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Notes from the Academy: Filipino Perspectives on Liberal Training in Germany

Notes from the Academy: Filipino Perspectives on Liberal Training in Germany

This collection gathers the reflections of Filipino alumni of the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) seminars. It presents fresh liberal insights spurred by trainings in Gummersbach, Germany and other important IAF venues. The alumni take with them ideas for liberal solutions and strategies, with the hopes of challenging the status quo back home, and also addressing issues of education reform, media, governance, globalization and human rights.

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Table of Contents

I. Liberal Formation

  • The Free Market and the Free Individual
    by Angelico Mercader
  • Liberal Persuasion
    by Essa C. Remoquillo
  • Liberal Learning in the Heart of Africa
    by Attorney Leah Veronica Olores
  • Rekindled by the Basics
    by Attorney John Paolo Roberto Calleja
  • A Case of Serendipity
    by Attorney Maita Chan-Gonzaga
  • Charting Liberal Policy Solutions
    by Jan-Argy Tolentino

II. The Free and Vibrant Press

  • An Enlightened Society through the Free Press
    by Flordelyn Novencido-Eyana
  • Media Terrains Around the World: Different but Similar
    by Sammy Santos

III. Challenges of a Globalized World

  • Understanding Globalization Anew
    by Councilor Clive Quino
  • A Closer Look at Globalization
    by Paolo Antonio A. Zamora
  • Spotting the “Wolves” of Conflict
    by Roselle Tenefrancia

IV. In Service of the Citizen

  • Where the Citizen Reigns
    by Attorney Jose Maria Carpio
  • Learning from the Four Corners of the World
    by Clare Cattleya Amador
  • A Balancing Act
    by Isolde Amante

V. Turning the Tide in Education

  • Education: The Key to Freedom and Opportunity
    by Raul Cordenillo
  • A Framework for Education Reform: Examining the German School System
    by Attorney Myrish T. Cadapan-Antonio

VI. Towards a Liberal Political Organization

  • Political Parties and NGOs – A Working Partnership
    by Gov. Maria Gracia Cielo Padaca
  • NGOs and Political Parties – Adversaries or Complementary Players?
    by Lamberto Francisco Ramirez

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