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Raising Public School Teachers Salary, Raising Quality Education?

The core reason that many politicians (including politicians, turned Dep Ed secretaries) cite for pushing higher salaries for public school teachers is to improve the Quality Education. Arguing, an increase in salaries directly affects the quality of teaching by teachers, and thereby the quality of education as a whole. Well, does it?

While I have no doubt on the need for an increase in salaries of teachers, as I think it is most welcome. I have serious doubts as to whether it would indeed raise (at least) the quality of teaching or of elearning. Or it is just for strategic political “pogi points” aimed at appeasing the struggling teachers, who serve the political process during elections.

Isn’t it a very shortsighted view of the real problem?

To question whether raising public school teacher’s salaries is indeed a cost-effective puts you at least in a hot seat of public opinion--which many politicians don't like. But, would it not have been better, to invest the people’s money in improving the other “inputs” to education (like hiring more teachers, building more schools) or making teachers have “more quality teaching hours” by improving their working conditions (e.g. less teaching hours, more time for planning, more instructional resources)?

Posted by: Henry Encabo
Date posted: Jul 23,2010
Replied by: Obed de la Cruz | Date replied: Nov 02,2010

I do not believe that raising their salaries would do something very great to contribute for the motivation of the professors to teach.

What I think here is that DepEd should integrate school facilities, computerize some manual procedures and then, since more students are being led to computer addiction, what if they hire more best professors and teach the students the basics of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and COMPUTER SCIENCE like CISCO and Programming subjects.


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