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Political Dynasty

Political dynasty should be strictly prohibited in our country. There are many politicians of today monopolizr the politics on their respective provinces, like the Josons of Nueva Ecija, Magsaysay and Gordon of Zambales, Roman and Garcia of Bataan, Singson of Ilocos Sur, Garcia and Osmena of Cebu, Zubiri of Bukidnon, Cojuangcos, Aquinos, Marcoses, etc.

Posted by: Reyner M. Catacutan
Date posted: Sep 05,2006
Replied by: maiette ilongga | Date replied: Nov 03,2011

Although the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines (Article 2 - Declaration of Principles and State Policies, Section 26)clearly prohibits the existence of political dynasties in this country to give equal rights to public service and the right for people to vote in the local election, it is definitely not self-executory, meaning it needs to be implemented into a law first before it can be applied. Also, in section 115 of the Election Code of the Constitution, a proposed definition of political dynasty was also included but was never approved. This proposal prohibits persons having the same civil degree of relationship to run in any elective position in the same political unit in the same election. Moreover, it disallows any person with the same civil relationship, including legal or common-law partners, to succeed an incumbent position of the latter.

Years before, Sen. Flavier has authored Senate Bill 12 which defines and prohibits political dynasties. It defines political dynasty as “the concentration, consolidation, or perpetuation, of public office and political powers by persons related to one another.” Persons holding office and related within the third civil degree of consanguinity or affinity – including their spouses and the spouses of their brother-in-law and sister-in-law – will already be deemed to be in a political dynasty relationship. It didn’t prosper. In the House of the Representatives, a related bill is also uh sleeping. It was filed by Rep. Emilio C. Macias II – House Bill 44 which seeks to ban local officials from occupying the next higher position which they had previously occupied and for which they had served for three consecutive terms. At present it lies pending in the House Committee on Local Government. But, I’m betting that this won’t prosper also. Enacting this would mean political suicide for at least ¾ of the House Members. :P

Replied by: glenda | Date replied: Oct 17,2011

Dear allan, Section 26 stipulates that. "The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law."

Replied by: Buks | Date replied: Oct 10,2011

can u expand this one for me...............

up to the present, political dynasty only offers devastating effects especially to the government where the involved family reigns....

Replied by: mheirheiluv | Date replied: Oct 08,2011

thanks a lot to this site. marami po akong na-gather na information for my report about political dynasty..... like

Replied by: groovy's created | Date replied: Aug 28,2011

ang polotica ay gna

Replied by: ellezyx _ennovy | Date replied: Aug 17,2011 u all...i just wanna let u guys know that thank u and keep up da good work...hope u'll do ur best for those who are looking for the right what u all are discussing in that's 8...thank u:)again...

Replied by: sheryn | Date replied: Aug 06,2011

dapat ksi para matigal na ang political dynasty dapat hind maging sakim ang mga gobierno at opisyales lalo na dto sa ilocos....

"bumangon ka ilocos sur rumkuas ka palbog kuarta dka paalilaw ken pgundawayan bumangon ka ilocos sur bumangon ka !!!"

ang sigaw ng ilocos sur..

Replied by: corrinne | Date replied: Mar 06,2011

.. ano ba ang adavntages a nd disadvantages ng political dynasty at ano ang posibleng solusyon ang magagawa para matigil ang pol dynasty?

..tnx in advance ..ur comments wud help me a lot for my case study.. =)

Replied by: Fire | Date replied: Feb 11,2011

tnx sa mga comment it helped me a lot in my research paper!!1

Replied by: king | Date replied: Jan 03,2011

tO perpetuAte pOliticAl pOwer in one or twO clAns or just a few big names is an irOnic twist and abuse of the demOcrAtic system by these clAns? dO u agree with stAtement? is pOliticAL dynAsty undemOcrAtic? will dynAsties perpetuAte disunity and cAuse myopic pOliticAl and ecOnOmic views as well as selfishness against nationAl interest?

Replied by: nhelfrance dayag | Date replied: Dec 13,2010

well, ladies and gentlemen,hindi dapat natin yan problemahin dapat nating kainisan ay yung walang pantay pantay na tingin ng ibang gobyerno tulad ngayun.bakit tagal pang na solve ang problem about sa ampatuan massacre? na diuba alam na nating lahat kung sino ang may sala?...dahil ba sa pera kaya hindi pa ito natatapos? siguro nga dahil kung napapansin mo ka pag mahirap ang nagkasala agad bibitayin pero kung mayaman,,,,,pagkaraming pasikot sikot...kaya hindi umuunlad ang atin g bayan dahil jan.

Replied by: greg ronquillo | Date replied: Nov 26,2010

dahil sa pagiging makasarili ng mga taong yan, at gahol sa kapangyarihan.. minsan nakakalimutan na may mas magaling pa sa kanila, working as team daw?? i dont think so? kaya yuma-yaman ba cla ng sila-sila lng..?? habang tayo e lugmok pa rin?? d naman ata tama yun... itigil na sana yan, ng umangawat namn tayo..

