Freewheeling in Iloilo City!

Once again, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has paved and shared the way for a Freer, Fitter and more eco-friendly Philippines! As part of FNF Philippines' "It's All About Freedom" campaign, that aims to translate the complex concept of freedom into everyday language, it embarked on another activity that engaged 1,173 Ilonggos into experiencing the essence of being 'free' through biking-- the Freedom Cycle.

Together with the Office of City Councilor Dr. Candice Tupas and the Local Government of Iloilo City, FNF Philippines' first Freedom Cycle welcomed not only professional cyclists but also hobbyists, families, students, and first-time bikers on Saturday, October 22 at the Atria Park in Iloilo City.

"Here in Iloilo, we are proud to be pioneering initiatives that sustain and enrich urban mobility. We hope to empower Ilonggos by providing them more access to safe roads, ensuring a more eco-friendly and organized urban travel and by fostering a culture of road sharing," shared City Councilor Dr. Candice Tupas.

Before the 19-km ride around the City of Iloilo, Freedom cyclists first assembled and participated in a program that was made more inspirational by the City's Officials and honorable guests. The program highlighted the City's initiatives on good governance and environment stewardship particularly on efficient transport and mobility.

"The City is actively laying down infrastructures to make it more biker-friendly. The Freedom Cycle is an excellent project to encourage more citizens to support the LGU," says Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa.

National Youth Commission (NYC) Chairperson Aiza Seguerra applauds Iloilo City and FNF for leading programs that promote green governance. "Iloilo is a model city that should definitely be recognized and emulated by other local governments in the country," says Chairperson Seguerra.

Symbolically, Freedom Cycle also tried to show how attaining true freedom is a cycle of overcoming challenges through constant vigilance.

As a German non-profit organization that promotes good governance and responsible environmental stewardship, FNF continuously recognizes cities that exemplify best practices in these areas.

"FNF supports this model city's initiatives in transport and mobility because these allow people to experience more freedom. By setting this example, Iloilo City is inspiring more cities/LGUs to follow its lead-- and FNF hopes to be instrumental in making this possible one LGU at a time," says Wolfgang Heinze, FNF Philippines' Country Director.

The Freedom Cycle is also supported by the National Youth Commission, Atria Park District, F.I.C.O. and FitStop.