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educational crisis in the phils.

it is just so devastating to know the current educational system situation of the country.There are a lot of problems that needs to be addressed immediately.For example,the quality of education,the affordability of education, the government budget for education and the education mismatch.

Posted by: mayen
Date posted: Apr 08,2010
Replied by: sheen casie labitad | Date replied: Aug 06,2011

I agree Mr. Obed. I think it's high time for us to redefine "education".

I don't know if you've noticed the "normalcy" of our education system today. Education now is usually pressure-controlled. We normally study not to develop our personhood but to maintain the status quo - get a profession, get respected. This is of course, the normal social definition of education.

I think our university prof. and parents, elders, and everyone else should ponder upon Confuscious' definition of education.

Replied by: Obed de la Cruz | Date replied: Nov 02,2010

I'm so sorry Mr. Ryan Banaria if this comment came very late. I was out to write more poems and I even forgot about

I agree with what you have said sir. Yes, not all the faults should be laid upon the educators. They were there to teach in school but it's a different situation when it comes to parents and family living. I mean, the parents also have to do their part to enhance and/or encourage their children towards education. They should not leave all the job to the educators.

As a college student right now, yes I know the students must also do their part. It's just sometimes there are professors which do not motivate or have any more relations with the students rather than teaching. I don't know about others but personally, I excel in the classes whose professors act like young mothers and fathers to me. Usually, sometimes it is kinda a lot of effort to pass the classes whose professors are just professors inside the classroom and will ask no more about any problem or anything about the students outside the classroom. There are those who just want to teach and fail the students, but also there are those who teach and just pass the students radomly, even if some students do not deserve to pass.

There is really a crisis going on. But I know if only more students who can realize something new about education, then students will cooperate with their educators, and parents will follow... or vice versa.

I'm sorry if this came late and if it's kinda vague.

Replied by: Mark | Date replied: May 12,2010

Teachers, students, parents, and government should not be blamed. An ordinary citizen is also responsible of what we have. We should stop blaming because what you cannot do anything with it. Education is not a sole responsibility of one party, of one group and of one person. Its everybody's concern and therefore, its everybody's responsibility.

A thing becomes a problem when we start thinking of that thing as a problem.

Replied by: Ryan banaria | Date replied: May 07,2010

i agree to you Obed, it seems you are very emotional and I have to salute you for that, but when we whink of pointing a problem and giving solution we should also consider not only the emotional aspect.

Educator as I am, i had seen how the government and the people, especially those who give who proclaimed themselves as expert that the problem with education int he Philippines are the teachers which which is in the frontline of teaching the children. My one year of teaching had taught me that it is not always the case, the students and parents must also be blamed... i'll continue this as soon as you comment

Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Feb 01,2010

I think if you will post a discussion topic, the content should not just be negative. You should point out suggestions that may help to erase the negative.

Anyway, please don't be offended because i don't mean to.

Below is the idea which i kept on thinking for days because I saw this post and i really want to comment on this.

If my comment below is kinda vague please tell me. I may be 14 years old this time but God, my parents, and my teachers taught me well.

Maybe some days later I will go back to this discussion and post a new thought/comment if there are any.


In my view, i can really see the great need of education to every Filipino citizen. There is a poem which I have read some time ago and it says that education of the heart is much more important than the education of the mind. Confuscious agree in this. He said that "Education should not be merely as a means of accumulating knowledge but also as a means of self-transformation. Einsten agree on this also because he said that "Education is what remains after one has forgotten in school".

Here, I am not just saying that the education that we see in schools but i talk about the education that exists in the school of life and the education of the heart.

It is because of the failure of the education of the heart that resulted in the crisis of the education of the mind.


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