Replied by: mary rose | Date replied: Nov 15,2010

yeah ryt..i agree dat political dynasty should be prohibited..pwa hindi na maulit ang nangyaring maguindanao masaker..we should do something to stop blood line rule....

Replied by: RMB | Date replied: Nov 06,2010

I hate this Political Dynasty in our province. Dili maayo ang nacontribute ani sa among probinsya, though,there are individuals who are looking for changes but then, nabutaan ang uban sa mga salapi, pag-abot sa botohan. these family is maintaining the power for several years..
ang nakaulaw pa, is, we are the top 5 of the worst governance in the Philippines. last election, OMG, i hate their strategies, pero wala jud koy nahimo, Money controlled them.. hiwi man ang pamaagi, sa pangalagad, sa serbisyo isip mga Official sa probinsya, but then, people, kept, voting them, coz of MONEY! unsaon nalang ni,
PAMILYA nga naghari sa PROBINSYA, singgit namo, ang kauswagan ta,
corruption, palihug undanga na,
para sa kahayag ning lugar ta.

Replied by: mai | Date replied: Oct 20,2010

Speaking of Political dynasty it's quite fine. Basta ang ipaglaban lang ay ang truth para sa lahat and hindi yung maling mga plano para sa bansa.

Replied by: Mylene P. | Date replied: Oct 20,2010

Ok ra kau na ang political dynasty knowing nga maayo pud ang pagkadummala. Mas maayo jud na kilatison ang modumala sa renda sa pagpangagamhanan sa atong nasud. Political dynasty is fine...

Replied by: keith | Date replied: Oct 07,2010

for me being a concern student i do believe that having a political dynasty is not appropriate in the development of ones country.there are still a lot of good politicians who exist yet some barbaric people are still voting for the one whom they know and sadly political dynasty still imparts a big impact in our society,besides we can not blame those politicians instead those person who VOTED them!!

Replied by: april sta ana | Date replied: Sep 07,2010

kaya ok lang ang political dynasty dito sa pilipinas kc yung mga politicians gusto sakanila lang yung power to reign here . kaya pag my crime silang ngagawa madali nilang naitatago o madali clang naabswelto kc malakas ang kapi nila

Replied by: seth08 | Date replied: Sep 05,2010

I think what was wrong w/ us Filipino's? We are always after for the black picture when it comes to our leaders.. But how about the good things that they've done.. We as Filipino Citizen,we also have our responsibilities, and that is most of us do not recognize.. Leaders and their members ,should work as a team..And we are part of those members.. And one great contribution that we can give as a citizen of this country? We should learn first to follow rules.. Changes starts from ones self.. so we need to obey first before we complain.

Replied by: seph | Date replied: Aug 19,2010

nakadepend naman yan sa tao.
tayo din naman ang pumipili sa kanila.
we have all the rights to run.because we are in democratic country.

Replied by: bev | Date replied: Aug 18,2010

based on my research political dynasty is one of the reason why we are prohibiting the president term to be extended because there will come a time that he will abuse this power. check it out in the internet

Replied by: garry | Date replied: Aug 12,2010

hindi naman po talaga as in na masama ang political dynasty, its just that we are looking in their mistakes that makes without considering the good deeds they have done... im not saying that i am a pro on this but i would just like to impart some because the reason why we are living in a non prospering country is because of the system being implemented or not exercised... If we want change, then as FRIEDRICH NAUMANN said, we should overhaul the system. and one more thing, we as sovereign filipino people should participate honestly, para rin sa atin to... thanks for reading...

Replied by: leiman | Date replied: Aug 12,2010

Article II section VI of the 1987 Phillipine constitution prohibits political dynasties. if certain family rule over a country, city, province, municipality, and barangay, there will be a posibility that they would favor any member of their family if incase they committed a crime because they hold the power and might. there is a saying on psychology that if a mother is a deviant and as well as the father, there would be a posibility that the child would be foolowing their steps as well as with politics. so i would be con for political dynasties!!!!

Replied by: Hennie Alyssa | Date replied: Jul 25,2010

Political dynasty is "in" in the Philippines. 'Uso' kumbaga. But why is it unnoticed? Or noticed but then, the concerned were not even moving their butts to work? In an investment, if you have the most number of stocks then you are the major stockholder. Just like politics... If most members of your clan takes over many position in any office, later on they will invade the country. There will be no more Democracy.

Democracy means that people have the right to everything. We, Filipinos should work too. We should stand as one. Those politicians wants to be powerful. Its the power they need but they do not know what is service.

Replied by: rainbowdottedfries | Date replied: Jul 16,2010

Everyone is free to run for a public position if he wishes to do so.

Yet not everyone is educationally capable to handle the intricacies of nation-building, bill-writing, dealing with international leaders, etc.

As sad as it is, the members of political dynasties are armed with knowledge to face national problems head on. This is not just a matter of, alleviating poverty and cleaning the streets. These two problems are merely parts of a bigger picture. A bigger picture that requires extensive knowledge.

