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The Filipino as a Liberal

The Filipino as a Liberal: Selected Essays on Liberalism and the Philippine Condition

These essays reveal what young Filipinos believe liberalism has to offer a Philippine body politic hungry for principled leadership. Most importantly, these are their reasons of hope in the country’s future.

If you are interested in this book, please contact the Center for Liberal Leadership.

Table of Contents

1 Philosophical Dimensions

  • Unveiling the Filipino Liberal
    by Marlowe Selecios
  • The Things That Deter
    by Erwin Escobar
  • A Filipino Studentís Perspective
    by Paul Lasco
  • The Challenge
    by Luigi Mapa
  • The Prelude
    by Michael Santos

2 Historical Roots

  • The Power of the Individual
    by Yellowbelle Duaqui
  • Mabiniís Children: The Filipinos as Doubting Liberals
    by Ronnel Lim
  • Many Faces
    by Alan Cajes
  • Opening the Cage
    by Armi Santos
  • Defining the Filipino Liberal
    by Erickson Balmes

3 Slice of Life

  • A Life for Liberalism
    by Cheryl Cristobal
  • A Tale of Two Liberals
    by Vicente Carlos Lo
  • Progress, Tradition, and the Filipino
    by Prospero Pulma, Jr.
  • Nobodyís Listening
    by Jeffrey Resureccion
  • Capturing the Moment
    by Vivian Luz Pagatpatan

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