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Remembering Still: Interns’ Reflections on Alternative Lawyering in the Philippines

Remembering Still: Interns’ Reflections on Alternative Lawyering in the Philippines

This book is a collection of excerpts from selected reflections of the interns of the Ateneo Human Rights Center from 1987-2005. To the guest, a glimpse into the powerful transformative effect of the internship program in the lives of the interns. To the interns, a reminder of the experiences shared and a guiding light to renew strength and will.

If you are interested in this book, please contact the Ateneo Human Rights Center.

Table of Contents

  1. Answering the Challenge

    Bumaba Ka sa Bundok, Makibahagi at Hanapin
    ang Iyong Sarili

    Attributed to John Balisnomo

    There is Nothing Special About Joining the Ateneo
    Human Rights Center
    Mark Anthony C. de Leon

    One Summer in a Land of Dreams and Nightmares
    Mark Robert A. Dy

  2. Heeding the Call

    Ang Aking Immersion
    Geoderick E. Carbonell

    The Gift of Giving
    Katherine May N. Rances

    A New Meaning
    Vicente C. Dumbrigue Jr.

    Why are you in Law School, Charmane?
    Charmane J. Kanahashi

    Random Thoughts
    Ramon Alcasabas

    Ryan Jeremiah D. Quan

    More Alternative Law Groups and Human Rights Lawyers,
    Regidor B. Tulali

    Building Relationships
    Simon Mesina III

  3. Realizing Truths

    Isang Pagbabalik-tanaw
    Minerva A. Tan

    Everything Has a Reason
    Lorna Rosario Chan-Gonzaga

    A New Perspective
    Carolina P. Orias

    Land Distribution: A Solution?
    Elizabeth L. Benin

    I Learned About Service, but Iím Still Confused
    Veronica Jude E. Abarquez

    Nothing Profound
    Jennifer L. Ramos

    Shyanne T. Juan

    Nelda Ethel P. Torio

    Human Rights Work
    Homer R. Arellano

  4. Committing Our Hearts

    Once an Intern, Always an Intern
    Raymond Q. Salas

    An Alternative Lawyer
    Mary Catherine A. Alvarez

    Deliriumís Stand in the Here and Now
    Ma. Ngina Teresa V. Chan-Gonzaga

    The Ripples are Becoming Waves
    Gilbert V. Sembrano

    Coming Full Circle
    Arlene J. Bag-ao

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