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Democratic type of Government: Should not be exercised

for me... we will never reach our desired development.. if this democracy will still prevail.. There are no consensus on the part of our officials. "who dominate will win"-even he/she isn't right

Posted by: isochron
Date posted: Jan 19,2008
Replied by: Jeffrey Reyes | Date replied: Apr 11,2008

There are tons reasons why Liberal Democratic type of government should prevail than the reasons why it should not...

Friedrich Naumann says... | Date replied: Feb 21,2008

Do not be too quick to disregard democracy. It is still preferable over other forms of government because it allows for citizen participation and alternatives. The objective of democracy should be liberty, individual liberty, and not the promotion of arbitrary rule. Hence, it is not simply: majority rules and minorities (and the opposition) can be shoved aside.

It is true that there are many examples of oppressive democracies that it is easy to be disheartened. Democracy does not prevent tyranny, nor does it prevent ethnic war. It does not prevent corruption, nor does it necessarily ensure prosperity and development. These examples underline that democracy is only a method; it is the purpose behind it that is important. Clearly in the examples, individual freedom was not the goal. Democracy was used to legitimize either one-man rule or the rule of elites or the repression of minorities.

In a liberal democracy, there are strong safeguards against the abuse of power. Such checks and balances include: the rule of law, regular elections with real chances for the opposition, strong civic institutions, free market economy and formal and informal conventions upholding human rights.

The challenge therefore is to work for a liberal democracy. It is something all citizens should work for. We must not let government become too big, too bureaucratic and too powerful because big government is usually only concerned with ensuring its survival. Let us not wait for government to help us; let us help ourselves. Many things with regards to development can be done at the individual or local level. We should be responsible for ourselves.

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