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What can you say about a Liberal President in 2010?

This is what I belive.....

In 2010, we will be PROUD again as Filipinos...

Eric D.C.

Posted by: Eric
Date posted: Nov 27,2007
Replied by: JerPao Rodriguez-Platengca | Date replied: Dec 22,2008

I believe our country will achieve humane socioeconomic prosperity if a liberal president will assume into office. A humane and liberal President with strong political will can save our country from the looming growth of household poverty by applying the fundamentals of liberalism: human right tolerance, environmental sustainability, and free market with just regulation of the government.

Replied by: Michael Leo T. Manjares | Date replied: Jan 13,2008

I believe, the country will progress, if and only if we cooperate to our government regarding to its policies and projects...and if citizen of our republic stands to one view, to make PHILIPPINES a better or I sa the best nation in the globe...

Replied by: faisal ilyas dar | Date replied: Jan 09,2008

I don't know what the changes will occur after an elected liberal president in Philippines, but I very well know that the liberty and freedom of People of Pakistan is at stake since President Musharraf take over this responsibility; an enlightened and liberal figure of the East in geneal and of Pakistan in particular.
Marcos and Aqinuo were, though, dictators but they were liberal too. Weren't they? Then, are filipinos confident that their upcoming liberal president of 2010 (say Trapo) will stabilize the politco-socio-economic system of Philippines? If answer is YES, then go ahead and if the answer is NO, then this is one of the most absurd idea on the earth; the liberalism factor to choose your future.
As i very well know that we Pakistanis don't want liberalism. We want fundamental rights, life security, freedom of media and public opinion, equitable distribution of wealth, knowledge oriented educational system and stable democratic culture in the country. And this all is given either by a liberal or non-liberal, it is not the question. Question is the prosperity, dignity and respect as a nation.

Replied by: Ajneb | Date replied: Dec 16,2007

any suggestions who this liberal president is? most of the possible candidates are Trapo aren't they?

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