Polgas Barks Never Again

Pugad Baboy creator Pol Medina compiles his comic strips on Martial Law in one Marcos Special comic book.

"We should do what we can to preserve freedom while we are still free," said Medina at the launch on 14 April 2016 at Plaza Ibarra, Quezon City. In the cover page of his book he wrote: "It wasn't really my plan to come up with a compilation of anti-Marcos comics, but people kept posting on my facebook page about the glory days of Martial Law. To me, this is like spitting on the victims of atrocities, and this itched me to do something, hence this book."

Medina first published Pugad Baboy in 1988, and has since become a representation of Filipinos sentiments on political and social issue, and a reflection of the pop culture.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) collaborated with Medina in publishing Pugad Baboy Marcos Special.

"FNF is lucky that Polgas is joining the bark against Martial Law. Pol Medina cleverly illustrates the threats of an authoritarian comeback. This book is a smart analysis of what have become of people's attitudes - their forgetfulness of the atrocities of the past, and their unconscious willingness to give up their freedom," said FNF Country Director Jules Maaten.

"If there is anything that Filipinos should be reminded about, it is their individual abilities to effect change, and not simply relying on one person to transform the country. This book gives us that reminder," he added.

Pugad Baboy Marcos Special is available in bookstores and selected comics stalls.

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