I am not saying that everyone who's not knowledgeable cannot run. No, of course they can. It actually depends on the person on how his experiences and maybe lack of knowledge, can serve the Filipinos. See a good example in Isko Moreno. He may not have a college degree, but he is one outstanding politician.

Having a popular last name therefore, does not necessarily mean doom for the Filipino people. No matter how many members of the family run, if people will be SMART enough to vote. Then we have hope.

Replied by: the sun and the moon wil come to the shirt of ther world will never defined as a need of society to the other people or denied will never be a apart as the political needs of other to the country that we will meet eaxh other to last and for most to take | Date replied: Jul 01,2010

dapat nikasaad din ang mga artikulo.

Replied by: gegel | Date replied: Jul 01,2010

ako rin hindi satisfied kulang ksi yong mga sagot hindi insakto.

Replied by: ms.polsci | Date replied: Jul 01,2010

shahani: you ask why people vote them? simply because they do not know what was the meaning of political dynasty even political dynasty,because some of them was not concern,lack of knowledge and so on! so we need to help those people who doesn't know ,for them to realize and at the same time to open their mind what they'd done..

Replied by: ms.polsci | Date replied: Jul 01,2010

political dynasty "STRICTLY PROHIBITED" ayan n nga oh . strictly .. bkt p cla hnhyaang tumakbo? pra mkatulong? saan ? sa pgba2go? thats bullshit!no one politician defines political dynasty .kase sila din ang mwawalan ..try to ask them!

Replied by: shahani | Date replied: Jun 24,2010

Don't want political dynasty?
Why you vote for them?..
People themselves are the one who to choose in the government..
These politicians under dynasties are won because of the people who vote for them...Most of us really don't like political dynasty but most of us choose them.

Replied by: Rashley24 | Date replied: May 13,2010

Well, for me Political dynasty should be prohibited in our country because it seems that they don't give chance to others. I think they just wanted to become richer. Here in Bulacan, there is a couple here that they are both leaders. I'm just wondering how can they take good care of their children?

Replied by: Espee | Date replied: May 05,2010

Well, I am against political dynasty. Why? It's because the descendants of successful politicians have no proof of their achievements. No background of theirs is much told so for me, this political dynasty should stop.

Replied by: ems | Date replied: Mar 17,2010

Political Dynasty..

It is possible na masugpo ang political dynasty sa ating bansa.majority of politicians are members of political dynasty.They want to stay in power for their own interest.

Replied by: amy diones | Date replied: Mar 17,2010

well, we can't say there's a problem that will arise when our country practice these political dynasty thing when somehow the family who will hold the position in the government is capable enough in rendering his/her service for the good of the country. We should also take into consideration the things that these family had contributed and imparted. Stop stereotyping, the best thing we have to do is choose the right person for the right position. It is still in our hands and conscience to do the choice.

Replied by: mS.violet | Date replied: Mar 16,2010

mali talaga ang political dynasty!!!dahil wala ng oportunidad ang ibang tao na mapag lingkuran ang sambayanang plilipino!!!!!lalio lang silang nag papayaman sa pagkaka upo nila sa pwesto!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by: dani | Date replied: Mar 09,2010

pol dynasty only shows how greedy Filipinos are when it comes to power...

Replied by: Reymar S. Alegarbes | Date replied: Feb 23,2010

"the youth is now empowered.."

wat r we going to do?.. its time for us to make a stand and dare to be different. If we are not in favor of political dynasty then let's take the lead to stop it..

My friends, let it be told and be accepted by all that responsibility does not lie in government leaders is in your hands in my hands, in the hands of all filipinos who in the dark horizon of this country's paradoxes is like a shooting star, streaking across and brightening the sky..

Let's join our hands in building a Country WE DESERVE..

Replied by: ..ehmjhay.. | Date replied: Feb 19,2010

..were a democratic country but still their are dynasty.huh ang saklap nga isipin nito pero ito ang katotohanan laganap nga sa ating bansa ang ganitong sistema .pag patuloy pa rin itong lumaganap sa ating bansa at hindi magtatagalang demokrasyang pamahalaan ay mauuwi sa dynastiya mgging mgulo ang ating bansa,,kaya sana habang maaga pa ay masupil na ng ating pamahalaan ang ganitong sistema

Replied by: michael | Date replied: Feb 15,2010

"the end does not justify the means"

political dynasty is not bad, it depends on how we use it.. so enlighten our minds people specially leaders that's the key 2 a good governance..

Replied by: kirajoy plaza | Date replied: Feb 13,2010

this provision exist with no limitations and no boundaries. yet, for almost 6 decades , this is still an issue that cannot be banned by any proposed law since Congress composed of government allies in which some of the majority leaders were came from one family. if opposition cannot control or stop it .maybe voters can do.

