by: jane | Date replied: Mar 12,2009

divorce should be legalized in the phils. because as we can see many couples are trying to separate themselves especially celebreties. because they felt unloved.... there are hundreds of reasons why do couple divorce.

Replied by: Kelvin | Date replied: Mar 05,2009

We respect the religion and we should respect our basic human right. We can be affected by different situation from falling in love and feeling un-love with other for a certain period of practical and realistic time of unsatisfacation with each other. It's harmful to all family members if either one will be hurt. Committement to life for marriage would it be a committement by the God to secure our better life from our either spouse?

Replied by: Rose | Date replied: Feb 22,2009

Divorce is definitely have to be legalized in the Philippines. There are so many good reasons to support that and escaping from a legal holy matrimony is not one of that. Everybody knows that it's more than that. It is legalizing an illegal seperation and illegal re-matrimonizing and elucidate each and one's status or position of the concerned parties specially the children. Putting things down in black and white seem to be the hardest part for Filipinos as to the implementation of divorce legalization in the Philippines. Like what's happening in our government, our society and our people.

Replied by: paulino | Date replied: Feb 10,2009

paulina arellano, the thing that you are saying is wrong because you only want to have revenge on your husband. Grudges are not a good thing that we humans must not possess. Possessing these things is bad for us. Amen.

Replied by: paulina arellano | Date replied: Feb 07,2009

for me divorce bill in the philippines should be legalize. I am not saying this because i want to get out of my marriage its just its so unfair because my husband files for a divorce in the states and he is free to get married in the states while me i cant because im still in the philippines and i have to file for annulment so i can marry someone else.

Replied by: tinay palabay | Date replied: Feb 02,2009

i am from gabriela women's party and we refiled the pinoy style divorce bill through rep. liza maza and luz ilagan this 14th congress. the bill hopes to institutionalize divorce as an option for individuals or couples, especially those in abusive or violent relationships. right now, a network to support the bill is being organized. if you want to join and support the bill, please contact joy solomon at 9316268 or through Many thanks!

Replied by: ELLYSA | Date replied: Jan 26,2009

I`m only 13 years old. :)) And i`m really aware of this issue.

Actually, my answer is 90% NO and 10% YES. Why NO? Have you ever thought of what will happen or what great change it will do to us, children, and to your whole family? I know that it`s hard to stay in a marriage life that is ssooo complicated but why not fix it out? Not all problems can be solved just by ESCAPING it. You`ll need to sacrifice some stuff to get over it. You need to sacrifice for the sake of your children and family. SO, i think divorce should not be LEGALIZED. BUT, i`m not pertaining that ALL couples shouldn`t seperate! I still have concern for the battered wives. I`m not really mad about it or not into IT. It`s just that if they`re gonna make it legal, make sure they got the RIGHT AND APPROPRIATE due process. :)


Replied by: rex,.,., | Date replied: Jan 24,2009

as a filipino citizen and a future husband someday..,,
i do believe that we are mere humans,.,. we sometimes fail to choose what's best for us and we commit mistakes.,,choosing the person you want to be with for a lifetime is not easy.,there are lot of challenges that you will face as a couple.,.,and it is not good to force yourselves to stay with each other.,,.that's why legalizing the divorce in the philippines will do nothing bad for us instead it will help us to correct our mistakes.,., and we will learn from those mistakes.,.,

Replied by: u_know_who | Date replied: Jan 23,2009

i have come to say what i stand for on the issue of divorce and that is, IT SHOULD NOT BE LEGALIZED! freeing oneself from the relationship that is not working out is a sign of a coward and failure man/woman.couples must be strong enough to face and solve their conflicts as what they both vowed "for better for worse til death do us part"...this is not just keeping the marital bond but keeping your words. a failure marriage signifies a failure self. for men, be an incomparable husband. for women, be an irresistable wife. then you'll see divorce won't be necessary.

Replied by: vanessa | Date replied: Jan 22,2009

dapat maging legal ang deborsyo dito sa pilipinas at dapat hindi lang yong mayaman kundi pati mahihirap ay makya nilang magfile ng divorce dahil how could we attain a happy marriage if d couple did not find happiness in their marriage lyf... at pano maging masaya kung ang isa sa kanila ay wala ng dapat maging legal ito.

Replied by: hazel | Date replied: Jan 21,2009

While i believe in sanctity of marriage, i also believe in freedom of men. a person should not be forced to stay in the relationship for the sole purpose of keeping the marital bond.of course we have annulment but the expediency of divorce makes the latter more preferable.

Replied by: dan | Date replied: Jan 18,2009

hmm. wla po akong masyadong idea bout 'divorce' kasi po 15 p lng ako.

bilang bata, s tingin neo po, anu iisipin namin kung ganyan lang ang iaasta ng mga magulang namin.?

kung ang lahat ay mauuwi lng s'divorce' sana hindi n lng kayo nagkakilala at sana wala n lang kmi dito para wala ng mga batang nahihirapan..

matatanda n po kayo. maging bukas po sana ang mga isip nyo s mga pwedeng mangyari. if you guys are starting to unlove each other,try doing the things you used to do together when you first met each other. second, try trusting your partner MORE.

