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I see the system for fietlring content google inefficient, our site is being penalized innocent. if the filter system was really efficient google not penalize innocent sites. We are taking losses with it and Google adsense too. are $ 10,000 less per month on Google adsense, who is leaving to win with our site. unfortunately none of google in one of attention to solving problems well, one day google will have a competitor in the highest and when this happens will be better for us, we are tied with google and unfortunately do not give attention to his publishers that give profits, our Visits fell more than 90% due to Google filters, in assessing our content will see that there are flaws in the way that the filters google judges. Changed the system of the old site recently? id=? recent ?inkid= more you can access through the same url, use the Mod-rewrite the site and is not not generate 2 urls with the same content, through IDs and Mod-Rewrite (html) we are not doing anything wrong and we are asking for that rehabilitates the Web site as it was, turned off the way Mod-Rewrite (html), I do not know if that vai help resolve. They should improve in order to filter content without punishing people working seriously with web content [url=]ajgrqo[/url] [link=]wdcivwpxtx[/link]

Posted by: Tadanori
Date posted: Dec 01,2015

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