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RP Competitiveness

In this Philippine Star Editorial, areas where RP lags in terms of competitiveness is identified. The question now is: how do you boost RP competitiveness in preparation for projected Asia-Pacific Free Trade?

EDITORIAL - Ready for competition?
(Philippine Star, 27th OCtober 2009)

As the world struggles to recover from the financial meltdown, Asia is leading the way. Heeding the lessons of the latest economic crisis, the region wants to reduce its dependence on its traditional markets in the West and instead strengthen intra-regional trade. That market is vast, encompassing China and India as well as Australia and New Zealand. At the just concluded summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with its regional partners, leaders pushed for a free trade area and greater economic integration.

Though there are still many hurdles along the way, the further lowering of trade barriers can be expected in the near future, and the Philippines must be ready for it. ASEAN is preparing to sign a free trade agreement with China. That means more Chinese goods will flood the Philippine market. If the Philippines produces the right goods and services, it can also sell to the huge Chinese market. But first the Philippines must see to it that its products are competitive. In a free trade environment, the most competitive thrives.

The problem is that the Philippines has been steadily slipping in many aspects of competitiveness. Neighboring countries are producing the same goods at lower costs. Bigger economies in the region are investing in new technology and research and development. Most of our neighbors are also investing heavily in improving a countryís most valuable asset: its human resource. This means major investments in education at all levels. Amid the financial meltdown, several Asian countries are pouring resources into improving the quality of public education, so that their people will be better equipped to compete once the global economy recovers.

Education in the Philippines, on the other hand, has progressively deteriorated. Itís not too late to reverse the trend. And itís not too late to prepare for competition in a free trade environment.

Posted by: Lawrence P. Villamar
Date posted: Oct 27,2009
Replied by: jaicee | Date replied: Nov 16,2009

Filipinos are competitive and I think we are ready in a free trade environment.Our products and services are export quality and globally competitive.

I agree that education here in Philippines is rapidly deteriorating.Public school students are dramatically rises and teachers become out numbered .For instance,there are 60 students and one teacher in a classroom setting and also lack of updated educational materials for them.

Replied by: Obed Dela Cruz | Date replied: Oct 27,2009

Hello sir. Some time ago you sent me an email and I hope I have answered it. Well, as I have said, that answer may not be the best answer but that is based on what I know, accumulated, and learned.

About this discussion you posted here, this is the first time I have heard about this. Well, yes! The Philippines must take this kind of advantage through getting serious in improving all fields of society.

Places may have been flooded in the past few weeks but if the government will scale and weigh the measures, we can rise anytime. I live here in Marikina City and I say that most procedures here are organized and well. How much more to the bigger cities? How much more to the places wherein business is greater?

Also, we can take this advantage through living and doing the famous quote, "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENT CAN DO FOR YOU BUT ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT"

This is Jochebed Dela Cruz commonly known as Obed Dela Cruz. Here's my email if there are some questions.

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