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Beyond Borders: Does the Universality of Human Rights Require a Particular Type of Democracy?

Beyond Borders: Does the Universality of Human Rights Require a Particular Type of Democracy?

This compilation of essays sheds light on Filipino views on the democratic system in relation to human rights. Government is needed for the protection of human rights, but what kind is debated in this book. However whatever the label, this government must be characterized by rule of law, good governance and an enlightened citizenry.

If you are interested in this book, please contact the Ateneo human Rights Center.

Table of Contents

Forward by Father Joaquin G. Bernas

Message of Support by Mr. Siegfried Herzog

Introduction by Atty. Carlos P. Medina

  • Finding the Middle Ground
    by Leo Rey F. Almero

  • Searching for the Holy Grail: Advancing Human Rights, Realizing Ideal Democracy
    by Jeorge G. Alarcon Jr.

    by Gilberth Balderama

  • Consolidating Democracy and the Modern Concept of Human Rights
    by Johann Carlos Sulit Barcena

  • The Human Rights and Democracy Link: Dichotomizing Politics and Democracy Towards Universal Ideals
    by Jacqueline Q. Borja

  • The Universality of Human Rights is Affirmed by International Documents and the Liberal Democratic Movement
    by Attorney Hector A. Buenaluz Jr.

  • Human Rights: A Boon or Bane of Democracy?
    by Monalisa B. Cainglet

  • True Democracy
    by Ira Chloem B. Daylo

  • Own Thyself
    by Mark Robert Dy

  • The Fallibility of Democratic Structures and the Necessary Democratic Paradigm
    by Leo Martin Angelo Ruiz Ocampo

  • The Universality of Human Rights Requires a Parliamentary Type of Democracy
    by Rita S. Ogbinar

  • Fundamental Human Rights Realized Through an Evolving Democracy
    by Fritzie Rose Lacao Selda

  • The Case for Human Rights and Democracy: Universality in Particularity
    by Attorney Geronimo L. Sy

  • Good Governance Guarantees the Universality of Human Rights
    by Teresita V. Tajanlangit

  • Beyond Rhetoric and Nomenclature
    by Dashell C. Yancha

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