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Youth's Representative in Media.

Comment on this:

Was the youth's political maturity ill-served by their generation's representative in media?

(This is the motion of the final round of the 2007 Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship.)

Specifically, answer the following question:
1. Are the youth politically mature?
2. Do their representative in media contribute to their political maturity?
3. What are the contributions of the youth in media in instilling political maturity to their fellow youth?

Posted by: Arnel D. Mateo
Date posted: Apr 01,2009
Replied by: faisal ilyas dar | Date replied: Jan 01,2008

It is indeed very imporant question, arised from Mr. Lawrence Villamar, that are youth politically mature? In my view, maturity comes from knowledge, not through information. Unfortunately, the youth of the day has a lot of information on thousands of topics but, actually, he knows nothing, because his focus line or focal point has disturbed. He is a doctor but he wants to be a singer. I mean he is leaving a better and more respectable job against a pitty and worse option. So, it is very important for our elders to make youngers knowledgeable and this mile stone can be achieved through media, a valued-eduactional system and by eliminating social stratification.
Mr. Lawrence! Europians and Americans are maving back towards the church because they are realizing now that life is in religion and values, not in uncontrolled and unbearable enlightenment and leberalism. Limits and restrictions are very important for making any society more furnished and more lawful. Stop the people where it is essential to stop and don't feel bother to say that it is "wrong". The greatest dilemma of the youth and with the youth is that they are now unaware of the "wrongness". History of muslims, even of christians and jews and other religions tells us that this world was conquered a number of times in different eras by very young and enrgetic generals, politcal scholars, religious leaders and remarkable princes. As far as the knowledge is concerned, it must be mature and easily accessible through media and other sources. It is my belief that if in IT industry young generation is giving the miracles to the world, then why not in socio-polico culture of any country.
Though, Mr. Lawrence and my view has some commonality in some places, but with due appology, I feel that he is still not very much confidant in the youth. But i am quite confident and optimistic for the future of the youth, if today we decide to change the meanings of "liberalism", "empowerment", "enlightment" and "education".

Friedrich Naumann says... | Date replied: Jun 20,2007

It may look like youth representatives in the media are doing nothing to engage the youth politically, but that is not entirely true. Recently, Bam Aquino hosted a documentary called ?CTZN? on ISLA channel, NBN 4. It featured 13 provinces and cities and showcased their good governance practices. Naga?s award winning I-governance program was one of them. For more information, please view:

Manolo Quezon III writes a regular opinion column in The Philippine Daily Inquirer as well as maintains a political blog: He also hosts ?The Explainer,? ANC?s weekly show on different national and international issues. The show?s supplementary blog is:

Replied by: Arnel D. Mateo | Date replied: Apr 27,2007

Yes, I have no problem with political parties and youth organizations. I agree that these organizations such as KALIPI are effective in instilling political maturity to the youth. That is their nature. However, what about other youth representatives?

Youth representatives in media?

Are youth representatives in media who are writers, hosts, reporters, etc play a role in instilling political maturity to the youth? Or they just make our youth passive on different issues directly or indirectly affecting them?

Replied by: lawrence villamar | Date replied: Apr 26,2007

On the first question,
Are youth politically mature? we see some sectors of the youth bravely address issues of national importance such as global warming, unemployment and such issues that directly or indirectly concerns them. Youth organizations such as Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas had through the years had contributed significantly to the empowerment of the youth in the political system. The National Youth Commission is very effective in promoting particpativeness among the youth, by educating and providing the oppurtunity to experience what it means to play part of the system.

So we must concur that the youth are now more politcal mature now, since there is an upsurge in youth participation on powerplay. Now, there is even a party-list group for the youth.

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