2016 News Archive

2016-11-23 | News
Robredo: Naive to Separate Economic Freedom and Human Rights
In an international conference on Economic Freedom and Human Rights in Business, Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo further accentuated that economic liberty is a human right.
2016-11-22 | News
Pangilinan: Democracy is Hard Work
"Globalization connects people to each other, but it also isolates us from one other. We have to look more closely at how we can make democracy a platform especially for those in the periphery to be heard," said Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, who is also the new president of the Liberal Party of the Philippines.
2016-10-22 | News
Freewheeling in Iloilo City!
Once again, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has paved and shared the way for a Freer, Fitter and more eco-friendly Philippines! As part of FNF Philippines' "It's All About Freedom" campaign, that aims to translate the complex concept of freedom into...
2016-09-24 | News
EU Shows Support to Startups
It was a show of force both from the startups and European communities. At the Startups Festival on 24 September 2016 at the Amphitheater of BGC, Taguig City, 22 startups presented their products and services not only to the Filipino public, but also to Europe.
2016-09-16 | News
Federalism: A 'Courageous' Move
"There is no model where the Philippines can pattern its transition to federalism. It must have already been 100 years ago when something like that happened,"
2016-09-14 | News
Are We Doing Our Job?
Truth and falsehood are mixed up. The world is moving either far left or far right, but the direction is not the matter, it's the distance. "Are we past the danger point?"
2016-08-13 | News
Liberal Staff Embody Expertise, Values
"How do we exercise power? For what? For whom?," Liberal Party Vice President for Policy and Programs, and Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy (iLEAD) President Rep. Dina Abad posed the question to liberal legislative staff who attended the two-day capacity building workshop on August 12-13, 2016 in Antipolo City.
2016-08-12 | News
May Forever: Human Rights Commission Calls for Constant Vigilance
"We are all for a just and humane Philippine society where everyone lives a life of dignity. We have to eternally seek the truth, and be forever vigilant against human rights abuses...
2016-07-25 | News
Improving Transport, Mobility, and Providing Opportunities
Modernizing the Philippine transport system will not only ease travel, but will also offer the public more choices in terms of commuting, and transport providers more tools...
2016-07-18 | News
Liberal International Reaffirms Support to PHL
"Liberals around the world, united in Liberal International (LI), are proud of your legacy as President of the Philippines. Under your administration, the Philippines progressed as a nation, and further matured as a liberal democracy,"
2016-07-11 | News
16 Startups Make Inclusive Innovation
The Philippine startup community continues to thrive. 16 entrepreneurs from all over the country prove that they are key movers in the startup scene by joining FNF Philippines' iStartPH.
2016-05-31 | News
Global Startups to Meet in Berlin
FNF Philippines is looking for a Filipino startup representative to be part of a South East delegation to Berlin, Germany in August 13-20, 2016.
2016-05-21 | News
LP Silver Lining: Leni Robredo Won
"If you look at the results of the election, it's really not a bad performance. We won 115 of 234 geographical district seats, which is about 49%. We won 40 of the 81 gubernatorial seats, which is also about 49%. We won 63 out of the 145 city mayor seats, 7 of 12 senatorial seats, and of course
2016-05-20 | News
Maaten: "Pilipino Ako"
"There are so many things that have been so great - the beautiful sunset over Manila Bay, chicken joy, and crispy pata, but it's the people that we're going to miss," shared FNF Philippines Country Director Jules Maaten.
2016-05-19 | News
Abad: Challenges Formidable As Ever, But Choose Hope
At the celebration of FNF Philippines' 30th anniversary, Budget Secretary Butch Abad admitted that leaving the cabinet on June 30, when the new administration takes over, is not without grief.
2016-05-17 | News
Gov't Keen to Improve Infra, Lessen Regulations for Startups
"The innovation pathway can be much broader in a competitive market. The competition policy can actively promote startups' growth, but we have to keep in mind that startups
2016-04-27 | News
Understand Election Rules, Safeguard Vote
"On election day, the spotlight will be on the voters and not on the candidates," said Atty. Doris Ramirez, election lawyer and first nominee of party list Kilusang Mamamayan (KM). "It is our right to vote and at the same time, it is our duty to safeguard our vote,"
2016-04-15 | News
Polgas Barks Never Again
Pugad Baboy creator Pol Medina compiles his comic strips on Martial Law in one Marcos Special comic book.
2016-04-14 | News
Int'l Experts to PH: Accountability, Youth Crucial in Preventing Return of Martial Law
Acknowledgment, accountability and youth involvement are the main factors that would help countries like the Philippines heal and move on from a dictatorship or martial law Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/779742/intl-experts-to-ph-accountability-youth-crucial-in-preventing-return-of-martial-law#ixzz46AN8AM9Q Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook
2016-04-13 | News
PH, Thailand, Germany: Lessons about dictatorships
Fighting for democracy spans time and geography, according to experts. Its lessons, too.
2016-04-02 | News
30 Years of Improving Access to Justice and Alternative Lawyering
Since its establishment in July 1986, the Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC) has worked to achieve its objectives of promoting peace, development and human rights in the...
2016-02-16 | News
Gearing Up the Gatekeepers
With less than three months left before the presidential elections in the Philippines, one of the overlooked yet important questions has been, how do you ensure independent, responsible and credible election reportage?
2016-01-25 | News
FNF Keeps Flames of Freedom Burning
Philippine President Benigno Aquino III commended the work of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in the Philippines in strengthening liberalism and safeguarding freedom in the country, and in helping the Liberal Party flourish.
2016-01-22 | News
Informed Choices Common Thread of Freedom Flame Awardees
Dr. Stella Quimbo, immediate past president of the Philippine Economic Society (PES), defines economic freedom as having choices. Human rights activist Paulynn Sicam...
2016-01-21 | News
President Aquino: More Opportunities Mean More Freedom
"Freedom from hunger, coupled with increasing opportunities to advance in life, is the foundation upon which we are building a society that allows its citizens to enjoy...
2016-01-12 | News
Comics Illustrate Importance of Volunteerism
I Am Free To Dream Comics Competition prompted 19 artists from all over the Philippines to share their dream for the country in a comic strip!