Replied by: voNjesoN | Date replied: Jan 29,2010

is political dynasties illegitimate?
our present contitution gives a particular provision as of the prohibition of this political dynasties, this specific provision is mandated under Article II The Declaration of Priciples and State policies, section 26 of the 1987 contitution, to wit;
"The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law."
the fallow up inquiry would be ; if the constitution prohibits such, then why happen so rampant? does it mean that we do not abibe by our supposed fundamental law of the land?
A good counter measure would be, the prohibition of this polical dynasties is incourage to the extent that it must be difined by law, as it was mandated in the provision, the problem then is that there is no law that will provide a distinct defination of what a political dynasty is, thus most of the dominant names in our country today are still doing this political affair.

Replied by: lady katez laspinas | Date replied: Jan 11,2010

as a political science student i highly disagree with the rampant political dynasty here in our country, i think one of the reason why it is happening is because WE people allowed it to continue.... so we need to change our perspective that a man currently involve in politics who has a heart to serve and help the people does not necessarily mean that he has a son of the same............

Replied by: gracelyn cabrera | Date replied: Jan 04,2010

This provision clearly prohibits the existence of political dynasties in the country to preclude equal access to public service and the right for people to choose in the local election. However, it is not self-executory, meaning the provision needs an implementing law before it can be applied. Unfortunately, no such law has been approved in twenty years, mainly because of disagreements on the definition of a political dynasty, thus it continues to exert a pervasive influence on Philippine politics. Furthermore, the democratic character of the government, allows such groups to justify their existence and thrive under the mantle of legitimacy. It is true that no political family should exercise monopoly of leadership but they have all the economic resources and political clout to do so.

In section 115 of the Election Code of the Constitution, there is a proposed definition of political dynasty that was included but was not approved. The proposal prohibits persons having the same civil degree of relationship to run in any elective position in the same political unit in the same election. It also does not allow any persons with the same civil relationship, including legal or common-law partners, to succee an incumbent position of the latter.

Former Sen. Juan M. Flavier has authored SB 12 that defines and prohibits political dynasties. It refers political dynasty as “the concentration, consolidation, or perpetuation, of public office and political powers by persons related to one another.” Persons holding office and related within the third civil degree of consanguinity or affinity – including their spouses and the spouses of their brother-in-law and sister-in-law – will already be deemed to be in a political dynasty relationship.

There is a related piece of legislation that was filed in the House of Representatives, authored by Rep.Emilio C. Macias II – HB 44, that seeks to ban local officials from occupying the next higher position which they had previously occupied and for which they had served for three consecutive terms. The bill is currently pending in the House Committee on Local Government. If enacted into law, the bill will effectively prohibit an elected local official from filling a permanent vacancy by way of succession in the offices of the governor, vice governor, mayor or vice mayor during the prohibitive term or the term of office immediately after the third consecutive term.

While there is still no enacted law for these provisions, the Constitution has provided that all elective officials, from congressmen to municipal councilors, be limited to three consecutive terms. The idea was to limit the power of political clans. Unwittingly, the opposite has happened as the three-term limit gave the opportunity for political dynasties to perpetuate themselves in power. After their three-term is over they would either put thier spouses or their children or any relative to replace them for the post that they would leave and they would run for another post as there is no law saying that they cannot do so.

Now, the Constitution passed the enactment of these provisions to the Congress but the reality is that the dominant members of the House belong to political dynasties, which cannot be expected to legislate their own demise as a political entity. However, the politicians think that if people do not like you, they would not vote for you.

Replied by: grace | Date replied: Jan 04,2010

as wat i have noticed in our country today..there is such political dynasty,many political government suggested their relatives or even there family member to ran in election..and for me,they just want it for their own that when they corrupt money from people,no one will question them,hahahah....
And that's too bad for the Philippines..and not only in the Philippines also in other country...

Replied by: ma. cherry may vicente | Date replied: Jan 04,2010

sir pls prove nah dba no to political dynasty dapat...? like ampatuan's... kz magkakaroon ng favoritsm sa isang lugar kung ganun,

Replied by: wulvie | Date replied: Dec 22,2009

political dynasty is the main breeder of incompetence, mediocrity and corruption. why?

in a political dynasty, a family tends to hold the government's power. you see it not only in the Philippines, but all over the world. you have the grandfather as the governor, and his son as a congressman and his daughter as a vice mayor, while his grandchildren occupy the seat as a councilor. with this, we develop complacency since there is no one who would challenge them. now, we go back to the monarchical type of government. are they the individuals who the country can choose from? our country is rich with people who have the skill to lead and the heart to govern, coupled with the heart and soul to touch the lives of his fellowmen. but through political dynasty, such potentials in the society are no longer tapped. once this happens, the leaders set to do things as to what they think is enough, but not more than enough for the people, which triggers mediocrity (the lack of excellence, averageness). now, since they hold the power, they are no longer checked if such mistakes are done. after all, they hold the majority since family members hold key positions in the government (tyranny of plurality).

now, this is not only haunting the Philippines, but all other countries outside the archipelago. USA experienced two presidencies where they were led by two separate presidential sons, namely John Quincy Adams (son of the 2nd President, John Adams) and George W. Bush (son of the 41st President, George H.W. Bush). now, did these US presidents perform well? their approval ratings are merely average, if not failing. their performance is even dismal (or more dismal) than their parents. look at our neighbor, Indonesia. they experienced the presidency of Megawati Sukarnoputri (the daughter of Indonesia's liberator, Sukarno). now, she received corruption allegations, while poverty was still haunting the majority of Indonesia's population. the same thing with our country's Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who happens to be the daughter of Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. a lot of individuals are discontented with her leadership.

now, world history dictates such happenings, from east to west. now, we should not let our country experience the same thing again. DOWN WITH POLITICAL DYNASTY!

