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Youth's Views towards Politics

As I should say that some of the youth today are not concern with the status of our government. High school students must have a subject on Politics:Views & Opinions because Social Studies is not enough to widen youth's mind toward our status in the globe.

Posted by: Michael Leo T. Manjares
Date posted: Aug 12,2007
Replied by: vhym | Date replied: Jun 25,2011

well as i can see ,the youth's today are not aware of something that we should be concern of .Many of the youth's today are only concern on something that only favors themselves,but as we go further we should realize that as a part of our country we have a role on it.we are not a child anymore so lets open our eyes and have a concern on our country for a brigther and better philippine.

Replied by: jonna | Date replied: Feb 22,2011

well..not all youth are like that..there is always exemption..

Replied by: Melvin L. Badian | Date replied: Jan 10,2011

Good day sirs and mesdames!
i certainly agree with the statement released and shared by obed.Philippine government needs restoration and reforms but not to the extent that the RP itself will be in the stae of dictatorial ...

Replied by: mike | Date replied: Oct 26,2010

fuck you all

Replied by: arcelee | Date replied: Oct 13,2010

they say that corruption begins when the youth are linked early at politics,Isn't it?

Replied by: Aura Carmen Slate | Date replied: Oct 10,2010

There must be more than a state of mind, there must be a change in actions, in the way we are doing things, we support the survival and success of liberty! (see J.F.K.)

Replied by: Mark | Date replied: May 12,2010

The main problem of the world is the people. People creates its own problem. Thus, changing the world is easy but changing oneself is not as simple as abc. Change must start with ourselves. Our mind should have the thinking of a pragmatic person. Idealism and Realism should meet. =)

Replied by: Juan Paulo O. Rodriguez, BSJ | Date replied: Mar 27,2010

ano raw? hindi daw aware ang kabataan sa nangyayari sa pamahalaan? hindi ah.

Replied by: twinkle | Date replied: Feb 08,2010

Being a youth of today is a chance to govern our country in the future. As what Jose Rizal said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” therefore we must be inspired that we are given this opportunity to make a better country. We are the only hope; therefore we can still change our country by being more responsible and honest individuals.

Replied by: Makko Villanueva | Date replied: Jan 13,2010

I agree with Dela Cruz, we need a better world, it will be change by youths! AS they said "ANg Pagkilos ng Kabataan ang magbabago para sa ating kinabukasan"

To all of us:
We have to to this to change the future for us. . . God made us because we have a mission to be complete!

Im Makko Villanueva 13 Year-old boy

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 04,2009

The content of the message may be found as religious but if you come and think about it and analyze it carefully, you'll find it appropriate.

People say that life gets harder but if we will say that life can be better and we do something so that the benefits of a good life may be enjoyed by us and other people, it will be a better world.

Let's work hard!

Replied by: Delacruz | Date replied: Jun 04,2009

To all youth of this society:

Silence may provide tranquility but someone must tell the truth and sometimes someone must shout the battle cry so that the true justice will win the battle.

Less talk may be less sin and embarrassment but there's a need to speak for the mute and for those whose names aren't popular and whose ability and resources are few.

Let's face the need.
There's a need for a better world.
There's a need for a better future.
There's a need to not just live for our present but to prepare for the future!

We must be concerned of this society, our planet and other people!

We are humans and not animals neither insects nor dead! The ants are helping each other and so are some animals!

Please, let's be concerned. We aren't cowards. We should think and analyze carefully.

We were not here to be fertilizers neither bench-warmers nor to be the greatest animal because we have rationality and has the ability to develop!

Open rebuke is better than secret love. Say the words with love and persuade people to move and change. There's hope! There's hope! There's hope! There's hope!


My fellow youth, please be concerned. The Philippines need us to make a stand to show the world what's right. Let's dream for a better Philippines. This message may be lone but please think about it and please right your opinions.

Thank you.

Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Apr 28,2009

The youth must be encouraged to build a better Philippines through studying and helping the government not just in politics because as John Keneddy said, "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENT CAN DO FOR YOU BUT ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT."

But as I can see some are discouraged to help the government because they lost hope. The majority(youths) thinks of bad things and the few(youths also) thinks of better ways. But I say it's wrong because both the few and the many if they helped together and work together, then it will be a better Philippines.

In my opinion, for the youth to have hope and be encouraged is to let them see that our preamble is being done everyday that justice, freedom, equality, and love is there everywhere.

I am also a youth and I wrote this because this I think is what is needed.

The youth's view towards politics must be changed because who will govern in the future if the leaders-in-training are seeing few accuracy and many errors!


Replied by: faisal ilyas dar | Date replied: Jan 01,2008

It is an interesting and equally avoidable topic for the youth like me. I feel that that youth is like a child of age between 5 to 8, whose only interest is to see cartoon movies, animated documentaries and hi-fi games with tens of buttons to move in seconds. Likewise, youth has some self-made and self-created interests (cartoonish and directionless) that are main hinderence in thinking about some mature and national level issues, like politics, economy and social justice.
Secondly, our elders don't want to make us the part of that socio-politico-economic culture, which is gradually detriorated by so-called leaders, political thinkers and social philosophers. Tyranny, corruption, poverty and contradiction in idealism are the end result of those policies that are eliminating the role of youth from serious-mode of life.
Thirdly and finally, youth are continuously mis-led and mis-directed in the name of enlightenment and liberalism. The existed enlightenment and liberalism in Pakistan is purely a dictation-note from west and the government is working on this agenda just as a private secretary, who has no right and courage to conflict or oppose on any taks (issue) given by his officer. Mr. Secretary! Type, type and just type. Under this agenda, the youth learnt intolerance, angerness, uncontrolled liberty, ruthless behavior and unconsciousness about their traditions, customs and values. Therefore, it is very diffcult for any youth to think over the issues like politics, which is just like an un-wanted bitter tablet for a child.
Elders should adopt the policy for the youth "do and to be done".

Replied by: Rica Mae R. Rosales | Date replied: Oct 26,2007

theres no such thing like,youth dont have concern to whats happening in our government, to what politics really means..its just that government dont have any concerned to the youth..

Replied by: Lawrence P. Villamar | Date replied: Aug 25,2007

In answer to this post, I will quote Manila Bulletin columnist Mr. Antonio C. Abaya essaying on the anarchistic/apathetic youth:

?What do they think we are bequeathing to them, a potential paradise or a certain hellhole? I would be happy if they thought they would be taking over a nondescript, unspectacular, boringly ordinary but, at least, reasonably functioning and reasonably livable slice of the planet.?

He basically captures the mind-set of my generation, and thus, with surprising precision for an 'outsider' (he's quite aged.), states the reason of every teenager's apathy/anarchy.

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