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youth's part in politics

Posted by: arnel robles
Date posted: Apr 01,2009
Replied by: Jarred Martin Clarianes | Date replied: Feb 12,2010

I have actually conceptualized a plan to mobilize all young people here in our province and form one political organization under the with ideological pattern leaning to that of America's Democratic Party.

That is one way I think how youth could help change this messy system. I hope this will come true.

Replied by: otite kg | Date replied: Feb 01,2010

thanks for this opportunity to comment on this topic. youths should be encouraged to join politics as their presence would likely bring a positive change in the attitude of the players.

Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Apr 29,2009

So, what is the dicussion here? I can see the topic but where's the opinion in which I will bas my coments?

Replied by: JerPao Rodriguez-Platengca | Date replied: Dec 22,2008

Youth should be fully informed about the fundamentals of politics: the causes and effects of the controversies relating to politics. otherwise, they will be drowned to the effects conceiving without looking to the causes, which can be resolved effectively. Youth are inheritors of the future society, so what we need is to inform them not in piecemeal but in holistic way by uplifting unbiased political education and social justice to become more responsible citizens of our society.

Replied by: faisal ilyas dar | Date replied: Nov 13,2007

Actually, in my view, the old babas have been failed in politics. they can not do some more for pakistan politics except to deteriorate the whole senario of politics in pakistan. without taking any name, i will ssay that not even a single person is capable to paly a leader's role in our political ground. therefore, it is necessary to think to handover this respopnsibility to youth; the energetic group of people of 21 to 35 years of ages. it is also a need ofthe day to come forward like the youth of china and iran to work for some great revolution, but not the revolutions like Jamia Hafsa.

Replied by: reina | Date replied: Aug 31,2007

youth play a vital role in politics for they represent what the future would be actively voting and participating in informing other youths , they could voice thier desires and reforms wanted...

Replied by: Michael Leo T. Manjares | Date replied: Aug 12,2007

What is your views on this topic. Please state clearly...

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