Replied by: British Andy | Date replied: Dec 17,2009

In some parts of the world a political dynasty is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, the Phillippines needs widespread sweeping political reform and the political dynasties will never give it, as they have too much to lose.

This needs to be the focus of any future popular uprising - ban ALL political dynasties.

If some good dynasties are lost then it's a small price to pay for getting rid of the rest. The Philippines cannot be run any worse than it is now.

Your country and it's people have so much potential but it will never be realized under the current status quo.

Replied by: Maidy | Date replied: Oct 19,2009

Article III of the 1987 Constitution is the declaration of State policies and principles. Section 26 prohibits the political dynasties, however, this section is not self executing. The framers of the said Constitution left it to Congress to enact the enabling law.

Unless such enabling law is enacted by Congress, the prohibition shall be to no avail.

Replied by: diane | Date replied: Oct 03,2009

this totally absurd.. i mean, im not a pro- political dynasty. but how would you stop and oppose to it if it it not even defined by the constitution? political dynasty is never defined, it was never clear what political dynasty is. how would you bring an action to abolish something if we dont know what we are actually opposing?...

Replied by: kelly | Date replied: Sep 24,2009

Kung ang mga nasa kapangyarihan sinusuportahan si Aquino nang dahil lang nanungkulan sila sa kanyang nanay, then masama ang polical dynasty. Kagaya mismo ng nangyayari ngayon.

Replied by: ethel lozada | Date replied: Sep 23,2009

di namn ganung kapanget na may political dynasty, depende kz un sa nagpapalakad,what f maganda namn yung ngawa nila,yun nga lng mas marame p rin ung mga walng nagagawa n pansariling kapakinabangan lng ang iniicp...
pero base sa mga ngyayare d2 sa ating bansa mas mabuting magkarun n nang batas about dun...better n my batas na kh8 minsan eh d din napapatupad,...

Replied by: lorile | Date replied: Sep 23,2009

there is really nothing wrong about political dynasty... for it is our choice to choose. and then why vote those sons?daughter of an evil or corrupt leader? once is enough, twice is too much.

Replied by: Roland June R. Cane | Date replied: Aug 19,2009


In my own youthful understanding and also based on my knowledge acquired through my studies as a political science student.

There are good and bad outcomes in political dynasties. I will set as an example the city of butuan who had been overwhelmed by the power of plaza family for how many decades. In my existence in this world, since birth i haven't seen a rapid improvement at the city of butuan. For generations, this famous and wealthy family dominated butuan. Butuan now is known for as a corrupt and poor city regardless of the bountiful natural resources.

Replied by: kris | Date replied: Jun 04,2009


thank you very much for your responses and i am amaze to hear your ideas. they are wonderful.

yes you're right, we should not vindicate to those political families since there is no any perfect leader/s in the world. it really depends on the person's disposition, and not because that he is from a political household. if only the people are strong and smart enough in making decisions, thereby not allowing themselves to get involve in any temptations of vote buying, intimidation and etc., then we can be able to make a better country. we should always be accountable.

i will really be able to use your ideas and opinions and yes, i'll get it as my implementation for everybody. thanks again!

good eve!

Replied by: obed dela cruz | Date replied: Jun 04,2009

To see some of my statements please look at these topics in the debate corner:

Abortion is illegal

The Preamble of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines

The need

Why need to abolish SK?

Please read these topics and their content to have more ideas. Also, please leave comments. These are just under your topic in the debate corner. Thanks.

Replied by: rain | Date replied: May 22,2009

This dynasty is just a waste in our country and nobody can end this phenomena.According to a survey a government compose of 75/25 people rulers. The 75% of these rulers are successors or some are from dynasty. When you passed a law to prohibit this political issue what is the purpose of it. This will just rejected by those politicians. Want to know what’s the worst thing is? Miracle is the only way for this.

Replied by: kris | Date replied: Jun 04,2009

i really need you help sir. i will be having a debate next week and i need to have enough and strong statement regarding that matter.

i suppose there is nothing wrong about the political dynasty and it is not being defined under the law of constitution in the philippine country. it is not the leaders' fault if they came from a political family and took a position in the government for it is of the people's choice to choose. thus, why blame the politicians? as a responsible citizen, we should know and learn to vote wisely.

i hope to hear from you soon. thanks!