-sorry po s pakiki alam.

Replied by: aya | Date replied: Jan 15,2009

how can we sve marriage life if adultery exist?

Replied by: AYA | Date replied: Jan 15,2009

if we dontwant to legalize divorce her in phil.hw can we sve those batered wives?

Replied by: mary_ann Estopil | Date replied: Jan 10,2009

pano kung eligal ang pag hihiwal

Replied by: lyn | Date replied: Jan 09,2009

I'm hoping that divorce in Philippines will be legalized. Please pass the divorced bill. My ex husband is with the other woman. It's really unfair, That the women alwyas left behind.

Replied by: Veda | Date replied: Dec 21,2008

people who are on a marrying spree would certainly take advantage of it but i believe that if God were at the center of the marriage then divorce would be a struggling couple's last resort. so no, i dont think it would hurt to pass the bill on divorce in the philippines.

Replied by: mic | Date replied: Dec 04,2008

for me, divorce here in the philippines don't need to be legalized. why marry someone if you'll both end up getting a divorce. and besides, it's not like we don't have other ways. we have an ANNULMENT here right? as far as i can understand, the only difference between the two is that in annulment, you need to have that reasons, reasons that are far more acceptable while in divorce, the fact that you want to end that marriage is acceptable. it'll happen in just a snap.

Replied by: Khivs | Date replied: Nov 10,2008

Is divorce should be legalize in cases of wife battering??

for me,it should be legalize because it is againts the law and human rights.

Replied by: Singlesoon | Date replied: Nov 07,2008

For those of you who stated they are against annulment and/or divorce, let me say this: If you are in a situation where you are unhappy in your marriage and falls out of love for your partner easy for you to say, just suck it in at magtiis kasi you are not in that situation. Of course, the couple will have to try to work their marriage out, and has to be both party not just one okay? If counseling or therapy didn't work, a divorce has to be the only solution. By the way, fornication is a sex act between theunmarried; adultery between the married. If divorce is not the solution, can any of you think of another solution? The Philippine Catholic Church is the most "Hypocrite" organization known. Think on your own people, don't let the
CC does the thinking for you. Get a Grip!!!!!

Replied by: Babegirl04 | Date replied: Oct 16,2008

The Catholic church is against divorce on the grounds that it will weaken the family which is the basic unit of society. Look at other countries where divorce is legal. Has their society fallen apart? Are there no more marriages that last? Here in one of the Asian countries where i'm presently living, getting a divorce is as easy as 1-2-3. Very cheap also. But people here still have strong family values. There are more honest and kind people here which incidentally have few Christians. Crime rate is lower. I am very confident to walk along the streets even at midnigh without fear of getting mugged. It is not so in the Phils. People always have to be careful of their things when walking in the streets. Legalizing divorce would not make our present society worse than it is now.

Replied by: mheLizA | Date replied: Oct 14,2008

..for me..we should legalize divorce here in the philippines coz' divorce brings back the dignity and pride of ones person..

..and just not bcoz we are a christian country we shouldnt legalize divorce here..

..yet the bible allows divorce in one condition it is if one of the partner committed fornification.. fornification is adultery.. why do u think that couples nowadays are loyal to each other?.. do u think they do not commit adultery?..

Replied by: blessie | Date replied: Oct 12,2008

4 me i aGree dAt div0rce shouLd not bE LegLized.
bkt k pA nGpaksAL kUng mkikipAghwLAy kA riN nmAn pLa db????
s0 shouLd thiNk 1st b4 u EntEr iN dAt kInd Of reLati0n....
wAt iF u hAve kiDs???
hOws dEM??????
deY wiLL risE w/ br0kEn fmiLY...4 dEm it is A biG dEaL...
s0 4 mE.........
div0rce should not b LegLizEd..

Replied by: PAKSIW ANG BANGGIITAN | Date replied: Sep 29,2008

i think philippines deserve to have divorce. why? because it is unfair for those couples who are trap in a loveless marriage... if philippines is democratic, why is it that they're would be the greater influence of the church than the state and the government?? are the old friars back, but with the brown skin???

Replied by: catherine | Date replied: Sep 29,2008

Divorce should not be legalized here in the Philippines because it is against the law of God. And it is not the answer to the couple's problem...There are many ways of restoring the marriage, and divorce is not one of it..

Replied by: chrysenth | Date replied: Sep 24,2008

On my own view.
Why should make a relationship longer if you can no longer sustain enough love and compassion on your partner? It will only lead you to a quarreling oftentimes.
hindi na dapat ipagpilitan pa kung hindi na talaga kaya, di ba?

