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The Call of the Idealist

Often we have heard some people preach: "Never mix business with politics," and some, to "Never mix politics with religion," and again, quite a number would admonish to, "Never mix politics and religion with business."
But watching the Manila premiere of the Call of the Entrepreneur, made me better appreciate the interconnectedness of all things: politics, business,religion, among others. And unlike Kipling's east and west -- the twain that shall never meet -- social, political, economic and religious institutions do meet at a certain point: the point of convergence being, their ultimate goal of improving the destiny of humanity.
There may probably be diversions, such as when one institution is abused or used at the expense of the other(s), or when the human factor involved in these institutions would actualize the Machiavellian philosophy that the end justifies the means. Nonetheless, politics, business, religion as well as all other human institutions are not institutions for nothing -- they do have a goal which I believe is more transcendental than material. Politics is not just about power relations, its also about social relations that give birth to democracy and human rights protection. Religion is not just about dogmatic systems, its also about the divine and universal power that guides us all. Business its not all about profits, its also about responsibility, job creation and innovative solutions. This may be an idealistic way of looking at things. But I'd rather hope for the ideal than add to the cynical.

Watching the movie added to my idealism growth chart. And it was quite a relief from all the gory realism that I encounter everyday.

Posted by: Dashell Yancha
Date posted: Nov 23,2007
Friedrich Naumann says... | Date replied: Mar 03,2008

Since you enjoyed the Acton Institute?s The Call of the Entrepreneur, you might also be interested to listen to other talks by its president, Fr. Robert Sirico. The Liberal Times Manila Podcast has a series on liberalism and morality. In these episodes, Fr. Sirico tackles morality and the Church from a liberal standpoint. He grapples with the questions of capitalism, economics and the free market in relation to Christian values.

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