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I am a computer teiacncihn and I spend most of my day working at my desk. Posture has been a priority for me over the last few years since I really started getting bad neck and back pains. I also get phantom pains in my arms, wrists, fingers and ribs.I get tension headaches and strange stretching feelings in my temples and upper head area. After I get involved into what I am working on at my desk, I tend to pivot forward at my middle back and really get hunched over. I don't really notice it until I have been in the poor posture for a while. I usually get burning sensations in my shoulders and upper/middle back as well. I feel that I am so tight that I am being pulled forward. I attempt to sit up straight when I first get to work, but I cannot keep the good posture. Stretching some of the tight muscles does make it easier to make better posture initially, but I never do any strengthing exercises.

Posted by: Nayeli
Date posted: Nov 25,2015

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