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::: Internal-duplication :::So basically it doesn't raelly matter if it occurs?Should we be saying that it doesn't raelly matter, no real harm is likely to occur?Should we be telling people not to worry aobut it?If so, does that mean te majority of us at the Group have been wasting our time/effort trying to get such things communicated and fixed?+ does Google automaticaly sort out the IBL and their value in regards to multiple URLs for the same content?-::: External-duplication :::Sorry folks, but I'm with the more negative folk on this one.There are constant problems with scrapers and fed sites that rank highly.Add to that the varioues 'reinforcement' lines, and it reads more like ...'Do no panic - we have it under control (honestly... we do!)'... and that tends to make others nervous.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -So here's and idea.And yes, it will involve a little work.Introduce some subset optioons for Search.Instead of crippling Directories and Fed sites...why not introduce 2 new search sets...Google Directory SearchGoogle Fed Site Search(okay, the names may need work ;))Tada... a whole 2 seconds worth of thought there!And you stil get to give people what they want... and you stop killing some peoples businesses (and yes, you have been hurting innocents... whilst still leaving the nasties in the rankings!).So how about that?a Sub-Search for Fed sites... would mean that you could get the 'originator' in the standard search, and if you want tons of potentially related stuff, you can do the fed site search an get places like tecni etc.

Posted by: Sitiasisah
Date posted: Nov 28,2015

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