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Marijuana is being legalized in liberal societies

I don't know why westren and liberal nations themselves are seeding such customs, traditions and laws which are not only worsening thier values but also destructing the future of their juvenile.
To legalize marijuana, inhalants and other chemicals and intoxicants like these are nothing but self-suicide or a death before death.
You can not give permision to someone just for someone's enjoyment or thrill or attraction-type. So in my view, the prescription pills, inhalants and marijuana must be strictly prohibited in any case. The people who say "MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL!!", must be sent in some illegal world. To save our children of anywhere in the world from further destruction, the governments, non profit organizations, leberal forums and media should contribute by taking positive and constructive steps against those advocates of marijuana, who are not of good and positive approach. "LETS JOIN HANDS TOGETHER AGAINST ALL TYPES OF INTOXICANTS LIKE MARIJUANA"

Posted by: faisal ilyas dar
Date posted: Jan 08,2008
Replied by: john genil | Date replied: Jun 14,2010

im a marijuana user, don't critize marijuana, just legalize it , realize and recognize,

deaths in 30 secs
tobacoo - 1000
alcohol - 500


bcoz it can cure cancer, and fight harmfull bacteria and cancer cells like tumor.
and (thc)is the chemical from marijuana that can cure aids and asthma , legalize it! by RHASTAFARIAN the hidden users of marijuana in philippines.

Replied by: alfred liwanag, Jr. | Date replied: Feb 17,2010

Many organizations are pushing for the legalization of Marijuana as a medical drug. Marijuana has many medical advantages which include it being a therapeutic drug for cancer and AIDS patients. Many other research and studies dedicated to Marijuana has shown early signs that it can also inhibit cancer cell growth in animals.

Read more:

Replied by: salbahe | Date replied: Sep 12,2009

for more information about cannabis search the web for books and documentaries... a few suggestions...

A book titled "The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer and the film "The Emperor Of Hemp. These will shed some light on the economic benefits and the good it will do for the environment.

A film called "Run From The Cure" for the medical benefits and while you're at it try searching for the cannabis brain receptors. it would make you wonder why of all God's creation do we have them.

Bottom line is.. The INFORMATION is out there so find and use it

Replied by: salbahe | Date replied: Sep 12,2009

tobacco and alcohol are much dangerous and that's a fact.
of course there should be strict guidelines when it becomes legal.In all arguments(medical,economics,even recreational)cannabis wins.before condemning the plant do some research, the benefits are by far plentiful than the harm.

Friedrich Naumann says... | Date replied: Mar 03,2008

Criminalizing drugs poses a fundamental philosophical problem. Laws, especially criminal laws, are needed to protect society from the behaviour of individuals that interferes with other individuals' rights or freedoms. For example, if you are single and alone in your own home and would like to use an intoxicant, this does not constitute an infringement of other people's rights or liberties. The only possible harm is inflicted by you on yourself. The task of the law in a liberal society, however, is not to protect individuals from their own recklessness. A society that is based on the idea of individual freedom has to recognize that this has to include the liberty to make choices, including stupid ones, as long as these don't harm others.

A case could be made that society pays for basic health care so it has a right to block the use of substances that pose health risks. This argument turns on the medical properties of marijuana, and this is one of the arguments for its legalization. There is evidence that marijuana is successful in the treatment of several diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS). For example, studies have shown that it remedies chemotherapy-related nausea in cancer patients. There have also been reports that it reduces muscle spasms associated with MS.

In sanctioning marijuana, society can safeguard its quality and check its abuse (designated pharmacies, prescriptions, warning labels, etc). Bringing it out in the open also limits the criminality in obtaining it. Legalizing marijuana also encourages its further research and development as a medical treatment.

The arguments against marijuana are that it impairs judgment, is addictive and causes health and social risks. However, these do not seem to be any bigger than those associated with legal intoxicants like tobacco and alcohol. Many studies have shown that alcohol seems to impair judgment more than marijuana. Tobacco and alcohol are apparently more addictive and both pose great long-term health risks. There are also higher incidences of crime related to alcohol than to marijuana. Despite these, both tobacco and alcohol are legal and available in huge quantities all over the world.

The arguments against legalizing marijuana are thin when compared to the dangers posed by alcohol and tobacco. What is needed is more research into the medicinal benefits of marijuana and a review of current laws criminalizing it.

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