2012 IAF Programs

Date/location Title Lan-
Target Groups Closing Date
12.01 - 24.02.

Strategic Planning


Young leaders from politics, justice, administration and NGOs


04.03. - 11.03.
Strategic Political Communication English

Leaders and Communication officers of parties and NGOs Closed
18.03. - 30.03.

Political Communication in the IT-Age/Social Media English

Communication officers and NGOs, some basic knowledge of IT and social media required, but no experts and computer whizz kids. Closed
15.04. - 27.04.

Liberalism today-freedom first

Young leaders from politics, business and administration
20.05. - 27.05.
Political Leadership English

Party representatives, who have acquired a leadership position (up to 3 years of experience) but no old hands!

03.06. - 10.06.

Leadership in the NGO sector English

NGO representatives in leadership positions
24.06. - 01.07.
New public Management English

Leadership personnel from politics, administration, research and private sector Closed
15.07. - 27.07.
Liberalism and Religion English

Young leaders from politics, NGOs, business and administration Closed
09.09. - 21.09.
Human and Civil Rights (e-Academy) English
Human rights activists, lawyers and politicians active in this field Closed
07.10. - 19.10.

Politics and civil society: political parties and NGOs English
Young party and NGO activists, preferably a party and an NGO representative (2 from each country)
04.11. - 16.11.
Climate change and resource management: a liberal consensus? English
Leadership personnel and activists from politics, administration, research and private sector 31.08.2012
25.11. - 07.12.

Strengthening Political Youth Organization
Activists of political youth organizations from the age of 18 onwards

*Online seminars are divided into three phases. In the first part, participants are given materials to read to deepen their knowledge. In the second part, they are encouraged to discuss via an online forum their views and insights. Lastly, participants will be asked to write an essay.

The seminars do not require participants to be online at all times. They have the flexibility to work at their own pace provided they meet the deadlines assigned to each task.

Based on their contribution, IAF will invite 22-24 participants to Gummersbach, Germany to continue the discussions raised online.

Application procedure:

Please download application form and send completed application to Please note that FNF will only correspond with short listed candidates.

FNF Philippines can only evaluate applications of Filipinos. If you are not a Filipino, please contact the FNF office in your country or region. Please view the different FNF locations here.

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