Replied by: Delacruz | Date replied: May 06,2009

I agree in one way that political dynasty should be controlled but I agree to the political dynasty if the leaders who has been elected in a very honest way got the brains and the heart that has compassion and a dream of a better Philippines because these kind of leaders are the type of leaders we need in this society

Replied by: cheryll | Date replied: Mar 08,2009

this is to respond to allan's query, he said, dapat daw nakasaad and (mga) articulo kung saan matatagpuan ang (mga) batas na nagbabawal sa political dynasty. heto po ang article 2 section 26 ng 1987 Constitution: "The state shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law." sana naintindihan mo at satisfied ka na talagang BAWAL anf political dynasty sa ating bansa. kung paano dine-define ng law ang "political dynasty"...un ang dapat nating malaman.

Replied by: Danette C. Dantes | Date replied: Jan 30,2009

Political dynasty is disastrous in a country especially in a third world country like Philippines. Imagine these politicians building monuments, buildings, foundations naming after their fathers, mothers etc. as if they are spending money from their own pockets but in the expense of the taxpayers money. It's like what the princes cities states of Italy of bygone years. Very shameful, walang delicadeza these politician we might as rename Olongapo City to Gordon City and Zambales to Magsaysay Province or we might as well immigrate to another country just what I did

Replied by: chel | Date replied: Dec 05,2008

i don't like having a political dynasty in our country.!!! let's give a chance the others to become the leaders.

Replied by: STANLEY of 4500 | Date replied: Nov 20,2008

ANG comment ko lang sa political dynasty dapat magkaroon ng batas, nagbabawal sa pagtakbo lahat ng miyembro ng pamilya sa election sa pilipinas.

Replied by: marie rose | Date replied: Nov 15,2008

i want to stop having political dynasties here in philipines !! bcoz lets give chance to others, maybe they are more good to manage .. . it is very unfair to the other who has interest to run in the position but then at the end they failed.. and the reason for that is having so much wealth , popularity that can made them stay for the position... ..

Replied by: MC Madeja | Date replied: Oct 07,2008

I have to disagree, being a politician is not genetically determined. Though I do not directly oppose the matter regarding political dynasty, it just bothers me kasi kung sila at sila rin ang uupo, hindi ba parang nagpapayaman lang sila nang nagpapayaman? But well, if the elected official has the right amount of compassion and empathy naman sa mga mamamayan, whats so wrong with that?

Replied by: erna | Date replied: Oct 07,2008

sa aking pananaw, wala namang masama sa political dynasty kung ang namumunong pamilya ay may kakayahang mamuno at magpaunlad ng kanilang lugar na pinamumunuan.

may naisip lang po akung dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin malinaw ang batas ukol sa political dynasty, siguro po dahil na rin sa ang mga nas posisyon ngayon para gumawa ang batas ay may mga kamag-anak nas nakaupo rin sa pwesto. wat ya think?

Replied by: rosemarie | Date replied: Sep 18,2008

i think we better kill our present form of government in such a way that we can be able to taste the real meaning of salvation.Thus, we can be able to kill the continously growing population of political dynasty

Replied by: Pola | Date replied: Sep 06,2008

i think having politicians who just become heirs to the throne of their predecessors is not only unjust but limits also the idea of democracy in this country. who should be happy with the same family names in different positions in the government, it thus limit opportunities for other politicians to run. they're just using their assets to win the favor of many. they're just powerful, and i think it has been part already of the history.

Replied by: jaezelle | Date replied: Aug 10,2008

ahm.. i agree on it depending of how many family members are running for..
however we shouldnt ban family dynasties..

Replied by: joana marie g. galemba | Date replied: Aug 07,2008

Thank you very much for your comments especially Mr.Friedrich Naumann. I'm working on my arguementative essay, soo its very helpful to me.

Replied by: sara | Date replied: Aug 06,2008

as for me, political dynasty has one disadvantage and one advantage. its disadvantage was conspiracy. politicians belonging to political dynasties might conspire for evil concerns regarding corruption. the advantage was their cooperation on development concerns. they can collaborate to solve a problem here in our country.

Replied by: harveen | Date replied: Aug 03,2008

im a 3rd year student,comment kuh lang
for me,, dee nman msama ang political dynasty eeh
nasa tao na yan kung cnuh ang ibobto nla..that`s all

Replied by: blanx... | Date replied: Jul 31,2008

just as i was reading the phil. constitution particularly art. 2....i found out that political dynasty is prohibited to insure an equal opportunity for public service...however,status quo allows these families in controlling or governing a certain area(city,province and the like)....wat then now is political dynasty?

Replied by: fatima marla | Date replied: Mar 30,2008

.. a good and substantial reading on this is an article entitled "An Anarchy of Families": The Historiography of State and Family in the Philippines, by Alfred McCoy.. tehe articles mentions the dominating families in various provinces in the country and explains how they achieve such status and why they intended to do so.