Replied by: Patrick I.F. Procianos | Date replied: Sep 23,2008

Legalization of divorce in our country will further weaken family as an institution and the basic unit of our society. While there are pros and cons on divorce issue, let us, at all cost, preserve the sanctity of marriage and protect our children. The social cost alone of parent absenteeism (parent working abroad)is already disheartening. How much more traumatic will it be for Filipino children of supposedly legally divorced parents who grow up in a culture of Filipino extended family?

Replied by: Jen | Date replied: Aug 31,2008

Divorce is not a good solution to that problem...In the first place, they promised each other in front of the people and of God that they will love each other till death do they part...Problems, quarrels and troubles are just normal in a family, They should help each other to build a home...They should keep God as the focus and the center of their life. God will bless their family and strenghten the relationship of the couples. The family that prays together stays together...So if you think that your relationship to your spouse is getting worst, ask God for help, and God will surely restore the love to you and your spouse. Divorse will NEVER be the solution to that problem but with GOD!!!!

Replied by: irresisstible | Date replied: Aug 13,2008

i agree that here in the philippines divorce should be is for the reason that giving freedom to both husband and wife to be happy and not go to the extent that they can physicaly hurt each other because theres no already love that binds them.

Replied by: raKAta Kutoto | Date replied: Aug 05,2008

I am in favor of d legalization of divorce here in the philppnes.
it is because what is marriage if it doesn't work out?? if considering the welfare of the children growng in a complete family but still witnessing quarel here and there between the parents, what then? still it has an effect psychologically to the said protec tion of the child.

Replied by: febianna | Date replied: Jul 31,2008

for me divorce should be taken into consideration in the philippines. I once italked to a judge regarding annulment. i asked him why the courts seldom decide favor of annulment despite the couples fight too much to the extent of trying to kill one another already,as to some cases. this is a very tragic experience and i believe the victim spouse deserves to be free and be happy.

Replied by: crissssy | Date replied: Apr 18,2008

annulment is for declaring a voidable marriage null. a marriage is voidable when it would have been valid had not certain conditions existed at the time of the celebration of the marriage. (eg lack of consent of the parents of the minor spouse, insanity, force, fraud, etc. check article 45 of the family code for the list of conditions that would make a marriage voidable) it suggests some defect that's been there since the celebration of the marriage, usually vitiation of consent. a voidable marriage can be ratified, which means that if an action of annulment is not filed within a specified time (usually 5 years), it will be understood that the defect has been cured. therefore the marriage is completely valid.

a divorce means that the marriage was valid in the first place, but that it ended. in the philippines, couples aren't allowed to end their marriages. the only instances where a divorce is recognized is when a filipino is married to a foreigner or a former filipino citizen who is now a naturalized citizen of another country (check llorente vs CA), and the foreigner spouse gets a divorce in his or her country.

there is an alternative to divorce in the philippines. it's called article 36 or psychological incapacity. while jurisprudence from the supreme court suggests that this article should be applied strictly, lower courts are more liberal in granting declarations of nullity based on article 36 (different from annulment, but just the same, it allows the parties to re-marry). what the quarreling spouses should do is to get a lawyer and hope that the case gets raffled to a nice judge.

Replied by: kline | Date replied: Apr 01,2008

basically divorce should not be legalized here in the Philippines due to the fact that couples have undergone a holy matrimony called marriage. Before marrying, they enderwent councelling to verify their decision. Marriage is an agreement between the couples and this agreement is for a lifetime. however, if one of the two is being battered and will soon "die", then it is but proper for them to separate but not through divorce.Problems can be solved if both will talk on it. Its just a matter of understanding each other. thanks

Replied by: AL | Date replied: Feb 28,2008

as for me, divorce and anulment should not be legalized in the philippines for a reason that separating with your companion means that it is "a disrespect to the holiness of marriage" and it is such a big crime for each...

Replied by: lawrence p. villamar | Date replied: Feb 24,2008

hi Kiza!

Correct if i'm mistaken but here's what I know:

Divorce results to the dissolution of marriage between individuals but the marriage existed.

Annulment is the dissolution of marriage as if it had not existed due to legal deficiencies or ireegularities enumerated in, as for the Philippines, the family Code.

Replied by: Luke Salvador | Date replied: Feb 21,2008

Situation: To start, here in the philippines, a newlywed couple quarrelled. It continued for months. They began to 'unlove' each other. What could be the solution?

Simplest Solution: Just don't freakin see each other in the meantime. Go on separate ways. There is always possibility that you will out-grown that hatred. Time will heal daw... di ba?

Divorce and Annulment is only for those people who have found someone way better than their current companion.

I for one agree with legalization of Divorce. For me, divorce and annulment would be only applicable if the problem between the couple affects/hurting not only themselves, but other people close to them.

Just my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Replied by: Kiza | Date replied: Feb 18,2008

Divorce isnt legal here in d philippines, it is only legal to other countries like USA. Also, there is ANNULMENT, which is legal in the philippines. So anybody who can tell the difference between DIVORCE and ANNULMENT?

Replied by: Sweetheart | Date replied: Feb 18,2008

Divorce? the solution? Well for me, it is not the only solution.

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