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Liberal Views on Constitutional Reform

Liberal Views on Constitutional Reform

Nine respected Liberal personalities argue that the time has come to amend the Philippine Constitution, and that reform is necessary if we want our country to progress and endure.

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Table of Contents

The Imperatives of Amending the 1987 Constitution
Rep. Antonio Eduardo B. Nachura

Constitutional Reform Makes for a Responsive Society
Wilfredo V. Villcorta, Ph.D.

Key Issues in Constitutional Reform
Floarangel Rosario Braid, Ph.D.

Revisiting A Strong Republic Through Constitutional Reform
Roman Ramiscal Dannug, DPA

Should the Philippines Turn Parliamentary?
Rep. Florencio B. Abad

A Review of the Term Limit Provisions of the
Gov. Raul Daza

Liberalism and Federalism
Ronald Meinardus, Ph.D. & Gerhard Raichle, Ph.D.

Proposed Amendments to the 1987 Philippine Constitution
Jonathan E. Malaya

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