Replied by: Luke Salvador | Date replied: Mar 16,2008

Political Dynasty, maybe I would agree on it depending the number of a family members taking political positions.

What I mean is, Its fine to have a son or a wife taking the fathers'/husbands' position after his term. But I do not agree having a the father as the governor, the son as the mayor, and the wife as the congressman of a certain province all at the same time.

Sabihin na natin, di rin maganda sa imahe ng bansa. Pag may magkapatid o mag-ina na kapwa senador.

Replied by: chabz | Date replied: Mar 07,2008

political dynasty has been a part of our culture. i believe that there's no other way to end it. for the political families please dont be greedy. help our country. please

Replied by: ivy | Date replied: Feb 19,2008

i really don't like the idea of political dynasty. it's like ruling a home instead of a government.. it should not be allowed.

Replied by: carmela | Date replied: Feb 16,2008

sa tingin ko ay dapat na ngang ipagbawal ang political dynasty dito sa Pilipinas. sapagkat nawawalan ng pagkakataon ang ibang tao na nais maglingkod sa ating bayan, na may MAS malinis na HANGARIN at TAPAT na serbisyong maibibigay. nananakawan sila ng pagkakataon ng mga mag kakamaganak na politiko na karamihan naman ay walang naidudulot na maganda sa kanilang mga nasasakupan. bigyan po natin ng pagkakataon ang iba. yun lamang po.

Replied by: ilnamlee | Date replied: Feb 13,2008

hey, can't we justify a political dynasty's rule/power/authority when they serve their constituents well through social services/projects? halimbawa: political dynasty nga pero umaasenso naman ung city nila/ may sustainable developement and good governance.. at legitimate ung win sa election...

Replied by: | Date replied: Feb 11,2008

8s a big mistake of the people if they will vote those politicians whose almost of their family members runs to a position

Replied by: faisal ilyas dar | Date replied: Jan 09,2008

As everybody knows that "a dynasty is a succession of rulers who belong to the same family for generations". A dynasty is also often called a "house", e.g. the House of Saud or House of Habsburg.
In modern political systems, most of political parties also nominate thier dynasts who lead the parties for generations. In my view, both the faces of dynasty are non-democratic and oftenly against the will of the people.
The future of such political dynasties is not very much bright and good because such dynasties (or heirs) may change due to mass corruption, more democratic awareness among the people or un-productive results of the party or the dynast itself.
In modern liberal societies no such option is adopted or even bearable, which is understood to be aganist the rights and liberal environment of the people.
I think UNO, human rights activists and different international NGOS should take some positive steps regarding the abolituion of any form of political dynasties from all over the world. Also, all the political systems should fight aganist it through different platforms and movements. Political dynasty is forbidden even in the constitutions of some countries, like in Philippines in 1986, due to such movements.

Replied by: jenny garcia | Date replied: Jan 06,2008

people has their own power to jutisfy the rite and wrong bout political dynasty!!kung susumahin ang m\ga tao ang my kaslanan kung bkt nagkakaroon ng political dynasty sa ating bansa!ngunit hbanf tumatagal kc nalalason na dn ang mga utak sbe nga nla na dhl sa hrap ng buhay kanulang gagawen ang lhat lahat makaahon lang sa kharpan.

Replied by: jeiow | Date replied: Dec 19,2007

Friedrich Naumann is the man! lol very persuasive! taena tama nga naman. we cant prevent political dynasties unless we overhaul the whole system. to jec, u should know, ikaw taga-alabang

Replied by: Mark | Date replied: Nov 09,2007

DS s not a chat room dt u can post ur num!!itz ol about politics and itz serious

Replied by: rozzanne | Date replied: Oct 11,2007

article 2 section 26 of the current (1987) Philippine Constitution.

I'm taking up a subject called Pol.Sci 14 in UP (Baguio).

I'm researching about political dynasties, too. I need more info for my final paper due on October 17


Replied by: stalker | Date replied: Sep 20,2007

political dynasties are forbidden in the Philippines by the 1986 constitution, the problem is that no definition of political dynasty has been given

Replied by: markj | Date replied: Sep 15,2007

Yes, i believe that family dynasty perse is not bad. However, the political system here in the Phils. is so weak.. thus the main problem of the country right now is graph and corruption and it has rooted so deeply... people who are in position use their power to push thier personal advantages,i don't need any proof to prove my statement because its very evident... corruption can be more achievable when the people in the position are all connected in the so called"family tree"

Replied by: brian | Date replied: Jul 24,2007

Political philosophers of ancienttime classified government according to the number of people who shared the power.Democracy for instance is ruled by many,autocracy is ruled by one dictator,a king or a queen...The culture of political dynasty which is now a phenomenon in Philippine politics controlled by few is very alarming, if not addressed will result to "oligarchy" a government controlled by few...It needs balancing,strong laws must be enacted to complement this culture of politics.

Replied by: Chana | Date replied: Jun 25,2007

Para sa akin walang political dynasty kung kung mapagsuri tayong mga tao...piliin natin ang mga taong boboto natin..alam naman pala natin na ang tatakbo ngaun ay kapatid pala ng isang kongressman na may masama nang record,bat pa natin sya boboto?

