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Implimentation of Sex Education in Primary Level.

It is unethical for living to teach a child of the things that he couldn't comprehend at one point. Yes teachers should teach them in order for them to be aware but consider their level of understanding and their individuality. Thus, their comprehension will surely level up in the process as they grow up. We must not be too hypocrite to advance them, in some instance we are getting their right to enjoy their childhood. The said subject will greatly hamper their development because we are giving them burden that sometimes, we couldn't understand.

Posted by: Melvin L. Badian
Date posted: Jan 10,2011
Replied by: iramias yam enna sumpay nuyad | Date replied: Jan 10,2011

yes it is against the will of God to let the children know about this things because this things must only learn by the married ones. we cannot deny the fact that nowadays most of the youth engaged in what we call pre-marital sex. they must be guided by their parents in order for them to avoid this act.

Replied by: John Melvin Briones | Date replied: Jan 10,2011

exactly. it's a devastating fact that they will implement such thing ... It's one way of teaching children to engage themselves in premarital sex at early age, facing the fact that multi-media is one of the great factors that trigger a child to envelope himself on the above thing ...

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