2017 Program for the International Academy for Leadership (IAF): Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippine Office

Date/location Title Languages Target Groups Closing Date
29.Jan. - 10.Feb 2017 Moderation: Facilitation and Program Design English
Public representatives, staff members or members of liberal NGOs, Political Parties and Think Tanks Closed
05.Mar - 17.Mar 2017 Freedom of Movement - A liberal principle challenged English Representatives of liberal parties, think tanks and NGOs 04.Jan 2017

26.Mar - 07.Apr 2017 Strenthening NGOs - winning support for ideas and their political implementation English Representatives of liberal NGOs and think-tanks who take part in decision making within their organization 13.Jan 2017

23.Apr - 05.May 2017

Leadership for Young Leaders

Online Phase March 2017
Young leaders from liberal parties and NGOs 06.Feb 2017
14.May - 21.May 2017 Future Workshop: Smart Cities and Modern Mobility English Young leaders and professionals from liberal politics, enterprise and NGOs 03.Mar 2017
11.Jun - 18.Jun 2017 Political Leadership English
Leaders in liberal political parties and organizations 03.Apr 2017
02.Jul - 09.Jul 2017 Communication: Strategy and Skills English
Leadership personnel of liberal political parties, think tanks and NGOs as well as FNF Project Directors 28.Apr 2017
30.Jul - 06.Aug 2017 Coalition Building and Strategic Partnership English
Leaders, decision makers and key personnel of liberal parties and NGOs 19.May 2017
13.Aug - 25.Aug 2017 Promoting Entrepreneurship and Open Markets English Young leaders from liberal politics, business, economic think tanks and NGOs 02.Jun 2017
03.Sep - 15.Sep 2017 Local Politics and Citizen's Participation English
Local liberal politicians, candidates for local political mandates 26.Jun 2017
24.Sep - 01.Oct 2017 Strategic Planning for Political Parties English
Leaders from liberal political parties 14.Jul 2017
15.Oct - 27.Oct 2017 Liberals, Property and the Environment English Young leaders from profesionals from liberal politics, enterprise and NGOs 04.Aug 2017
05.Nov - 17.Nov 2017

Education Policy Reforms

Online Phase: August 2017
English (Young) liberal political leaders and policy makers 10.Jul 2017
03.Dec - 15.Dec 2017 Political Branding English Young leaders from liberal political parties and political movements 23.Oct 2017

*e-Academy seminars are divided into three phases. In the first part, participants are given materials to read to deepen their knowledge. In the second part, they are encouraged to discuss via an online forum their views and insights. Lastly, participants will be asked to write an essay.

The seminars do not require participants to be online at all times. They have the flexibility to work at their own pace provided they meet the deadlines assigned to each task.

Based on their contribution, IAF will invite 22-26 participants to Gummersbach, Germany to continue the discussions raised online.

Application procedure:

Please download application form and send completed application to application@fnst.org. Please note that FNF will only correspond with short listed candidates.

FNF Philippines can only evaluate applications of Filipinos. If you are not a Filipino, please contact the FNF office in your country or region. Please view the different FNF locations here.