Friedrich Naumann says... | Date replied: Jun 20,2007

On a very fundamental level, it is difficult to justify depriving someone from his inherent democratic right to seek elective office just because of his family. It also restricts the people?s democratic choice. If we believe that we have to prevent people from voting for dynasties, we are in effect saying that we do not trust the people to make the right choices ? but such a belief undermines democracy as a whole.

Looking at it pragmatically, one clear benefit is that the political experience and wisdom of a good politician is easily passed down to his children. Growing up in a political household is a great training exercise. Political legacies and traditions can live on. Moreover, politics is about networking, and inheriting one is a big advantage. This effect can be seen in many democracies around the globe. The Roosevelt family gave the US two of its outstanding presidents; the Kennedy?s have produced several important leaders; the current speaker of the House in the US, Nancy Pelosi, learned politics from her father. In Germany, the education minister, Ursula von der Leyen, is the daughter of a well-known provincial leader.

Of course, the opposite is also possible. The corrupt practices of the father can be continued and can become even more established by his children.

However, the real problem lies not in sons, wives or daughters running for elected positions. The problem is a political system that is weak, where patronage politics are still endemic. The rule of law is also weak, thus perpetuating local power structures that are not open to peaceful competition and to real accountability. Its symptoms at election time are vote-buying, intimidation and cheating; thereby, not allowing for a true opposition to emerge and for the will of the people to be truly heard. So when people worry about dynasties, the issue is really the nature of the power structure in the political system. Dynasties are a symptom, not the root cause. If we want to change things, we should focus on how to strengthen the rule of law and how to increase competition in the system. Otherwise we are in danger of treating a brain tumor with aspirin.
Replied by: zimzam | Date replied: May 14,2007

im confuse..what is the advantages of Political Dynasty??... can u please tell me about it?...thankx!!

Replied by: mark | Date replied: Apr 02,2007

well, for me political dynasty is not that bad, on the other hand, the implementation of projects under their terms will be continous hence it will be given full atention.For as long as those officials is doing their job effectively then there is no issue regarding that one.And why blame those people under a certain dynasty? it is not their fault, in the phillipines where the government is democratic, the power to choose among those candidates is in the hands of the people. they are the one who is responsible in putting those people in the office. For me it does not matter at all having a political dynasty, the most important is that we have to observe the way those people do there duty regardless of wqho they are. the most impoprtant is that let see if they are doing there job.

Replied by: justwantedtosaythis | Date replied: Apr 01,2007

hi... im just a highschool student. i just wanted to comment on this topic. i believe that we should not ban political dynasties. first and foremost, we would supress the rights of each and every legitimate Filipino to run. what if members of this dynasty are actually good and efficient leaders? we are risking the development of a barangay, a city, a region, a country, just because of a baseless issue such as this. furthermore, if the people believe that the member of a political dynasty is an ineffeicient leader, then we shouldn't vote for that person. it is our right to choose our leaders. therefore, it is our responsibility whoever we put into position. i also believe that these politicians should just be banned from using the names and accoomplishments of relatives in campaign ads...

Replied by: mary prosep | Date replied: Mar 14,2007

pulitical dynasty now is very corrupt in our society now

Replied by: humble arki student | Date replied: Feb 21,2007

true, but it doesn't mean, it applies to all. and besides, they don't automatically inherit a certain position of a relative, though truly, it has a factor that could influence voting a dynasty. Banning a political dynasty may hurt the right of some voters and the right of the politician to run. another thing, if the dynasty has the capability of making their people prosper, then why not vote for that dynasty?(if that's just the case)

Replied by: Law & Politics | Date replied: Feb 15,2007

well, you see political dynasty is already prohibited under the 1987 constitution, except that it (meaning of political dynasty)has to be defined first by Congress. It has been almost two decades already and Congress has not yet defined the term "political dynasty". so, what shall we do? lobby for the passage of the law that would define the term and, in the meantime,voters should not vote for candidates who run simply because they carry the names of famous politicians.

Replied by: Mr.Polsci | Date replied: Feb 04,2007

ahmmm.... liberal politics is so devasteated nowadays...but i do oppose political dynasty!! how can we live in a state wherein the parliamentary community is made up of relatives... how can we maintain an orderly and honest can we promote the common good if there will be personal agenda bahind the so-called "family tree"!!! comment plsss....

Replied by: ana | Date replied: Jan 25,2007

well tama kau, ang maggwa lng ntn is not to vote their relatives dba??
question lng, sbi nla meron daw n pnganak as a politician bcoz thats a fmly line up.

Replied by: allan | Date replied: Sep 05,2006

hindi ako satisfied sa sagot n ito.....
kulang kasi. dapat nakasaad din ang mga artikulo kung saan matatagpuan ang mga batas na nagbabawal sa political dynasty.. yun lng po ang aking comment,

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