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I have a question rvlatiee to Chapter 8: Mortaliy Risk and Life Insurance. On page 178 there is a discussion on how health status impacts life insurance premiums. The example is a 50 year old man, whose monthly premiums are shown in Table 8.7 . I would have expected the premiums in this table to be in agreement with the insurance premiums for a 50 year old that are in Table 8.6 (for 30, 40 and 50 years olds). Instead I discovered that the Table 8.7 premiums correspond to the Table 8.6 premiums for 40 year olds! So I'm assumning that the discussion on page 178 really applies to a 40 year old Canadian male (but I'd like you to confirm that!)I'm REALLY enjoying the book so far. I've learned a lot!

Posted by: Doubt
Date posted: Jan 21,2015

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