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Liberal Times in the Philippines: Reflections on Politics, Society and the Role of Media

Liberal Times in the Philippines: Reflections on Politics, Society and the Role of Media

In this collection of essays, Dr. Ronald Meinardus’ insights reveal a political culture that is liberal in ethos, but illiberal when it comes to the failings of its institutions. The result, the author finds, is a perpetual crisis for which platform-based and publicly accountable political parties may be the answer.

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Table of Contents

1 Liberalism and Freedom

Discussing the Basics of Liberalism
Liberal Confusion
Federalism and Liberalism: A German Perspective
Concepts of Freedom
In Defense of Liberalism
Economic Freedom, Not Ideology, Is the Key to Asian Wealth
Enhancement of Freedom Leads to Responsible Community
Freedom to End Up Different
Risks to Secular Government

2 Political Parties, Elections and the Promotion of Democracy

Political Parties ad Ideological Mainstreams
Asias Youth and Political Parties
Elections and Democracy
Challenges for Democratic Consolidation in Asia
Campaigns and Democratic Choices
Think Tanks and Political Parties
Democracy Depends on Modernization
The Battle Against Political Corruption Can Be Won
Promoting Liberalism in Asia
Taiwan's Role in Promoting Democracy
Asians Must Do More to Promote Democracy

3 The Unending Philippine Crisis

The Crisis of Public Education
Elections Philippine Style, Part I
Elections Philippine Style, Part II
Why Losers are so Reluctant to Concede
Democracy, the Military and Corruption
Military Politics and Constitutional Order
Faltering Philippine Democracy
The Philippines' Prolonged Political Crisis
Weak Institutions Fan Filipino Turmoil
Revisiting the Philippine Political Crisis
The Weakening of Philippine Democracy
Filipino Liberals
Puzzling Filipino Optimism

4 The Changing Media and Political Communications

Writing Commentaries: Queen of Journalism
The Political Impact of the Internet
Political Parties and the Media
The Media in Elections
Asian Tale of Two Technologies
How the Internet Changes the Media World
Journalism Turns Deadly in the Philippines

5 Korean Past, Philippine Present

Kim Dae Jung - A Personal Homeage to a Great Asian Statesman
German vs. Korean "Anti-Americanism"
Fears of "Anti-Americanism" Overblown
The "Korean Wave" in the Philippines

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