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how political system affect the economic aspect of the country?

Posted by: bern
Date posted: Feb 04,2008
Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

yeah, the political system affects the economy because the political leaders are the one leading but the economy may be saved and grow if we will pray to the Supreme God

Replied by: Jochebed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Jun 06,2009

Success is an attitude and if it is the attitude of every Filipino, the economy may rise and the political system may change

Replied by: Patrick I.F. Procianos | Date replied: Sep 30,2008

Yes. I agree that success or failure in a country's economy can't be solely attributed to the defect or weakness of a political system/structure. Citizens' participation and vigilance determine the destiny of one's nation.

Replied by: Luke Salvador | Date replied: Feb 21,2008

In my opinion, there are various reasons for the success or fall of the country's economy other than political system. Though, we see that the trend today is the Democratic Political System.

This past thirty years, there are successful countries adapted democracy as their political system. And especially in Asia, like Taiwan, South Korea..., who have furthered improved their economy than the Philippines. Also try to monitor Vietnam, their economic stature had vastly developed and soon will overcome the Philippine economy.

And no matter what kind of political system a country would have, it will definitely not work if the government is corrupt (I don't know why some government can't even moderate their greed).

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